Blind Boxes: Re-Ment PomPomPurin Dog Pudding Café and Rilakkuma Cat Café


I have always loved miniatures, I think it may have started with Sylvanian Families when I was little, and so when I discovered Re-Ments a few years ago I had to get some. I have managed to keep it down to only a few, mainly due to shipping costs as they’re imported from Japan or me not getting the ones I wanted before they sold out.

Re-Ments are basically blind boxes with miniatures in, they come in sets which often have six or eight different variations and you have no idea which one you’re getting when you buy them. There must be hundreds of the separate collections by now and they all have themes, a lot of the more recent ones are tied in with TV shows or popular characters like Hello Kitty. They are pretty detailed and good quality, especially for the size, and they are the perfect size for a lot of figures, think Barbie or similar, especially when it comes to the food themed ones. They also look nice hidden amongst plants when it comes to certain themes, I have a cat from one of these in amongst my mini cactus garden at the moment.

I recently bought a couple of these from Tofu Cute, a website that sells Japanese imports, and now I know they have them I have a feeling my collection might grow quite a bit. I decided to get one from two collections; the PomPomPurin Pudding Dog Café (sold out at the moment) and the Rilakkuma Cat Café (£5.99 each). They arrived quickly and I have had them for a while as I forgot to do this post when I first got them but I really like them.

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