Review: Oh! K Cosmetic Sponge

oh!K sponge 1

Since finding, and loving, the Boots Precision Makeup Sponge I have been converted to the beauty blender style sponge and wanted to try a few different ones to see how they compare to each other and, eventually, the original. In a recent purchase from Asos I bought an Oh K! Cosmetics Sponge, though I haven’t heard of the make before I liked the look of it and I was interested to see how this one worked as I haven’t really seen any blog posts on it. It says it’s exclusive to Asos but it’s also available in Selfridges (at least online) so if you have one of those near you they might have one in store you can look at.

This costs £6 so it’s probably middle of the range when it comes to these type sponges and the shape looks quite different to a lot of the others I have seen. It’s sort of hourglass I guess with a flat end and the other end has a point so you can get into the harder to reach areas. Compared to the Real Techniques one, which I guess is one a lot of people will have seen, it’s a similar size, but it seems slightly shorter and wider.

The first thing I really like about this is the packaging, I love how cute it is, and you can see how it was inspired by Korean beauty products, as the whole brand is. I really like the little addition of the bunny ears and I think it’s the kind of packaging I might consider keeping, maybe, to have sat on the side and keep this sponge clean. I like how you can see the product and there isn’t a huge amount of packaging, just enough to be able to protect the product rather than having extra layers inside holding it in place as it’s a sponge and you don’t really need the excess if it’s a strong enough outer box.

oh!K sponge 2

Inside the box is the sponge itself and a small leaflet explaining how you use it and to look after it. This is in English, French, German and Spanish so I guess they’re sold in countries that speak those languages too so it might be available to you if you live in one of them.

Having only tried the Real Techniques and Boots sponges I can only really compare to them but it’s definitely a lot firmer and denser than either of them. It feels heavier in your hand than the Real Techniques one, just a bit so it’s not too noticeable until you wet it, and it does resist more when you press it to your skin. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing really, it depends what you’re looking for and which products you’re using. I think that of the sponges I have this is definitely the silkiest feeling on my skin, it feels really nice when you us it and, despite being firmer than the others, feels softer and has less of that feeling of catching your skin. I can’t find anywhere the material that they use, I have been googling and found a few sites that describe it but nothing on the material so I can’t say whether it could cause allergy problems. If anyone knows could you comment below and I’ll add it in here.

oh!K sponge 3

It does apply makeup really well and the end with the flat surface is great to get a larger area done in one go before using the pointy end for the more precise areas. I will say that compared to the Boots one it didn’t get into the area under my eye if I wanted to use it with the concealer as well but that’s not a huge problem as I don’t think many people would use it for that. I quite liked the extra curve in the middle as it meant you have a good grip at times but it also works well when it comes to going along the end of your nose and your cheek bones as you have that to go around it rather than going up to it on both sides and then along the edge, it was all in one go. I would say that this has worked as well as either of the others when it comes to blending out or applying, it works for the kinds of products I tried but I think if you had a very liquid foundation it might absorb it quite a bit as it did suck up so much water so in that case you might have to use it damp or go for another make.

I did try this both wet and dry but didn’t find much of a difference with most products when it comes to application though it does hold a surprising amount of water, at least it was surprising to me, and it adds quite a lot of weight to the sponge because of this. I will say that it doesn’t actually say to use it wet or dry, but as the others have said it I thought it’d be the same so gave it a go. It did need to be squeezed a fair bit to get the water out so it was just damp otherwise water droplets appeared in odd places on the surface and ran on my face so it’s a case of squeeze it a few times in different angles and if you think you’ve done it enough do it a couple more times. The damp sponge did help a bit when it came to fast drying foundation but for my more mousse like one there were no benefits. For the blushes it seemed to maybe help with the thicker ones but I don’t think I have any true liquid blushes, just a mousse and more oil or gel based ones.

I think if you want to try a beauty blender type sponge and want to stick to a budget this one is worth looking at. I have taken it away with me for a weekend and it was sat in my makeup bag but didn’t get squashed out of shape. It washed well with warm soapy water and, although it can take a bit longer to dry due its density, it was dry enough to bring back after washing and didn’t seem to suffer from being put away quickly if it was slightly damp.

Overall I am very happy with this sponge, it’s definitely worth the £6 when you compare it to the original beauty blenders price wise and I can’t really find anything wrong with it to give it a mark down. The only possible negative would be if you don’t get on with the shape, which I quite like, or the fact it’s got a bit more body to it than some of the others but I actually found that worked well for me as it meant that you could buff the product in and it gave a nice finish.

As I hadn’t tried anything from this brand before I wasn’t sure what to expect but I am definitely impressed. They don’t seem to have a huge range of things available in the UK but I might be tempted by a couple of them in the future if I need anything like them. Have any of you guys bought anything from them? Anything you’d recommend from their range?

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