ME, Myself and I (kind of): I’m MeltingĀ 

I think it’s a fairly universal thing with ME but this recent heat in the UK is really not helping my symptoms. It seems to make everything worse so I’ve ended up finding ways to cope with the heat. I did a pot on this last year so I’ll link to that post that has tips and ideas on what to do to make the heat more bearable, it’s here if you want to read those ideas. 

The past few days has mainly been either staying inside with the windows open but curtains closed and my hot water bottle full of ice or in the shade in the garden with the paddling pool we bought yesterday. If you don’t have one and you have the energy to sit outside I definitely recommend this for when it’s this hot. It dies have to be big, just one you can sit in would be enough as it makes a surprising difference and it’s nice and cooling to even put your feet in it in the evening and imagine you’re somewhere abroad. 

As my brain is kind of foggy at the moment I thought I’d do today’s post as part ME post and part blog like thing and post a few photos from the past week, mostly from today actually. I think I have posted most of these to my Instagram so if you follow me on there sorry for double posting, I won’t do it often I just liked these photos. I was thinking about doing a my week in photos type post on the weekend, not things from Instagram but other photos, but not sure as I don’t really do much most of the time. Continue reading “ME, Myself and I (kind of): I’m MeltingĀ “