Review: Some Things from the Marauders, Mugwumps and Muggles Collection from Shiro Cosmetics with Bonus Sugar Plum Harry


I recently bought some things from Shiro Cosmetics, an indie brand that sells makeup with a geeky theme to it. One of the collections available at the moment is the Marauders, Mugwumps and Muggles Collection inspired by Harry Potter. This includes a bronzer, highlighter, lip products and loose eyeshadows. At the moment there’s also a limited run of another Harry Potter themed eyeshadow in Sugar Plum Harry which was first available last December so I’m including that in here too, though it’s not part of the collection.

In the order I bought the two lip glosses and the Sugar Plum Harry, the other three products were free samples but as they belong in the collection I thought I’d review them as well as there is enough in these small bags to use them a few times. The lip glosses are Shiro Cosmetics Every Flavour Lip Gloss, a gloss that has different flavours depending on the batch, and Felix Felicis, a gold glitter. The two eyeshadows from the collection are That’s Chess and Metamorphmagus and the final product from the collection I have is the bronzer in Milk Chocolate Frog.


I am a fan of Shiro Cosmetics, I have quite a few of their eyeshadows and some of the other products too, I just like the pigmentation and the range of colours available. The theme names don’t hurt either. The eyeshadows, apart from the colours of the month and those in the sand box, are available in sample bags ($1), 1g containers ($3.75) and the full sized 2g containers ($6.50) like the ones the Sandbox and colours of the month are in.

I have done the swatches with the top half on Urban Decay Primer Potion and the bottom half not on any primer, directly on my skin. I find with Shiro Cosmetics that most of the time, like with these, there is very little difference when first applied but without the primer it doesn’t stick as well and there’s a lot more glitter fallout throughout the day.


Sugar Plum Harry is a mid tone plummy purple base with a blue and more royal purple sheen to it and small blue shimmer particles. Very pigmented, blends out well but the shimmer and shift does go further than the base. This one does have quite a bit of fallout and the shimmer is very light so it does get everywhere if you’re not careful with it. This one is only available in the full sized container and it’s limited edition so if you want it I’d get it quickly as I could only see it with the search function.

That’s Chess! Is a warm reddish brown base with a warm red or gold shift. Very pigmented and actually sticks well without a primer. Blends out really well but loses some of the bronzey look and becomes redder with a slight purple hint somehow. shirocosmeticsharrypotter4I’ve had very little fallout with this one at all, it doesn’t have the shimmer particles of a lot of their colours so I think that helps.

Metamorphmagus is a greyish purple base with a warm pink shift to it that comes out more when it’s blended. It also has pink, purple and blue shimmer particles in it. It’s a fairly similar colour to Sugar Plum Harry in a lot of lights but it’s definitely a more lavender grey base that shows up from straight on in person so it’s a bit lighter. Blends out well and the shimmer isn’t that noticeable actually on you, it’s definitely noticeable in the jar though.

In the Marauders, Mugwumps and Muggles collection there are two face products, the one that I have is the Milk Cholcolate Frog Bronzer which is available in a sample ($1.50) or 3.5g ($9). I can see the larger one of these lasting for a long time, I have some of their other products in that size jar and they hold a lot of product. This bronzer looked very dark to me at first, especially as my skin is fair, and when I first applied it it looked like it wouldn’t work for me but blending it out it’s a very nice colour. It’s a warm brown with a sort of golden glow to it, it’s not shimmer but a slight shift that shows up really well in the sun. The end result is the glowy look that you get in a lot of products recently without the shimmer. It can be built up or blended out as much as you like, it’s definitely one that a little goes a long way if you’re fair like me. I think it’s work best for people with a mid skin tone, not dark or really fair, but it does work ok for us fair girls too. For darker skin tones it might just add a bit of the glow, so if that’s what you’re looking for then it could give you that look.

There are five lip glosses altogether and I was tempted by all of them but stuck with these two as they stood out the most to me. Shiro Cosmetics Every Flavour Lip Gloss is available in a sample clamshell ($2) or in this 15ml squeezey tube ($10). It’s described as ‘blurple’ which is pretty much the perfect word for this colour, though it’s definitely a lot more on the blue side than the purple on the website, there was no way this one was going to turn that pinker purple without another product in there but it might be that this varies slightly by batch as well. The scent of mine is almost identical to the Felix Felicis which is a sweet caramel vanilla sort of scent but it will depend on the batch as to what it smells like. You can contact them if there are any potential allergy problems with certain flavours so that’s worth knowing about. I do love the look of this colour in the tube but when it came to applying it it was less impressive to me. I do still like it but it did not apply as evenly as in the photo on the website. I will admit that the first time I tried applying it I had way too much of the product on my lips, this is definitely one that benefits from a lip brush for application as it’s very pigmented and the dark blurple does stick to some bits more than others. My lips are in pretty good condition but it seemed to make them look less even than other products I use. The formula is nice, it’s pretty thick and sticky but does dry down a bit over time so it doesn’t move too much but stays slightly sticky. I did find that a couple of times after it was wearing off my lips felt dry but I applied lip balm and reapplied the gloss and it was fine.

Once I removed over half of the product and spread it with a brush I was happier with the result. It’s one that, after applying it and using it a few times, I still don’t think I’ve got the hang of but I’m hoping to get it looking better in the future. It’s also worth knowing that this does stain your lips a bit afterwards, not a problem for me as I quite liked the bluey purple and I tend to use a tinted lip balm with SPF anyway but it’s worth knowing in advance if you plan on not using anything not long after or using something sheer.

The Felix Felicis was much better for me. This is available in a sample clamshell ($2) or a full sized tube that holds 12ml with applicator ($9). This is a really nice gold colour, it combines a solid metallic gold with gold shimmer for full on gold. It doesn’t appear that mixed to start with but a bit of swirling gets some of the glitter into the mix and as it gets used it’ll mix in better. This one does not give the look in the photo on the website, at least for me, but it does give you a nice gold sheen to your lips if you use one layer. It can be built up to create the more solid gold but it takes three layers and it does not set so stays sticky like that and becomes a bit of a mess whenever you try to do anything like eat or drink. I do love this effect for the summer and can see it working really well on top of another colour to give it a gold sheen effect.

The formula is thinner than the other lip gloss, closer to their normal lip glosses, and it does stay sticky and there’s a bit of transfer if you use only one layer but it’s a really nice effect for me so I will definitely be using it. This one smells of caramel and vanilla and it’s definitely very sweet. Normally I’m not a fan of these scents but as it doesn’t really linger and it’s only noticeable when you first apply it I’m not that bothered by it. Another thing I have to say about this lip gloss is how much I love the labelling for it. It’s been handwritten (I think) and the edges of the label have actually been burnt to give that effect. I do like the look of it and so far the edged haven’t disintegrated and left any burnt crumbly bits around, which I thought might happen when I first saw it.

Overall I am very happy with these, especially as the three of them were free samples. I have got one of their other bronzers and they have both surprised me with how well they blend out even though they appear so pigmented to start with so I’ll definitely be looking into them in the future if I get more into bronzing or contouring. The eyeshadows are all really nice colours and I’ll be using them but Wizard Chess! Is definitely the one most likely to get finished first as it’s the kind of colour I go for anyway. The lip glosses were less impressive but I do like the look for both of them so I’ll be using them a lot and hopefully getting the hang of the Every Flavour Lip Gloss with some more attempts.

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