Recent Purchases: Sally’s Nail Varnishes


This wasn’t really a planned purchase, or I guess part of it was, but today I had a bit of a shopping trip to the local Sally’s and bought some nail varnish. I haven’t really kept up with the summer collections this year, in the past I’ve been looking up the bigger brands as they’re released and creating lists of the ones I’ve wanted, though hardly ever actually buying anything from them. This year I avoided it and ended up coming away with three of the summer nail polishes, two from the OPI Retro Summer Collection and one from the Red Carpet Manicure Escape to Paradise Collection.

If you don’t know what Sally’s is, it’s a store that sells a lot to people in the beauty industry so they have products on sale at reduced prices compared to the RRP. It’s mainly nail and hair products but they do have quite a few skin and face products too. The main reason I like them though, is that you get to see the gel nail varnishes in person before you buy them. I have never found any Red Carpet Manicure products in any physical shops in the UK. I have seen a couple of other brands but when I bought them they didn’t work with my light very well so I’ve stuck with RCM and it’s great to be able to see what they look like rather than relying on a computer screen version. You can find their website here, though I have had some problems with it loading so I can’t find the actual products.

When you go to Sally’s there are two prices on most things, one is their standard price and the other is for trade. Mum’s hairdresser said to say he sent us and they were happy to apply a discount from having his postcode and name so I’m not sure if the £10.49 for the gel varnishes we bought is the standard price or if it’s trade as on the Sally’s website they’re up at £12.95.

I originally went in to buy the Structure base coat, a white and a light blue but I couldn’t find a light blue in the stand. I did get a white but I gave it to my sister by mistake instead of the glitter she bought as we paid for them at the same time so I don’t have it photographed. It’s just a standard white though, I think it’ll be a great base for some of the lighter or less opaque colours and I recently started to really like white bases for nail art. I’m pretty sure that it’s called White Hot and the formula seems similar to others I have that do benefit from three coats but it’s not much extra to do with the quick drying time.

I did also get the Structure Base Coat which I needed as my last one ended up getting exposed to the sun and was slightly thicker than when I first got it, so as it was only at the point of needing to tip it up to get it out and was getting thicker I thought I should get a replacement.

L-R: Zircon and Boats & Heels


They had quite a few colours in the sale area and I ended up getting Zircon (287) from there for £7.87 which is a really pretty glittery turquoise that I think will look great in the summer. As it’s one of the clearer based nail varnishes I can see it needing three coats to look its best but I just love the sparkle and it seems like a great mermaid kind of colour if that makes sense.sallyshaul5

The final colour from Red Carpet Manicure that I got was from the Summer collection and is a bright purple called Boats & Heels (195) that I love as it’s so bright and summery. This seems to be a pretty standard colour in a lot of the summer nail collections this year but it’s a nice crème finish and seems like it’ll be opaque in two coats. I’ll definitely try the three gel colours and do a post on them to see how they compare and see if I have any dupes in normal nail varnishes that would give you a true idea of the colour.

L-R: SPF XXX and I’m Getting a Tan-gerine


I didn’t go in planning on getting any non-gel nail varnishes but then I saw the OPI summer collection and I caved. I could have bought all of them really but I stayed at just the two as I probably have similar colours to the others. I have recently started to love the more orange toned colours and I don’t think that these two will make my skin look washed out like some have in the past as it looked nice when I held it up against my skin. These cost £5 each and I got a pale orange pastel colour called I’m Getting a Tan-gerine and a brighter orange colour called SPF XXX.sallyshaul4 I think the two of them will look really nice together and I think I’ll be doing some nice summery nail art with these. I like to have some normal nail varnishes for the days between using my gels as I like to leave my nails to have a bit of a break between them. I’m not sure they need it but my nails are in the best condition they’ve been in years and haven’t snapped in ages so something must be working.

I am definitely looking forward to playing with these and they seem like great summer colours to me. I really like the combination of the turquoise and the bright purple and the two oranges go well together as well so I’ll probably be doing some nails with both combinations. I think I need to be a bit more adventurous when it comes to nail art, I seem to end up not having many ideas and then realising on the day that I do them I should have thought of something and go back to my standard patchwork nails looks. I have that on at the moment so didn’t do a nails post when I did it as there is already one of those on here.

What are your favourite nail art colour combinations? I used to tend to go with dark colours or neutrals but I’m starting to go for the brighter ones this year, I seem to go for the designs that don’t really match any colour scheme so they go with anything because they go with nothing, if that makes sense.

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