Review: Earth Kiss Million Year Clay Facial Revitalise Bamboo Sheet Mask


Ever since seeing all these reviews on sheet masks I’ve been on the lookout for good ones that are easy to get in the UK. I have tried a couple of the Superdrug ones and really liked them and found some in a recent look on the online store for Holland and Barrett so I ordered a couple of the different types to see how they compare. Most of the sheet masks I’ve seen are fairly similar in that they don’t have too much of the actual liquid on them and I’ve definitely not seen any clay based ones before so these intrigued me.

The one I tried the other day is the Million Year Clay Facial Revitalise Bamboo Sheet Mask by Earth Kiss, it sells for £1.99 for each sheet mask but they’re often in the offers, they were in a buy one get one half price offer when I made the order, as was everything on the site. It says there are 85 plant nutrients and it’s vegetarian friendly and cruelty free. The main two ingredients are rhassoul clay and juniper, I’ve not heard of juniper as great for skin care but I know clay tends to have a lot of benefits for skin.

millionyearclaymask2The packaging for this is fairly standard for these single use face masks, though it was easy to open which is always a plus as I have spent a while wrestling with similar plastic bags with past products. All of the ingredients and information is on the back so you can click the photo to make it bigger to read them. I quite like the look of this packaging, the photos of the ingredients on the back and it’s really easy to see how long you’re meant to use it for.

I was quite surprised by the way it looked inside the bag, there was a lot more of the mask mix itself in there and it felt really squishy. I did try some of the mask on the back of my hand to see if there would be a reaction so I liked that you could just get some on your finger to do this before you put it on your face and it didn’t feel like you were removing any off the mask itself. As the mix has clay in it does feel slightly slimy when you take it out of the bag and once the clay is on your hands it will get everywhere, I ended up with quite a few clay fingerprints on my camera before I realised. millionyearclaymask3

Actually opening the sheet mask was a bit messy, it’s quite slippery and it wasn’t obvious how to unfold it to start with but I just held it up and it sort of slid and unfolded itself which made it a lot easier than I was making it. When it comes to applying it on your face it sticks so well, I don’t think I’ve had a sheet mask work this well, and the shape and size of it does fit your face, plus the slightly sticky texture of the clay mix means that it does stick to your skin. As it’s so thin you don’t realise you have it on your hands and I found that when it was on I did keep on pressing it back onto my face if it came loose and forgot that I had some on my hands so I’d say it’s less likely to be one to wear when you’re planning on doing anything like you do with some.

The material for the mask is really nice, I could tell that it was a better quality than the Superdrug ones I have used. It’s soft and flexible and the weight of the mix on it held it down but it also meant that when it was sat on my face and the mask was being absorbed it didn’t start to pull away as much because the material itself was softer.

Obligatory scary mask photo. Is it possible to look good in one of these?


When it came to removing the mask it was easy, there was a bit of residue on my skin but as you’re meant to wash it off anyway it didn’t matter. It didn’t leave a lot of clay around my hair line like a lot of clay masks do so I was happy with that. As far as skin benefits go I’m not sure I felt much of a difference. My skin did feel nice and soft for the rest of the day but after that it hasn’t really done anything obvious. I guess I was hoping for more with the clay base.

Maybe it would work better for other skin types, mine’s dry but acne prone and sensitive, but it didn’t cause any problems for me with any areas of my skin which is a good thing with how it’s reacted to other products in the past. I think this is a nice face mask, I did like the clay and the material of the mask itself, and it’s not overly expensive at £1.99, though for a one use product it seems high compared to some face masks I’ve had which I really like. It does get bonus points for being easy to use and nice and cooling as well as quite a relaxing feel without that drying feeling you get with clay masks that I know some people don’t like.

Overall I liked it, it was nice and I’m glad I tried it to know what they’re like but it’s not one I’ll be rushing out to get again in the future. I might get it if I feel like having a clay mask without the fuss of the applying and washing off afterwards but it’s not special enough to become a regular product. I do have another one from the range so maybe that one will have more lasting results for me.

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