Review: My Geek Box – Doctor Who Collector’s Box


Fairly recently My Geek Box announced they were doing a Doctor Who special version of My Geek Box, their monthly subscription box, for £35.99 with over £100 worth of Doctor Who specific merchandise inside. I don’t often go for these monthly subscriptions, especially these geeky based ones, as they have such a huge range of franchises in them that I’m normally only interested in about half of the stuff in there so it’s a bit of a waste. This one is all Doctor Who and it says limited to 1000 so I got one. They are still available as I type this, here, on their website but as they have a limited number I don’t know how much longer they will be there.

With is saying £100 worth of products I had no idea what they would be and I don’t even know if they’re all the same, I haven’t seen any reviews of this specific box when I look on Google, but I am pretty happy with what I got. Everything apart from one thing will definitely be used and I like that it’s got some more grown up merchandise rather than just toys, which is what I expected given the price they claim it’s worth as that would be a lot of toys.


I ordered this pretty early on and I did end up having to fill in my card details again as there was some kind of problem with the payment. However changing this was very easy when you go on past orders and then on the specific order there’s a button to click and that sorted everything.

The box it all comes in is huge, a lot bigger than I expected, and it has the My Geek Box logo on it so you know exactly what it is. Everything inside is pretty well packaged and because of what one they were I don’t think most of the things would have broken anyway but there was no padding. It was fairly well fitted together and it did all need to go back in pretty much as it came out to fit in again so I guess it was snug enough but given the fact there’s china in this box I would have preferred a bit more protection as I know how Royal Mail sometimes treats their boxes and less fragile things have arrived in pieces before.

I also wish there was a leaflet or something inside saying what everything is and a bit of information on it. Though it is fairly obvious with most of it what they’re for (I’m not sure you can mistake socks for much else) I still like a card or something saying what they’re worth or where they’re from as well. I think it’s all official merchandise from the BBC shop as I recognise the labelling and I’m sure I’ve seen some of it in Forbidden Planet when I’ve looked online before but they don’t seem to be there any more. I have had a bit of a hunt around online to see if I can find prices to see how much the box actually is worth so I’ll include a link where I found them.

The first thing you see when you open the box is the Tardis laptop case, it’s hard to miss given that it covers the whole top. It’s got the TARDIS design on it and it’s a good size, it says it fits a 15” laptop and I tried my MacBook Pro in there for size and it’s a very snug fit so anything less streamlined than that I see you having problems fitting in there. There is a small separate pocket inside you could put some paper in but not much else given the amount of space an actual laptop needs in there. The padding itself is good, I can see it being nice and protective so I’ll definitely use this when travelling if I take my laptop. I did try my Lenovo one in there and there was no way it’d close, I’d consider using it for that if I was taking it in a suitcase as the hinge end sticks out but it does add a bit of protection on 90% of the laptop. I have found this on Forbidden Planet for £29.99, I wouldn’t pay that for it but as part of the box it’s nice, maybe I’d pay around £10 for it if I was going to buy it myself.

The next thing, and probably the least impressive to me, is the Twelfth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver (one button version) I guess there’s a two button version out there and don’t know if this is the better or worse one. I found it on Amazon at £17.99 which seems expensive but I guess it does seem to do things and I think it lights up so it might be a good toy. I’m leaving it in the box because I don’t really want to play with it or display it so it’ll become part of my collection. It does look like it’d be a good toy if you have a child who likes Doctor Who, it lights up and makes sounds and does have some kind of extension action. It comes with batteries but it says they’re only tester ones so I don’t think they’ll last long if it gets a lot of play, would be worth making sure you have the right ones in the house as well to avoid disappointment when they run out.

I couldn’t actually find the socks anywhere, or rather I found way too many pairs of Tardis socks around so I ran out of patience with clicking links for the right one. I will assume they’re around the £6 or £7 mark as they seem like good quality socks and they have the franchise label on them to bump up the price a bit. These are men’s socks so they’re quite big, they say size 6 – 11 and I’m a women’s size 8 so they’re great for me. They feel nice, they’re a good quality and I like the design on them. As with most men’s socks they are longer than women’s ankle socks but I really like the Tardis design that goes around the sides and underneath as a basic outline so they’ll get worn. I’m wearing them now and they’re really comfortable so I’m happy with these and I just threw out my last Doctor Who themed pair of socks as they got holes in so these arrived just in time.

I also had trouble finding the Tardis model as I don’t really know what it is or anything besides the fact it’s heavy and the Eleventh Doctor’s Tardis. It’s a good weight and does have a number on the base so I guess it’s a limited edition of some kind but for all I know it might have been one of those ones you get with magazines and they just had too many stocked. It does look nice and it’s a good weight so won’t fall over but the paint job around the windows is a bit sloppy. I’d say I’d probably only spend around £5 maximum on this, it’s a nice desk decoration or for on the book shelf but nothing special. Another to go in my collection at the moment as I already have too many things on my shelves when it comes to dusting. I have a feeling I have seen this one in reviews of previous My Geek Boxes which would be disappointing if you already had it, as I haven’t bought one before, or rather not that box, I don’t own this.

The last two things are my favourites, I have actually looked at getting them in the past but haven’t because I don’t have my own place and I therefore don’t have my own kitchen plus they’re more than I would spend when they’re full price though I do think they’d make a nice gift for a Doctor Who fan. The first is a four piece set of espresso cups which originally cost £44.99 and I can believe it with these. I found them on Forbidden Planet for £39.99 and Amazon for £16.47 on offer at the moment. Of the two sites I’d recommend Amazon anyway as I’ve had Forbidden Planet orders take a year to get here before now. These espresso cups are so cute, though that is mainly the size I love the bright colours and the minimalist design. You get four different colours; yellow with a Tardis on, orange with a Dalek, a dark greeny blue with another different Tardis design on and a turquoise with a Cyberman. I kind of wish there was a bit more difference in the two colours as they’re very close with the two blues. The saucers are white with a rim of each colour that means you can have them matching or have them with completely different saucers to the cups if you want. It doesn’t say on the box but these are dishwasher safe which is always good.

The final thing is a matching set of egg cups to go with the espresso cups so you get part of a breakfast set. These cost £20 with them being on sale at £13.67 on Amazon and still full price at £19.99 on Forbidden Planet. I like these and they seem like they’ll work for egg cups but they do seem slightly smaller than most of the others I have so I’d worry a bit about them overbalancing. I have tried the with eggs and they don’t fall over unless you really try with big eggs so they seem pretty stable. The photos on both of the websites do seem slightly misleading to me when it comes to proportions, they both make these eggcups look a lot wider than they actually are, they seem to be stretched a bit as I don’t think they’d be a different product with everything else the same. These are also dishwasher safe so you don’t have to worry about hand washing them. These seem like they’re good quality and I love the design so they’ll probably be sat out on the side or somewhere I can see them when I get my own place.

I love these and now I have these I kind of want to get some plates or something but, as I said before, I don’t have my own place so they’d be sat in my cupboard until I do and it’d be a waste. When I do get my own place though I will be on the look out for more in this style especially if they’re on offer.

Overall I’m pretty happy with this box. Working out what it would be worth (including my guesses for the two things) it seems that the RRP for these would be around £125 which seems a lot so you do get your money’s worth if you like the products you get. In the sale at the current prices I found it does bring it down by £36 so around £89 but still good for the £34.99 I paid. Of the six things I have only the one is not going to get any use but, as I collect Doctor Who things anyway, I still quite like the fact I now own a Sonic Screwdriver (I always wanted Ten’s but never bought it at the time).

I think if you like the products, or even some of them, if the things you want add up to more than £34.99 then it’s worth getting. I was surprised at the price of the laptop case but it does feel really nice quality and that plus the socks would cover the price or the two sets of kitchen things in their offers on Amazon and the socks would too and those are the things I was most happy about really. I think this is a good box if you like Doctor Who and a range of products in there but it’d also be a good one to get if you know people who like Doctor Who and you can split it up as I think everything in here, with maybe the exception of the model though I might be wrong and it might be collectible, could be given as a gift to a Doctor Who fan if they like that sort of things. The bigger things especially, buying them in this box brings the price down a lot.

The main reason I bought this box was to get the surprise and I’m happy with what I got, to be honest I think most of us get these kinds of boxes for the surprise element and expecting to get our money’s worth but anything more than that is a bonus. The only review I have found is on their own website which has been given as negative, I’m not sure if that’s because the things in the box were different or they weren’t things that the person liked but I’d say overall I would give this box a positive review. The things aren’t going to be to everyone’s tastes, the egg cups and espresso cups are probably less appealing to a lot than the laptop case and sonic screwdriver, but I think they have got a good range of different products and haven’t stuck around the toys and figures side of the Doctor Who merchandise.

For anyone who already has one of these reading this, did you get the same things? I’m interested to find out if there was a range of things in here, if they were all the same or if some things were slightly different like a different figure or sock pattern as they sometimes do.

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