Review: Sleek Makeup Sweet Cheeks Limited Edition Gel Blush


Sleek recently released a Limited Edition Whimsical Wonderland Collection which had an eyeshadow palette, three Lip VIP lipsticks and three gel blushes. I have done reviews of the lipsticks and the eyeshadow palette so today it’s the turn of the last of the products; the Sweet Cheeks gel blush. I think that this is a new product type, I can’t see any other blush sticks on the Sleek website.

These cost £5.49 on the Superdrug site (currently in a two for £10) or £5.50 on the Sleek website and come in three different colours; Tomfoolery (purple/dark pink), Hullaballoo (pink) and Lickety Split (coral) so there’s a range of colours available. I chose the colour Tomfoolery as I didn’t know what the formula would be like. They are meant to be fairly sheer, although they do look rather dramatic in the twist up container they do become sheer and blend out really well.


The card packaging for this is so pretty, I do love the look of the Whimsical Wonderland outer packaging. It’s got a rainbow gradient on top of pictures from a carousel and includes the information on the back about the ingredients and instructions for use where it recommends using your finger and blending it out.sweetcheeks6 I like how they have a circle on the top of the box that shows the colour of the product with the name as it’s actually pretty close to the colour of the stick inside which helps when picking it out of the drawer if you have all three and keep this packaging.

The tube inside goes with the general Sleek look of a matte black finish with the shiny finish for the logo on the lid. There is also the aqua writing with the product name on it which would make it stand out from others in the same product though I’m not sure if there is going to be a permanent line in these as well in the future. This twist tube also has a sticker on it with the colour and name which is pretty much spot on for the colour inside so makes it easy to pick it out. I like the shape and size of this container, it’s easy to hold and the lid clicks on and off ad holds it in place so I wouldn’t worry about it coming off in my bag. It’s also pretty easy to twist the product up and down but it’s not loose so it stays at whatever point you have it, meaning you don’t have to worry about it being pushes back in when you apply it.


One thing I didn’t expect from this but is a nice surprise is the smell of the blush stick. It’s called Sweet Cheeks and it does smell like sweets, not a specific sweet but a general sweet shop or stall smell like you get around the stalls in a fair selling candy floss and those little UFO sweets with sherbet in. It smells really nice when you open the lid and if you apply enough there is scent but it doesn’t smell on your face which is good, it’s a nice smell but I think it’d wear thin after a while if it did. The blush is so creamy, it’s definitely the kind that melts on your skin and it feels a bit like a lip balm when you apply it.

It does leave a bit of an uneven look when you first apply it as it’s so bright but it blends out really easily and becomes more even as it spreads, though a little does go a long way so you don’t need much. I ended up using too much the first couple of times of trying so it took a lot of blending. It does give you a while to work with it, I tried to sheer it out after a minute or two of applying it and it still moved well but when it becomes sheer it does stay where you put it for quite a while. I didn’t find that there was any benefit from setting it with a powder and I tried a couple that I have, it stays well without. It doesn’t really give any kind of finish apart from whatever it was that was on your face, it became matte over powder or matte finish products and stayed slightly shiny on top of a BB cream so I’m not sure what the finish is meant to be really.

The colour Tomfoolery is very bright in the tube, and looking at pictures of the others they seem the same, but it does sheer out really nicely. It turns from a berry purple to a subtle purple tinted pink which does have a nice natural glow rather than being an obvious blush. It can build up but I don’t think it becomes opaque enough to become a dramatic blush no matter how much you build as it does seem to set less when you get to three or four layers and then you need a setting powder so it stays in place. To get a brighter finish you need to use quite a bit of the blush as in the second pair of photographs, it does stay brighter then and set but it covers quite a large area before it becomes thin enough to set.

As far as the product type goes I really like it as I have fair skin and I find some blushes tend to be a bit overdramatic and are hard to blend out to look natural or you have to be really careful with them. This gives a subtle glow and would work well if you have pale to medium skin tones I’d say I don’t think it would show so well on people with darker skin but that may depend on the colour you chose, the coral seems to be the brightest of the three to me.

I haven’t tended to get on that well with cream blush, stick blush or more liquid blushes in the past but this formula works for me, I’m not sure what it is but it applies easily and blends better than any of the others I’ve tried. It also seems to have a thinner formula for the product when you’ve applied it and doesn’t stick to your skin and pull it like some sticks I’ve tried in the past, it just seems to melt onto it which also means you can be more precise, at least I have been able to be.

Overall I am very happy with this, I love the finish and the colour and it does blend out well. The only negative I have is more a problem with my skin that anything and that’s that it does tend to stick to any drier patches I have. My skin is getting in better condition but there are still the odd flake here and there and this sticks and stays the bright purple. If you have dry skin it might be best to stick with a powder formula as I tend to find this is more of a problem with gels and liquid products though that might just be me.

I would definitely recommend these products to try, even with that slight negative I still really like it and will be using when I want a blush as I like the finish. I do hope they bring out more in this product type, I’d love a dusty rose colour in it, but these do blend out to be a nice natural look despite their scary bright look in the tube. I like how easy it is to use, how easy it would be to use for travel with no brushes and it’s very compact and the fact that the colours are sheer enough for my skin tone. If you like a subtle blush finish these are good to try, if you want something dramatic then they won’t be for you.

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