Aren’t Computers Great?

Isn’t it great when your computer has managed to avoid updating to Windows 10 and then, on the last day it can be done it decides that it will force me to do this? Then it takes nearly nine hours to download and install the update and half of the apps I had on the computer are no longer compatible. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day of sitting here installing things again and trying to work out if I need to find replacements for some of them. Sorry if this seems a bit rantish, I’ve been sat with the computer for ages while it works things out and ‘s just a bit frustrating at times. Anyway, no real post today as my computer is not working that well, I’m just crossing my finger it’ll be good for Monday, if not then you know why there isn’t a post!

It also doesn’t help that the post I originally had for today, and spent a while writing and getting the photos on the computer, is for a product that is no longer available even though it was letting me add it to the basket this afternoon. I decided not to post it as it was for the Too Faced Romantic Eye palette and if you can’t even get it any more I’m not sure if I should post about it, it’s not really new. Unless you guys want to read it anyway, in case it becomes available again at some point. It’s one of the ones in my palettes collection I was going through and reviewing but it got pushed back even though I had it all planned before Christmas. Looks like I shouldn’t have put it off, lesson learned I guess!

It’s weird how, now I’ve been doing three posts a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (and others in between sometimes) it just feels wrong not posting on one of the three main days even if there is already a third post this week. Does anyone else find that? Like I couldn’t relax unless I did a post. I will work on getting spares ready in case of emergencies like today, and make sure they’re actually still available.

Sorry for any typos, I’m on my phone and I’m not the best at picking up spelling on here, I might delete this next week if it’s all fixed then.

Have a good weekend 🙂


ME, Myself and I: Eating Out

One thing that I often forget after having ME for so long is how some of the things that take me so much energy are actually time and energy saving things for other people. One example of this is eating out. My family has never been one of those to go out and eat all that often, I guess living in a village without a pub probably helped with that as it’s a bigger thing to drive somewhere than just walk down the road. I sort of only really realised how often some people eat out since being ill, it’s like it’s sometimes a case of ‘I don’t feel like cooking, let’s eat out’ as a last minute thing.

To me, and I think this is something that is similar for a lot of people with ME, there are so many steps for this small thing that affect us that it becomes this ‘big event’ whether it is or not. When getting dressed and ready takes energy then things like sitting in the car, walking to the restaurant and waiting of finding a table are all energy draining to some extent too. Then things in the restaurant; too much light, or too little, conversations going on around that can be distracting and draining and having to sit up in chairs that often don’t have that much support, they all take energy. I know they do to people without invisible illnesses too but it’s a lower percentage of the overall energy taken in the day so this small thing of sitting and eating lunch or catching up with friends that is part of a shopping trip or something that is surrounded by other activities for most people is the only thing we can do in the day sometimes. And then there’s the knock on effect afterwards of having to pay for this for a day, maybe three or four or even a week for some people.

All of this does vary person to person, I know some of the things that don’t take me much energy take a lot for other people and some people can do things I can’t without it having too much of an effect. Part of it is learning what we can do but events like going out will always have some kind of knock on effect.

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Blind Boxes: Re-Ment PomPomPurin Dog Pudding Café and Rilakkuma Cat Café


I have always loved miniatures, I think it may have started with Sylvanian Families when I was little, and so when I discovered Re-Ments a few years ago I had to get some. I have managed to keep it down to only a few, mainly due to shipping costs as they’re imported from Japan or me not getting the ones I wanted before they sold out.

Re-Ments are basically blind boxes with miniatures in, they come in sets which often have six or eight different variations and you have no idea which one you’re getting when you buy them. There must be hundreds of the separate collections by now and they all have themes, a lot of the more recent ones are tied in with TV shows or popular characters like Hello Kitty. They are pretty detailed and good quality, especially for the size, and they are the perfect size for a lot of figures, think Barbie or similar, especially when it comes to the food themed ones. They also look nice hidden amongst plants when it comes to certain themes, I have a cat from one of these in amongst my mini cactus garden at the moment.

I recently bought a couple of these from Tofu Cute, a website that sells Japanese imports, and now I know they have them I have a feeling my collection might grow quite a bit. I decided to get one from two collections; the PomPomPurin Pudding Dog Café (sold out at the moment) and the Rilakkuma Cat Café (£5.99 each). They arrived quickly and I have had them for a while as I forgot to do this post when I first got them but I really like them.

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NOTD and Review: OPI Retro Summer – SPF XXX and I’m Getting a Tan-gerine


A week or so ago I went into Sally’s and bought a couple of the new Retro Summer Collection from OPI; SFP XXX (orangey coral colour) and I’m Getting a Tan-gerine (pastel orange) and I thought that for today’s post I’d combine two that I was planning on doing and have it a mix of a review of these two nail varnishes but also a NOTD type post with the nail art I have at the moment as I really wanted to try an ombre look and these colours just fit it perfectly to me.


I really like a lot of the Retro Summer Collection, it’s all cream finish and bright colours that I think would look great with a tan, I know that these two make me look more tanned than I am. I haven’t really been following the new releases this year but I really like the look of a lot of them I saw from all the different brands so I might be tempted to get a few more at some point soon. These cost £5 each at Sally’s but the prices seem to vary in other stores, they seem to be available in a lot of places and Amazon has them at a good price at the moment in some of the online stores.

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Review: Oh! K Cosmetic Sponge

oh!K sponge 1

Since finding, and loving, the Boots Precision Makeup Sponge I have been converted to the beauty blender style sponge and wanted to try a few different ones to see how they compare to each other and, eventually, the original. In a recent purchase from Asos I bought an Oh K! Cosmetics Sponge, though I haven’t heard of the make before I liked the look of it and I was interested to see how this one worked as I haven’t really seen any blog posts on it. It says it’s exclusive to Asos but it’s also available in Selfridges (at least online) so if you have one of those near you they might have one in store you can look at.

This costs £6 so it’s probably middle of the range when it comes to these type sponges and the shape looks quite different to a lot of the others I have seen. It’s sort of hourglass I guess with a flat end and the other end has a point so you can get into the harder to reach areas. Compared to the Real Techniques one, which I guess is one a lot of people will have seen, it’s a similar size, but it seems slightly shorter and wider.

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ME, Myself and I (kind of): I’m Melting 

I think it’s a fairly universal thing with ME but this recent heat in the UK is really not helping my symptoms. It seems to make everything worse so I’ve ended up finding ways to cope with the heat. I did a pot on this last year so I’ll link to that post that has tips and ideas on what to do to make the heat more bearable, it’s here if you want to read those ideas. 

The past few days has mainly been either staying inside with the windows open but curtains closed and my hot water bottle full of ice or in the shade in the garden with the paddling pool we bought yesterday. If you don’t have one and you have the energy to sit outside I definitely recommend this for when it’s this hot. It dies have to be big, just one you can sit in would be enough as it makes a surprising difference and it’s nice and cooling to even put your feet in it in the evening and imagine you’re somewhere abroad. 

As my brain is kind of foggy at the moment I thought I’d do today’s post as part ME post and part blog like thing and post a few photos from the past week, mostly from today actually. I think I have posted most of these to my Instagram so if you follow me on there sorry for double posting, I won’t do it often I just liked these photos. I was thinking about doing a my week in photos type post on the weekend, not things from Instagram but other photos, but not sure as I don’t really do much most of the time. Continue reading “ME, Myself and I (kind of): I’m Melting “

Review: Some Things from the Marauders, Mugwumps and Muggles Collection from Shiro Cosmetics with Bonus Sugar Plum Harry


I recently bought some things from Shiro Cosmetics, an indie brand that sells makeup with a geeky theme to it. One of the collections available at the moment is the Marauders, Mugwumps and Muggles Collection inspired by Harry Potter. This includes a bronzer, highlighter, lip products and loose eyeshadows. At the moment there’s also a limited run of another Harry Potter themed eyeshadow in Sugar Plum Harry which was first available last December so I’m including that in here too, though it’s not part of the collection.

In the order I bought the two lip glosses and the Sugar Plum Harry, the other three products were free samples but as they belong in the collection I thought I’d review them as well as there is enough in these small bags to use them a few times. The lip glosses are Shiro Cosmetics Every Flavour Lip Gloss, a gloss that has different flavours depending on the batch, and Felix Felicis, a gold glitter. The two eyeshadows from the collection are That’s Chess and Metamorphmagus and the final product from the collection I have is the bronzer in Milk Chocolate Frog.

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Recent Purchases: Sally’s Nail Varnishes


This wasn’t really a planned purchase, or I guess part of it was, but today I had a bit of a shopping trip to the local Sally’s and bought some nail varnish. I haven’t really kept up with the summer collections this year, in the past I’ve been looking up the bigger brands as they’re released and creating lists of the ones I’ve wanted, though hardly ever actually buying anything from them. This year I avoided it and ended up coming away with three of the summer nail polishes, two from the OPI Retro Summer Collection and one from the Red Carpet Manicure Escape to Paradise Collection.

If you don’t know what Sally’s is, it’s a store that sells a lot to people in the beauty industry so they have products on sale at reduced prices compared to the RRP. It’s mainly nail and hair products but they do have quite a few skin and face products too. The main reason I like them though, is that you get to see the gel nail varnishes in person before you buy them. I have never found any Red Carpet Manicure products in any physical shops in the UK. I have seen a couple of other brands but when I bought them they didn’t work with my light very well so I’ve stuck with RCM and it’s great to be able to see what they look like rather than relying on a computer screen version. You can find their website here, though I have had some problems with it loading so I can’t find the actual products.

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My Weekend in Wales


I keep meaning to do some more bloggy blog posts but I hardly ever have anything to actually blog about so now I actually do I thought I’d finally get one done. I think the last one I did was probably around Christmas time, I will try to make sure the next one doesn’t have as big a gap in between.

This weekend we went down to South Wales to visit my grandparents, it’s been a while since I’ve seen them and we had a bit of a road trip with my sister and mum. I live in the midlands in England and pretty much the furthest point away from any coast you can get in the UK so it’s also nice to get to go to the beach and, for the first time in ages, the tide was actually out when we went.


Something beauty related in this post, I thought I’d include it in case anyone is interested, but the August edition of Marie Claire with Blake Lively on here in the UK has a Benefit Ready, Set, Brow! included as its free gift. It’s their invisible shaping and setting gel for brows and I think it’s the full sized version so it’s worth picking up the magazine if you want to give this a go. For the £3.99 the magazine costs it’s a pretty good price for a Benefit product. I think it’s the only products available though there are a few new ones in the Benefit brow product range. I don’t really do much with my brows but I’ll be having a play around with this and seeing how well it works.

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Review: Earth Kiss Million Year Clay Facial Revitalise Bamboo Sheet Mask


Ever since seeing all these reviews on sheet masks I’ve been on the lookout for good ones that are easy to get in the UK. I have tried a couple of the Superdrug ones and really liked them and found some in a recent look on the online store for Holland and Barrett so I ordered a couple of the different types to see how they compare. Most of the sheet masks I’ve seen are fairly similar in that they don’t have too much of the actual liquid on them and I’ve definitely not seen any clay based ones before so these intrigued me.

The one I tried the other day is the Million Year Clay Facial Revitalise Bamboo Sheet Mask by Earth Kiss, it sells for £1.99 for each sheet mask but they’re often in the offers, they were in a buy one get one half price offer when I made the order, as was everything on the site. It says there are 85 plant nutrients and it’s vegetarian friendly and cruelty free. The main two ingredients are rhassoul clay and juniper, I’ve not heard of juniper as great for skin care but I know clay tends to have a lot of benefits for skin.

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