Review: Sleek Makeup Whimsical Wonderland Limited Edition Lip VIP Lipsticks


Recently Sleek released their limited edition Whimsical Wonderland collection which included an eyeshadow palette, three Lip VIP semi-matte lipsticks and three gel blushes. I did a post on the All the Fun of the Fair eyeshadow palette if you want to see that and will be doing one on the gel blush I bought as well on Friday so I’ll add the link here then.

I bought all three of the Lip VIPs as I liked the formula of the permanent line colours and these just looked so bright and I do have a bit of a weakness for purple lipsticks even if I rarely wear them. The three shades are Big Shot (light purple), Fancy Pants (coral) and Hot Tottie (bright pink) and they’re all very different to any of the colours in the permanent range. These cost £5.49 each and can be found on the Superdrug and Sleek Makeup websites, though they’re in a two for £10 offer at the moment in Superdrug along with some other Sleek things so it’s worth getting them from there if the offer’s still on when you look.

I have to say that I’m not entirely sure what a semi-matte is supposed to be, something that seems matte but has a slight sheen maybe or it might be supposed to be matte but isn’t as drying, I’m not sure. Either way I know I’ve seen a lot of reviews about how these aren’t actually matte at all and I would say that before you blot them, no they definitely aren’t, but once you blot them with a tissue or whatever you use (dry beauty blender style sponges also work as I thought I’d try them) they become matte and so slide around less. Before blotting they move so much they don’t look even, especially after drinking or eating, but after blotting the colour is more even and they have a pretty impressive lasting time for me.


One thing I really like about these lipsticks is the packaging, it has that brand wide Sleek look of the matte black with the shiny finish for the logo and product name which I really like and, to me, makes them look more expensive than they are. I also really like the fact that the end has some of the product showing with the clear part. I think it’s the product itself rather than just a similar colour painted on the inside but I haven’t got that far into any of them to actually tell. Either way it’s a spot on match to the lipstick itself so you know exactly what you’re picking up when you select it rather than having to open it and see.

The lid of the packaging clicks on really well and, going by past experiences with Sleek products I can see it lasting well and not becoming one of those that you’re afraid to have in your bag in case it falls off on its own. The twist up mechanism is also good, you get a bit of a click feeling to show it’s all the way down, and up if you go that far, so it’ll hold in place inside the lid and it’s impossible to twist it with the lid on in any way that will make the lipstick come up inside and smoosh in the lid.

One thing about these lipsticks which does annoy me a bit is how hard it is to completely remove the labels. I haven’t managed to get them off completely as it says to peel here and that just reveals the ingredients, the back of the whole label is very securely stuck on and it does take away from the look of it to me. I do like how it gives the lipstick a seal in theory but you can actually easily unstick the part attached to the end of the tube with the lipstick in without breaking the seal which kind of defeats the point.


I do love the colours in this collection, all of the products in general, they’re mainly pastel but at the same time these are a bright, opaque kind of pastel rather than a wash of colour. I don’t think I remember seeing anything like the coral or the light purple in other drugstore brands at the moment, maybe I’ve missed them or they’re not in the stores I’ve visited but they seem to stand out to me.

I think that this time the formula for all three seemed to be the same, at least it reacted in pretty much the same way, compared to the others I have from the permanent collection that seemed to be a bit different between them. They all apply opaque with one layer and definitely benefit from blotting almost immediately ad I didn’t find that they even went tacky after five minutes and by then they’d started to move all over the place. I’m not sure if the weather may have also played a part in this as we have had especially humid and warm weather here in the UK but I wouldn’t think it’s anything too much for the makeup to handle or compared to other countries. They are also all a very nice, creamy texture that almost melts onto your lips, it feels more like a balm than a lipstick to me, and it does show on the product itself as afterwards it has a bit of a look of a lip balm with the marks on the end.

As these are mattes they do feel a bit drying, though my lips aren’t in the best condition anyway, and you start off not feeling them on but after an hour or so I could tell there was a film on my lips. I did leave them on overnight as well, I know I should have but I wanted to see exactly how much they dried out my lips, and afterwards my lips were slightly drier but nothing that a couple of coats of lip balm couldn’t fix. I think if you have dry lips at all then you need to make sure you’ve applied enough lip balm to last a while and a few times and let it sink in before you apply these. I got the feeling a few times when I was wearing them that I wanted to apply lip balm or lick my lips and I stopped myself in time but in between applications or for reapplication I added lip balm and it didn’t affect the outcome for the products.

I have tried all three for a few hours each including drinking and eating to see how they last and photographed each one before blotting, after and after an hour and a half to two hours.

Hot Tottie (1005) is a bright pink, it’s the brightest of the three and, to me, I think maybe the brightest of the Lip VIP collection in general. When I first applied it I think it’s the most even before blotting, it isn’t too obvious when it moves on your lips but if it goes outside it shows a lot more than the others. Once I blotted it it seemed to show any lines on my lips quite a bit but from a distance it looked good. Transfer wise this one was pretty good, after blotting I had a drink and it does seem to transfer more when wet but it still only left a bit of a mark on the white mug rather than the obvious lipstick stains you often get. It definitely stayed matte and it stuck for ages, though that was a bit of a problem sometimes as it acted more like a lip stain after a while and I think some of the pigment was the stain on my lips over actual product. Two days later I still had a bit of a pink tint to my lips so just be aware of that.

Fancy Pants (1007) is the coral colour, I think it could be considered a pastel coral as it’s not that bright but it’s very pigmented and the fact it’s slightly pale actually makes it stand out more for me than a traditional coral lipstick. This one is so creamy when you apply it, it almost melts onto your lips, which feels nice but does cause problems when it comes to before you blot as mine had an obvious patchiness as soon as I closed my lips. For some reason it doesn’t seem to show up all that shiny before but it definitely felt different. After blotting this seemed to disappear quite a bit but I did end up touching up and blotting it again to get rid of any less covered patches. After blotting this one was matte, it stuck well when I had a drink but, like all lip VIPs it did transfer and revert back to its pre-blotting state whenever it got wet, though it did dry itself back to matte within minutes. Staying power wise this one lasted well, after a couple of hours it was getting obviously patchy but I felt that was reasonable enough considering I was trying it for transfer as well so had been doing more to it than I normally would.

Big Shot (1011) is probably my favourite from the group, I do love bright purples and this reminds me of grape candy for some reason, it’s just an obviously fake purple but it’s got the pastel to it as well which, like the coral, seems to make it stand out more than just a purple. I found this was the most obviously patchy before blotting, I think it’s the only one that shows it clearly in the photo with a line on my lips where it just sort of shifted away from there, but after blotting this all disappeared without any touch ups at all. This one lasted really well and is probably the best of the three for me when it comes to longevity with the actual product being there as it was obviously still a bright purple and not just a lip stain. It did leave the most transfer with the first drink I had but after that it was barely noticeable so it wasn’t a problem really.

I think that for matte lipsticks these are nice, they definitely apply well for me but they do need the blotting to dry matte rather than doing it by themselves. Maybe they’re not meant to be blotted and, if that’s the case, then I’d say they fail as any kind of matte and also at staying put at all so I’d say blotting is the way to go with them. I don’t think the Lip VIPs would be the best product to choose on a night out for a meal simply because they do move more when they’re wet and the brightness of the colours highlights the fact that there are patches or if it moves off your lips. However they’d be nice for a night out or if you felt like a bold lip for shopping or something similar. If you are going to eat then I’d say reapply it after you’ve finished and you’d be fine anyway as adding a second layer on top of the original didn’t have any real effect on its staying power and it applied nicely on top without going patchy.

Overall I’d say these are worth looking at as the price, £5.49, makes them at the lower end of the matte lipstick scale I think and they do last well and didn’t make my lips flaky or feel really tight like a lot of matte lipsticks do. As a brand Sleek are cruelty free, one of the main reasons I started buying them years ago, so these products are though I can’t see if they’re suitable for vegans so I suggest you check the ingredients online if you are vegan and want to try them.

The colours in this collection are bright, but they do have others which are more neutral or everyday if you like the sound of the formula itself. I do have a post on some of the other colours if you want to read about their staying power as they were a bit more hit and miss than these.




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