Review: Sleek Makeup All the Fun of the Fair i-Divine Palette


Sleek recently released a collection for summer called the Whimsical Wonderland collection which is limited edition. I think it was released at the beginning of June some time here in the UK and includes an eyeshadow palette, three Lip VIP semi-matte lipsticks and three gel blushes. I got the three Lip VIPs (find my post here), the palette and one of the gel blushes (that post is here) and this post is a review of the palette, the others will be up next week if you want to check back and read them.

The palette itself is called All the Fun of the Fair and is a mix of matte and shimmers in pastel colours which gives a great range of light, summery shades to choose from. This twelve shade mineral eyeshadow palette is split fifty fifty with six mattes and six shimmers. It costs £8.99 and, at the moment, is in an offer of two for £10 on the Superdrug website. At the moment I can only find it on the Superdrug site or the Sleek Makeup website though I think it will probably be available in Boots as I can’t see anything calling it exclusive to those two.


I normally keep the outer packaging for Sleek products as they’re often very different to each other, especially in the limited edition palettes, and this is probably the most gorgeous of the card sleeves that I have. It’s got a pastel rainbow colour filter on a picture of a ferris wheel and it just looks like summer to me if that makes sense. There isn’t anything to show what the colours are like, as they have done with recent permanent palettes, but that doesn’t bother me and this different look makes it stand out amongst all the other Sleek palettes I have.


The palette itself is pretty much the same as their permanent line, it has the standard matte black finish with the shiny finish for the Sleek Makeup logo in the middle. It does have the addition of pale aqua text in the corner with the name of the collection and palette so you could tell it apart from the others if you throw out the card sleeve. I’ve had some of these palettes for years and I will say that the hinge on these is great, even after years of use it keeps the lid at any angle you want making Sleek palettes perfect for travel. It also holds close really well and I’ve yet to have any of them open themselves in my bag even without the card sleeve.


Inside there is a mirror covering the inside of the lid and it seems a good quality one, there’s no distortion and it wipes clean easily. There’s the double tipped sponge applicator you get in most eyeshadow palettes which I never use but as far as those things go the Sleek version is pretty good. It’s a more rubbery grippy material that means you can get quite a bit of product on there and you can pack the colour on. This palette also comes with the standard clear plastic sheet you get in most Sleek palettes and includes the names for each of the shades on it which are suitably fairground based and go well with the theme.


With half of the palette being mattes and half shimmers there are two obviously different formulas in this palette which do give very obviously different results. I’m not sure how they’ve chosen how to group them tough the bottom row, apart from Hit the Bell and Swing Boats, does give off a cooler feel to me and a lot of the top, apart from Ferris Wheel and Shoot-the-Chutes, are warmer feeling. I’m not sure if this is the official description for each but it does seem to have a nice combination and split of warm and cool feel colours to me.

I have done the swatches in the two rows and, as with most of my reviews, I have used the top half on top of the Urban Decay Primer Potion and the bottom half directly on my skin. Although this doesn’t make much difference with some, this palette shows that others really do benefit from the primer for any pigmentation.


Carousel – Pale pink shimmer. Really creamy and pigmented, opaque in one layer and blends out pretty well. Without primer it does tend to move the shimmer more than the base when blending. From some angles it’s a lot paler and looks almost silver.

Shoot-the-Chutes – Pastel aqua shimmer. Fairly pigmented, needs a couple of layers to be very pigmented but works really well as a splash of colour or hint. Without primer it blends away to nothing very easily but with primer blends well. Very creamy and easy to apply and applies very evenly.

Loop-the-Loop – Pastel coral shimmer. Very pigmented and creamy, opaque with one layer with or without primer but does need primer to stick. Blends very well and applies evenly.

Ferris Wheel – Pastel greeny blue matte. Bluer than Shoot-the-Chutes but not a true blue. Pretty sheer and does need to be built up but when on a base it shows very well and actually seems to stick even better on top of the shimmer eyeshadows in the palette. Needs primer to show at all really but does blend well. It feels pretty soft and silky but can look a bit powdery on the brush.

Twister – Pale pink matte. Not very pigmented even with a primer. It does work pretty well as a blush if you like this colour as it’s quite subtle but does build more. When you build this up it becomes a mid pink and becomes darker. It does blend out well once you’ve applied it and applies evenly.

Teacups – Pink shimmer with a bit of a silver sheen at an angle. Really creamy and pigmented with or without the primer. It’s opaque with one layer and blends really well but does tend to move the shimmer rather than the base unless you try quite hard.


Hit-the-Bell – Pastel lavender shimmer. I think it’s kind of lavender, it’s a more red based purple. So pigmented and creamy, opaque in one layer and blends really well. One of the nicest formula eyeshadows in the palette. It does last well even without the primer.

Swing Boats – Pale coral matte base with subtle coral shimmer. I’m not sure whether to class this as a matte or not as it’s pretty matte but there’s a hint of shimmer in that glowy way you get with some foundations. Very creamy and pigmented but does have an odd formula that sometimes seems to clump a bit on the brush and makes it less even when applying it then until you add a second layer. Definitely benefits from a primer as it makes it more even and makes it easier to blend, without it blends to nothing very quickly.

Hook-a-Duck – Pastel yellow matte. It has a hint of green to it making it a cooler yellow. Applies pretty sheer to start with but builds up very easily. Feels silky and finely milled and blends out really well when you use a primer. Without a primer it does not show up well at all, I did five layers and it’s barely showing compared to the two of the top half with a primer.

Helter Skelter – Lime green matte. Another that applies pretty sheer but can build on top of a primer. Feels very nice and finely milled but can clump a bit on the brush. Blends out really well but definitely needs a primer for any real colour on this one.

Dodgems – Periwinkle matte. I think this is the one they’d call lilac but it’s pretty much spot on for some of the periwinkle nail varnishes I’ve seen. Very nice and creamy, pretty pigmented and doesn’t need much to build up and become opaque. Blends out really well but does need a primer to stick for any length of time.

Hall-of-Mirrors – Silver shimmer, though maybe metallic. It’s a simple silver, very nice and creamy and pigmented and opaque in one layer. I think Sleek are just good at metallic colours in general and this silver blends out well and lasts but does benefit from a primer as it tends to slide a bit without.

One thing I have noticed when swatching this palette is that, not only are there two different formulas just because of the different finishes, but within the mattes there are two obviously different ways the eyeshadows work so that makes three formulas. Dodgems and Swing Boats are so pigmented and creamy though they do clump a little and could apply unevenly if you’re not careful but they definitely stand out as amazing colours in the palette and the rest are a bit more of a wash or subtle hint of colour that you need to build and feel more like a very fine powder. As always the shimmers are very pigmented with or without primer, I think the Sleek formula for them is pretty standard now and seems to be high quality in most of the recent palettes.


One thing I haven’t really tried before that I thought I would this time due to the lack of colour in some of the mattes was to mix them with water. I’ve seen people post about this before as they’re mineral colours so they should just be fine if you use water on the brush and I gave it a go with the mattes as it didn’t seem worth it with the shimmers. You really don’t need much water to pigment and I was surprised at how much the colours changed in the mattes that had less pigmentation. The others it didn’t really do much for but the weaker ones stood out as a lot brighter and a lore more pigmented once they’d dries. Also I am happy to say that the eyeshadow in the pan is still useable and there’s no obvious signs of the water afterwards to me.

Dried after using water on right half


Overall I do really like this palette. I think it has a good range of colours and, if you’re prepared to build them, then you can get some really nice bright shades in there. I think it’s more a palette for people who are just starting to try colour though maybe rather than those who want a bright look. They work well as part of a pastel or more natural look with a pop of colour but a hint rather than anything too in your face or that will stand out. I do really like the pastel looks so I’m glad I have this palette and I don’t think I have anything like any of these colours in my collection.

Back of packaging with ingredients

I think I would recommend this palette to people who like these colours or who are experimenting with colour and I can see the green and yellow being useful around Halloween even if not the rest of the year. The stand out colours for me are definitely Hit-the-Bell, Swing Boats, Dodgems and Loop-the-Loop as they’re gorgeous and pigmented. The others are nice, the shimmers are well pigmented but not as unusual to me and the other mattes don’t have the same punch. Even though they may not stand out when they’re used dry I do really like how they look wet, I’m not sure how much I’ll use them like that as I haven’t tried it before but it would make a nice eyeliner or accent with a very precise design, it doesn’t seem to blend as well when dried like that though it does last really well.


I’m not sure how many palettes there are out there where you can get this range of colours and a fifty fifty split when it comes to mattes and shimmer at this sort of price so to me it’s definitely worth the £8.99, even more so if you can get it in the two for £10 offer, or any other offer really.


4 thoughts on “Review: Sleek Makeup All the Fun of the Fair i-Divine Palette

  1. Andy Wicking says:

    Thank you for your very in-depth review of the Sleek i-Divine All the Fun of the Fair Eyeshadow Palette, I’ve been looking for a good pastel palette to pair with some of my brighter palettes and they appear to be few and far between. I’ve tried a Sleek palette before and was sadly quite disappointed, this however seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. Due to previous experience I wanted to read reviews and this was so thorough with extra tips and tricks, swatches with and without primer and real pro’s and con’s. Whilst this palette is undeniably inexpensive if I find it unusable it’s still a waste of money, this review however has convinced me to give Sleek’s palettes (and the brand as a whole) a second chance.
    So again Thank you for such a thorough and obviously unbiased review xAndyx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment, glad it was helpful. Unfortunately there are some sleek palettes I’d say are misses but the majority of this palette is good. One of their more recent ones was less successful for me though. I’d say there’s more good than bad palettes from them but it can be hard to know what they’d be like without trying them.


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