ME, Myself and I: Friends

One thing that I’ve heard a lot since joining various ME related groups is that it shows you who your true friends are, although this might be true for quite a bit of the time, it seems a bit harsh really. As I only have the experience of being the person with ME I can’t say about it from the other side with this illness but I know from having people I know go through other illnesses that it’s hard to watch someone you care about go through it. It doesn’t help when the person is ill with something that no one really know what it going on as I think a lot of people with ME take a while to get a diagnosis and any chronic illness, being chronic, has to be a longer term thing for it to actually be diagnosed anyway. I know when I was first ill it was at least a year but I think I’ve heard it said six months now for it to be ME/CFS rather than a Post Viral Fatigue thing.

I try not to have many regrets, there’s not much point dwelling on the past and things we can’t change, but probably the one I do have is that I lost contact with a lot of people who I probably would still be friends with now. I know that some of them it was because I couldn’t make it to things and the constantly changing plans or excuses probably got a bit much and I can get that but it’s probably a bit from both sides.

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