Review: Beautiful Me Prime and Create Mixing Medium


For ages I’ve wanted to try some kind of proper mixing medium for foundation as I like the idea of being able to change your coverage depending on how you feel for the day and being able to change a powder into a kind of liquid foundation seemed like a nice idea too. I have tried mixing with moisturisers but it never really worked so something made especially for it seemed like it might work better. Although it seemed like a good idea I’ve not really been tempted but I saw this Beautiful Me Prime and Create Mixing Medium on the Holland and Barrett site when I was making a recent order and decided to go for it.

The thing that made me consider this one and actually get it is the fact it’s a gel like texture and is supposed to give a matte finish. Also the fact that it’s a primer means that even if I didn’t get on with it as a mixing medium it had another use anyway and I’d recently started to use primers so trying another one of them seemed good as I’ve only used the Benefit one before. This product comes in a 25g jar and costs £20 but I got it in a buy one get one half price offer when I got something else with it. For some reason the site has it listed as Beautiful Movements rather than Beautiful Me as the jar says.

I have had this for a few weeks now and tried it with a range of products. I’ve used it as a primer as well as a mixing medium for foundation, blush and eyeshadows as it says on the website. It does also recommend trying this with lips, I didn’t do this as the silky, dry feeling isn’t what I want in a lip product. It a nice feel for a face product but for me not on my lips.


The jar for this product is pretty standard it’s a nice and heavy plastic jar with a screw top lid with the logo on it. I’m not sure which way up the logo is meant to go, I think it’s meant to be an abstract woman dancing or something so I’ve gone with this way up but it’s a pretty simple logo. The plastic survives being dropped (I didn’t mean to test it but it fell on the wood floor) but I’m not sure I’d trust the lid to not come unscrewed in a bag for travel, I’d want to keep it in another waterproof bag or tape it shut I think, at least for the first time.


The product itself is a pretty thick gel, it won’t spill out of the jar even if you hold it upside down, though it does start to move you have enough time to put it the right way around. It spreads very evenly when it’s on its own and doesn’t have much of a smell, maybe a hint of something plastic but it’s a fairly scentless product.

As a primer I found it works really well as making my skin nice and smooth and minimising the pores. It makes a nice surface for foundation or BB creams and it does seem to help the drier products stay in place. I didn’t find it helped much when it came to the more oily products I tried it with but it did seem to have a bit of a mattifying effect coming through them to reduce any shine that I might get throughout the day. It stayed pretty well, after four or five hours I didn’t notice it having gone anywhere and it stayed shine free which was nice. I did find that when I left it for seven hours and it had been a hot day there wasn’t much of a benefit to not having it on as the foundation had worn as much as it normally would, it did help it stay shine free though.

I think the way this product works the best is as a mixing medium for a foundation. I have tried it with different ratios of foundation to mixing medium and, although it looks a bit thick and hard to spread when you first mix it with a lot of the powder foundation, when you apply it with a sponge it actually blends really well and covers evenly. I have tried these different mixes for coverage and I’d say that up to equal the mixing medium and the foundation there is a difference with how much you use, beyond that I didn’t find any benefit to adding even more. I did use their own brand mineral foundation, I don’t have any other powders to try it with foundation wise, which is finely milled and has that slightly dewy shimmer look to it when used on its own and this base made it matte.

I think that mineral foundations and finely milled powders would work for this, though thicker ones may have problems with being patchy as I found that was a problem with some eyeshadows. Using the mixing medium with the foundation my foundation lasted really well, six hours after application I removed it and there was still obvious colour coming off with the makeup remover. This may not sound great to you but for me that’s pretty good, most foundations that don’t dry my skin out seem to disappear after three or four hours.

I tried it with a blush, I had pretty much the same results as with the foundation and it worked really well as a subtle hint of colour. It mixed well and the fact you could have it as sheer as you wanted really worked for me. I tried both a loose pigment from Detrivore Cosmetics in Vow and my Sleek pressed blush from the nude collection. The loose pigment had a better finish but it may be that the pressed powder could have done with more mixing as it seemed to come out more uneven.

Having success with the foundation I tried it with eyeshadows with mixed results. I have shown it with a matte pressed powder from the Original Sleek palette, an unknown orangey shade from Scaredy Cat Cosmetics which is a shimmery loose pigment and That Man’s Playing Galaga from Shiro Cosmetics.

The matte had the same problems as all the mattes I tried, it applied patchy no matter how much I used, even twice the powder to the mixing medium. It also would not set with this for some reason, quarter of an hour later it was still moving and rubbing off if I touched it. Using a powder over the top did help and it set well then plus the added creamy base seemed to make the eyeshadow even more pigmented so if you want to use it that way it’d work.

The best result came from the shimmers, the finely milled colours mixed better but it doesn’t give a very opaque and bright colour on the lids. It does apply evenly and blend well and it does actually set fairly well too. As I said, it’s not great when it comes to a lot of pigmentation but as a wash of colour or as a base for others with a bit of colour it works.

The final eyeshadow has a fairly matte base with shimmer in it and it had exactly the same problems as the matte. It did not apply very evenly and it was even harder to mix with the glitter particles sometimes clumping together a bit. This particular colour shows how uneven it can apply but with the lighter colours it wasn’t as obvious so it seemed to work ok. The not setting was still a problem but again, it worked well as a base.

One thing with this product, when it comes to mixing it is pretty messy. For foundation it isn’t as bad as you want more of the products mixed so you can do it on the back of your hand fairly easily or on a small saucer but when it comes to the eyeshadows or a pressed blush it does tend to get everywhere.

Overall I wouldn’t use it as an eyeshadow base, the results were too mixed, but with a shimmer it did work ok so for a wash of colour or if you wanted to use a specific colour for a base it would work. As a foundation or blush mixing medium it worked really well for me, it’s now the foundation I use and I would definitely use it for blush again. I think it’s a decent enough primer but not worth it for the £20, there are probably others you could find for a better price that would work just as well. As a mixing medium it’s worth it to me, it has been used quite a bit and you really won’t need much at all for foundation, especially when applying it with a sponge. I guess it depends what you want to try this product for. I have never heard of the make before I saw it on there and they’re cruelty free and have the leaping bunny logo on so that’s a positive for them and if you’re looking for a good mixing medium that gives a matte finish for blush or foundation I’d say it might be worth looking at.


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  1. […] Beautiful Me Prime and Create Mixing Medium (£20 from Holland and Barret) – Works well as a primer and a mixing medium for the powder foundation. It can mix with eyeshadows but it’s a bit of a fuss when you’re out and not that great pigmentation wise then. It does work well as a primer for a liquid foundation too, I’d probably keep this in my travel kit even if I was taking a different foundation as it does just smooth it and keep it all even and matte. […]


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