ME, Myself and I: Just Becaus I’ve Accepted it Doesn’t Mean I’ve Given Up

I don’t know how often you guys get this but it seems to me that throughout the years of being ill one of the attitudes that seems to come up fairly often is that because I’ve accepted the fact that I’m ill that I’ve just given up. It took me a while to accept that I did have these limitations, I know early on not long after my diagnosis I did end up trying to plan to do too much, I ended up having to cancel plans like going to live bands which affected other people as well as myself and it was mainly because I just didn’t accept or understand how ME would affect me and stop me from doing these things. I just eventually realised that it’s better not to try and make these plans and stick with the smaller scale things.

Of course there are times that I break this rule such as family holidays or big events but I still know my limits and have learnt to recognise the warning signs telling me to stop or accept the way I’ll be feeling afterwards. The thing is that even these things that are big for me, going for a trip to see family who live hours away and sitting in the back of the car wears me out for example, wouldn’t be a big thing for most people. It’s surprising what takes up energy and you only realise these things when you don’t really have any of it to start with.

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