Review: MUA Undress Me Too Palette


On Friday I did a review of the MUA Undressed palette, you can find that post here if you want to read it, as I’m going through my eyeshadow palettes and reviewing some of the ones that are still available. This time it’s the Undress Me Too, another palette from MUA, and I think this one is meant to be a pretty good dupe for the Naked 2 palette, I don’t have that to make a comparison but it’s worth googling if you want to see the colours side by side.

This palette is a few years old, and I think I’ve had it almost as long, and I remember seeing a lot of posts about it at the time but I haven’t really seen much on MUA palettes in general recently. I think maybe Makeup Revolution seems to have become the current favourite when it comes to budget beauty brands so I thought I’d go back and revisit this palette and see if it’s as good as I remember it being.

This palette is at the lower end of budget brands when it comes to price, it’s only £4 in Superdrug and on their site, and you get twelve eyeshadows in a mix of mattes and shimmers. They’re all neutral shades and you get three mattes with the rest being shimmers and a couple maybe being considered metallic.

The MUA palettes in general all have a similar look, though most have a black background rather than the white in this one, with the clear window on the front that allows you to see the actual eyeshadows inside. I have mixed feelings on this as I do like that you don’t have to rely on a picture on the front for the colours as they’re normally not the most accurate but it also means you’re missing a mirror which can be annoying for travel if you don’t know about the mirrors where you’re staying. I guess it does also mean they can keep the price down. I think I prefer the look of the black ones, for some reason they look more expensive to me than the white which doesn’t make much sense really as they’re exactly the same otherwise.


On the back of the palette is a small circle for each colour along with their names this time and a ‘mini master-class’ that gives an idea of how to use some of the colours for a look which is a nice touch for beginners or as a bit of inspiration, I haven’t tried to do this look but maybe I will next time.

These palettes do feel cheaper than some other budget brands, the hinge is really good and holds it open at pretty much any angle and doesn’t get weak over time and it clicks closed well but there’s something about the way it closes that feels cheap. It won’t open when you don’t want it to but it’s also hard to open sometimes when you do want it, I’ve damaged nails trying to get it open at times. I definitely trust it for travel or in a bag and I’ve never had any of the actual shadows spread onto others even without the clear plastic sheet you get in a lot of palettes. The double ended foam applicator is decent, it is better than a lot of cheap brands I’ve bought in the past but it’s not as good as the Sleek ones, it’s quite rubbery so grabs a fair amount of product for application but it doesn’t do precision very well.


Unlike the Undressed palette the Undress Me Too palette has actually given the eyeshadows names and they do all fit fairly well with the colours themselves to me. I have swatched them on top of Urban Decay Primer Potion at the top of the swatch and just onto my skin on the bottom half and they’re taken in the best light to get a true to life colour in the photographs.


Naked – Matte pale nude. This is the perfect shade for blending out for me and it’s fairly pigmented, you can’t see it very well on my skin as it’s so close colour wise. Feels powdery but smooth and not chalky with little fallout. It does blend well and can build to become opaque. I’ve mainly used this as a highlight colour on my brow bone or to blend out other eyeshadows at the edge of the look. Sticks well on top of primer but disappears pretty quickly without one.

Devotion – Goldy copper shimmer. The more yellow of the copper colours in the palette, very smooth and creamy and opaque with one layer. Blends out very well but can leave the base behind without a primer and just gives a coppery shimmer wash over the other colour. Could be metallic if you pack it on or leave the shimmer on the top without blending.

Shy – Peachy off white shimmer. Not very pigmented from straight on but looks great in different angles to give an almost white sheen. Doesn’t really build up well for front on looks but striking from other sides. Very creamy, easy to apply and blend out but it looks slightly lumpy in the pan which is odd, I’m not sure why but it doesn’t seem to affect the product itself.

Fiery – Copper shimmer. A truer, warmer copper colour. Very pigmented and creamy, blends well and sticks with or without primer though primer does help make it appear more metallic.

Lavish – Matte taupe (I think). It’s very creamy in the pan and almost seems to clump on the brush but it applies evenly. Not the most pigmented but as it’s more sheer it does work really well as a blending out colour. It’s so soft it applies easily and does blend well but without a primer it can keep moving after it’s set so definitely needs that to stick in place for me. Really nice colour that stands out for me in this palette despite not being the most pigmented.

Dreamy – Dark copper, maybe bronze. A more brown copper but has a bit of an orangey or gold sheen to it without being duochrome, it’s hard to describe really. Very creamy and easy to apply, blends out really well taking the base as well as the shimmer itself. It does need to build up a bit more than some of the others to become truly opaque but it’s well pigmented and doesn’t take much to do that, if you pack it on carefully you can get it opaque in one but then it can leave some fallout.


Tranquil – Champagne shimmer. This one’s quite hard to see on my skin as from the front on it looks like just a metallic or shimmer version of my skin tone, from the side it looks almost silver in some angles and in others like a metallic taupe so it changes a lot depending on how you see it. Very creamy and pigmented, applies evenly but looks like it clumps a bit on the brush so it does go on quite thick sometimes without being patchy.

Exposed – Cool grey shimmer. I’m not sure if you can get a warm grey but this definitely has a hint of blue in there along with the silver shimmer. Very creamy and fairly pigmented. It does give a nice grey wash with one layer and is truly opaque in two. Seems to clump a bit on the brush but their creamiest ones do that a bit at times. It blends out pretty well but does tend to just move the shimmer if you’re not careful rather than the base colour too.

Reveal – Off white shimmer with a slightly blue hint. It’s a hard one to describe really as it’s very different in the pan to when you apply it. It’s not the most pigmented but does give a nice off white wash or shimmer and works really well as an inner corner colour to make your eyes look brighter. Very creamy and easy to apply, blends out really well and stays put. It’s one I’ve used quite a bit for a sort of highlight or to brighten the look.

Wink – Pinky champagne shimmer. Another that looks very different in the pan but it’s a nice light shade and very pigmented. It’s creamy and applies evenly, blends out fairly well but the shimmer does spread further than the base and can cause fallout if you try to do too much with it. A primer does help this one a lot as it prevents that a bit and keeps it in place more.

Obsessed – Dark brown shimmer. Fairly pigmented, does need to be built up with a few layers to become true to the colour in the pan. Very creamy but seems to look more powdery on the brush and you have to be careful of fallout. Blends out really well and stays put even without a primer.

Corrupt – Matte black. For some reason this looks like it has some shimmer particles in it in the pan. Not the best pigmentation but a decent one for a matte black, works well for blending out with other colours and can build to be a decent dark grey with a few layers. Very dry and powdery in the pan and it does tend to stick where you apply it and sometimes leave a bit of a line to show the original application if you try to move it too much but does blend well if you just use a fluffy brush with this on to blend rather than move it later. Great staying power on primer.

When these palettes were first released I remember a lot of rave reviews about the pigmentation and the formula and I would say that most of the colours in here are hits. There are a couple of misses but overall it’s pretty good when it comes to colour and staying power. As with most palettes the shimmers are definitely the more pigmented colours and they are creamier than the mattes but I think that the matte, Lavish, is probably the standout colour for me.

I guess a lot of them are colours you get in a lot of neutral or nude themed palettes but Lavish one just works as a matte and in with the other colours. I also think that Naked is a great colour, especially if any of you have fair skin like me, it’s a nice matte highlight colour and I haven’t found many of those. I have also used it to set under eye concealer and it works really well there and adds a bit more coverage if you need it. The shimmers are all pretty good and there is a great range of colours though it does focus a lot more on the lighter colours and those on the more copper end of the neutral spectrum.

I think that this is a great little neutral palette, for a while it was my go to palette and I took it away with me, I have definitely used Naked a lot more than any other eyeshadow I have in any palette as I’m almost hitting pan with it which never happens. If you like shimmery neutrals and are more inclined towards the lighter end of them then this is definitely worth checking out if you can. At £4 for me it’s worth it just for Lavish and Naked to be honest but the other colours are good too. If you like the darker neutrals then I think the original Undressed palette would be more your thing.

This is a great palette, especially for a budget beauty brand, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for these lighter shimmery neutrals. It’s got a lot of shadows with great pigmentation and is definitely worth it if you’re a beginner who wants to play around with new looks without spending a lot of money as well as someone who’s more experienced with makeup. The MUA palette range in general seems to be good to me, at least the three or four I’ve owned, so I think they’re worth looking at for whatever colour combination you’re interested in as they do have a great range, they just seem to have been forgotten a bit with other brands releasing things when I look at blog posts.

For me I think that the combination of the Undressed palette and the Undress Me Too covers a lot of the neutrals you will ever need, definitely most of the more shimmery shades. There is a combination palette they’ve release called the Ultimate Undressed palette with colours from both along with some new exclusives which I have to say has tempted me recently though I’m not sure it’s worth it with already owning the two Undressed palettes. If the pigmentation and formula is the same as the originals and you like the combination of both that might be worth looking at, though as I’ve not got it I don’t know how it compares to the original versions of the same colours. Have any of you guys got it and could say what it’s like in comparison?

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