Review: MUA Undressed Palette


After going through my makeup collection and realising exactly how many eyeshadow palettes I have I’m going through some of the ones I’ve had for a while and doing reviews on the ones that are still available. When I started writing this I realised that I seem to have lost some of the photos I took before so some do have a bit of a different background. I think it’s just when my computer had that mini melt down and then fixed itself, at least I’m hoping that’s what it was.

I know that a few years ago MUA was one of the big names in budget makeup, it seems to have fallen a bit to the side with Makeup Revolution and Freedom being talked about more recently. When the Undressed and Undress Me Too palettes came out I think they were pretty much considered dupes of the Naked 1 and 2 palettes, I’m not sure how close they are as I don’t have either of the Urban Decay ones but I have used the MUA ones quite a bit.

This is the first of the two posts and is on the original Undressed palette. It has twelve eyeshadows in a mix of shimmers and mattes, though only two of them are mattes and I think maybe two of the shimmers could be metallics. All of the colours are neutrals and it has a couple of darker greys and black based colours to use with them. It’s a pretty cheap palette at £4 and I remember it used to get rave reviews but I haven’t seen many people post about the brand in general recently. They are cruelty free and I’ve only seen them on the Superdrug site or in stores in the UK, I’m not sure if anywhere else stocks them.


The outer packaging for these does look nice, there’s a window that shows the eyeshadows through so you can see the actual product rather than relying on a picture on the front of a box. This does mean that there is no mirror, which may be one way of them reducing the cost of the palette, which I do miss when it comes to travel as I find that having a mirror in a palette means you don’t have to worry about there being one in a room with good lighting. The back of the palette has a small picture showing all of the colours along with a ‘mini master-class’ that says which shades to use where. I don’t know if this has changed since I bought this palette but these shades do not have names beyond Shade 1, Shade 2, etc.

The pallet itself does feel cheaper than a lot of others I have, though given the price it’s not exactly unexpected. It does clip closed well but it just feels cheap and it’s one of those that can be hard to open even after years of having it. This is good in some ways, it won’t come open when I don’t want it to, but I have damaged nails trying to get it to open which isn’t great.



Inside there’s no clear plastic sheet but I haven’t really had a problem with the product breaking or spreading on this palette so I don’t see it as really missing much as there’s no mirror to protect either. The double ended sponge tip applicator is ok, it’s better than a lot as it’s slightly rubbery foam that does grab quite a bit of product but it’s not as nice as the Sleek ones. I never use them anyway as I prefer brushes but it’s one that I think you could use quite well if you wanted when it comes to packing colour on.


The eyeshadows themselves are pretty nice to use, they are a bit hit and miss with the creaminess and consistency but there are more hits than misses and they’re all decent when it comes to pigmentation. I’ve swatched them on top of primer and without it and it does show a difference in some cases. As they don’t have names aside from Shade and then a number I’ve gone by naming them the colour they are and running from left to right a row at a time.


Off White/Pink Shimmer – not very pigmented, works well as a slightly pink highlighter or to brighten the inner corner. Very creamy and can build to be opaque. It blends out really well and sticks as long as there’s primer beneath it, otherwise it seems to wear off pretty quickly

Pale Peach Shimmer – very pigmented and creamy, opaque with one layer with or without primer but does tend to move if you don’t have some sort of base to stick it to. Blends out well and would probably work well if you like a very shimmery highlighter but seems to get pinker as you blend it out

Cool mid/Light Brown Matte – Very sheer, dry and powdery. It seems to pick up pretty well on the brush but disappears when I apply it to my skin, primer does help and it can build to being more opaque. It would probably stand out more on darker skin but it just disappears on me so it’s hard to tell if it blends well or not

Light Peachy Copper Shimmer – Looks like it should be a taupe in the pan but it seems to become very close to the second shade when I applied it. Not very pigmented, needs a primer and to be built up for good coverage but it feels nice and creamy to apply and blends out really well. It is a slightly more orange or copper colour than the second shade and does give a nice wash of colour if you don’t want anything too bright

Mid Brown Matte – Feels very creamy and soft when you apply it but needs a primer for any real pigmentation without building it up with at least three layers. It does blend out well and sticks on top of primer, works well as a crease colour. It does need a bit of blending when you apply it, or rather using the brush to make sure it’s all even as it can be patchy sometimes

Warm Gold Metallic Shimmer – Very pigmented and creamy, doesn’t really need a primer but it does help it to stick. It blends out really well and is opaque with one layer. It does seem to get a bit clumpy on the brush but if you tap it a few times this isn’t a problem and it applies evenly if you forget to anyway


Copper Metallic Shimmer – Bright copper, very creamy and pigmented so it’s opaque with one layer. Blends out well but seems to have a similar problem to the previous in that it looks a bit clumpy on the brush as it’s so creamy it seems to stick together a bit. Does benefit from a primer but doesn’t really need one

Dark Brown Shimmer – Has a hint of an orange or gold duochrome but not too obvious so it gives it a warmer look. Very pigmented and creamy, does look a bit clumpy on the brush but not a problem when applying and very little fallout. Blends out really well but without a primer it does tend to just blend out the shimmer and duochrome effect unless you work on it a bit more

Dark Champagne Shimmer – I’m not really sure how to best describe this one, it’s another slightly peachy pink shimmer but darker than the others and very pigmented. It’s creamy, easy to apply and opaque in one layer. It seems to have the same formula as the others on the row that appear clumpy but blends out better than the others as it takes the base out with it too

Dark Brown Shimmer – This one has a definite red and orange duochrome to it though the base seems to be pretty much the same colour as the previous one. It appears a lot warmer because of this and the duochrome seems to be the part of this that blends out, it takes more pressure to get the base to go along too with or without a primer. Very creamy and pigments, opaque in one layer and sticks really well without a primer, more than most of the colours in the palette

Matte Black Base with Silver, Gunmetal and Blue Shimmer – It gives an almost night sky look so maybe it’s a very dark blue but I’m going with black. The base is one that sticks well to the primer and pretty well without so it shows where it was first applied even when you blend it so you have to blend other colours onto it really to hide this. The base is fairly opaque, it definitely needs a primer to become properly opaque though, and it’s not a very good true black but it’s dark and works to add that depth to the other colours if you want to use it in the outer corner. It does work fairly well as a liner for a less dramatic contrast

Dark Blue/Gunmetal Shimmer – This is another where the colour is somewhere between blue and gunmetal, it definitely has a silver sheen to it though as a duochrome. It’s very creamy and pigmented and is pretty much opaque with one layer, it’s just not as dark on my skin as it is in the pan no matter how many layers I add.

The majority of the colours are nice to use and they’re all pretty pigmented, especially since at the time this was released it was more unusual to get nicely pigmented mattes. I’m not sure that anything in this palette stands out as unique or unusual colour wise but they are nice eyeshadows and for the price they’re good value. The best ones are probably along the bottom row and they have the odd texture of being very creamy and clumping a bit on the brush but it doesn’t cause any problems with application for me.

I’d say the biggest disappointments in this are probably the lighter of the two mattes and the fact that the two peachy shimmers on the top row are very close colour wise, I’d have preferred one of them to be replaced with something else. But when you get seven or eight that have really good pigmentation and I will happily use alongside other, more expensive brands without worrying about parts of the look moving or fading faster I don’t really think you can complain much with the £4 price tag. I know I’ve paid more for palettes that have three or four I would use regularly or have ended up getting rid of them.

This isn’t a palette I would reach for every day because I have others that include all the colours I’d want for a look, for example this one is missing a pale matte for me as a shade to blend them out or an under the eyebrow highlight as I don’t use shimmers but it’s a nice neutral palette and I think it’d be one to consider if you’re a beginner or want to try out some different looks. I think that the Sleek eyeshadow palettes are slightly better but they do have some duds in all of them and with so many neutral palettes out there I am yet to find one that has all of the colours as hits for me.

I think I’d use this one more if I got it now as there are some bolder colours, the gold and the copper especially, but when I got this I was more into the lighter colours. The darker colours are definitely the stronger ones in here so if you want it for the lighter shades then I’d suggest the Undress Me Too palette by MUA might be more your colours or maybe a different brand. I will be doing a post on the Undress Me Too palette, probably Monday next week and I’ll ink it here when I have so you can see the differences between the two.

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