Review: MUA Undressed Palette


After going through my makeup collection and realising exactly how many eyeshadow palettes I have I’m going through some of the ones I’ve had for a while and doing reviews on the ones that are still available. When I started writing this I realised that I seem to have lost some of the photos I took before so some do have a bit of a different background. I think it’s just when my computer had that mini melt down and then fixed itself, at least I’m hoping that’s what it was.

I know that a few years ago MUA was one of the big names in budget makeup, it seems to have fallen a bit to the side with Makeup Revolution and Freedom being talked about more recently. When the Undressed and Undress Me Too palettes came out I think they were pretty much considered dupes of the Naked 1 and 2 palettes, I’m not sure how close they are as I don’t have either of the Urban Decay ones but I have used the MUA ones quite a bit.

This is the first of the two posts and is on the original Undressed palette. It has twelve eyeshadows in a mix of shimmers and mattes, though only two of them are mattes and I think maybe two of the shimmers could be metallics. All of the colours are neutrals and it has a couple of darker greys and black based colours to use with them. It’s a pretty cheap palette at £4 and I remember it used to get rave reviews but I haven’t seen many people post about the brand in general recently. They are cruelty free and I’ve only seen them on the Superdrug site or in stores in the UK, I’m not sure if anywhere else stocks them.

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