May Favourites: Nails, Music and Makeup


I think this may be the most things I’ve included in a monthly favourites but they’re things I’ve been loving and have almost finished a couple of them. Unfortunately my laptop screen is not working very well, it just jumps around a lot whenever I use my computer for more than ten minutes so I’ll be trying to sort that out but at the moment I’m writing this on my phone with photos taken on the iPad so sorry if the picture quality isn’t great.


I’ve been doing a bit more nail art this month, I guess it’s more I’ve finally worked out the best way to do it with the gel nail varnishes and the nail art pens. It’s so much better if you set the gel colour parts including the top coats before you try to add the nail art pen parts and then set it all with a top coat, I’ve used Seche Vite. I’ve had these Rio Professional Nail Art Pen and Brush ones for years, I do have a green, red and yellow as well bit I haven’t used them as much and I’m not sure where they are. I love the formula for these, it works well in both the pen tip and the brushes, though I mainly use the pens, and it dries so quickly there’s very little hanging around or smudging before you put the top coat on.

I’ve had this Champney’s 6 Sided Nail File and Buffer for a while and it has lasted well, the two roughest edges are almost gone noe, but I have finally found the beat way to use it to get my nails nice and smooth. I don’t use the two finest sides as I want them smooth as a surface for the gel varnishes rather than having a shiny finish. I am definitely repurchasing this, though in the past I haven’t really got on with these buffer ones if you’re looking for one for around £4 this is worth checking out, you can find them in Boots stores.


I feel I’m doing this slightly out of order compared to normal as I seem to do music and TV things first. With the warmer weather I’ve ended up listening to my go to Summer albums, they’re very poppy and bright and I probably should include the Beach Boys Greatest Hits but I haven’t been able to find it this year, maybe next month it’ll be in here. This month its McFly’s first album Room on the Third Floor, something g about this one just makes me feel like it’s summer, maybe because I bought it when it first came out and it was pretty much on repeat that summer for me. I also have Under the Radar by Army of Freshmen which is one of their older albums but reminds me of the live shows I went to back when it was released and the Go:Audio album Made Up Stories which I think was their only album but I still love it.

It’s not really been a month where I’ve done any reading but I have found myself dipping in and out of the QI  oil of General Ignorance by John Lloyd and Michael Mitchinson as it’s a great book to just pick up, read a bit and the put it down without losing a thread or storyline as it’s a book full of facts. I do love the QI show and this is the same idea in book form. I have a few other QI books too, I bought them in a bundle on eBay, so I’ll have to look at then too but they seem to be pretty similar.

I think I have to mention The Hollow Crown War of the Roses as I really enjoyed it. It’s a three part series with two parts for Henry IV and one for Richard III and, although the king plays aren’t my favourites, I really enjoyed them. I really liked the previous ones but as Richard III is probably my least favourite Shakespeare play that I’ve seen or read I wasn’t sure how much I’d like it. I was definitely pleasantly surprised and have ended up rewatching them on iPlayer a couple of times since.


I have been getting ready for the warmer weather and making sure I keep my skin nice as it tends to get a bit neglected at times in the poorer weather. I love the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush line in general but I have been using this Sugar Scrub over the past month and its great as an exfoliator to get rid of dry skin. The smell is so good, a nice fresh line, and it has a sugar base that seems to help moisturise my skin by itself rather than drying it out like a lot of s rubs do for me. Its also not overly scrubby for my sensitive skin but still scrubby enough to feel like its doing something. This 300ml tub costs £8 and does last for a long time so it’s definitely one I will repurchase in the future. Alongside this I’ve been using the SkinFood Honey and Shea Butter Whipped Body Cream which I got from eBay as its a Korean brand. Thus is the Snoopy limited edition but I think its a permanent product in a different packaging. This has a very sweet smell, definitely honey, and it really moisturises well, it leaves a silky, almost powdery feeling on your skin. I have to use it in the night as it tends to sit on the surface and spread for a while rather than sink in straight away but the effects are worth it. I don’t have to moisturise again until the next night so no worry about a lotion clashing with perfume.

The Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel is a limited edition Christmas product and it seems to be one of those love or gate products as its definitely very pink and sweet. I think if colours had scents then bright pink would smell like this. It is slightly drying but when I’m in the mood for Snow Fairy it’s a very bright and happy scent to me.


You know when you find an old product you forgot you still had some of and you remember why you loved it before? That’s why the Elf Complete Coverage Concealer in light is in here this month. The lightest on the far left is perfect for my skin as a concealer but also has that slightly salmon tint that makes it great for under eyes too. It sticks well for me and blends out well and, even though I haven’t used two if the colours much at all, at £3.50 it is totally worth it. I am so happy that Elf are selling in the UK again, I will be buying a new one as I’ve hit pan on the far left one and am getting close with the second.

I have a feeling I have included Still No Oscar For Leo DiCaprio by Shiro Cosmetics in a past monthly favourites but it’s a go to colour for me and have been using this as a bit if shimmer in a neutral look. I love how well it lasts on top of primer and is a neutral enough colour that it’s not over the top when uses with others or used as  all over lid colour. It was a limited edition but at the moment Shiro Cosmetics have all three in the Leo DiCaprio Oscars series, I would recommend the first two and I will be getting the most recent one myself in a small order.

The final thing may not be a surprise if you gave read my recent review but as I have been using this and loving it, despite not having it for long, I felt like I had to include it. This is the Boots Precision Blending Sponge which costs £3.50 and has managed to convert me to using makeup sponges. I’m still unsure how much a £16 would be worth it but at this price I love it. It creates a great finish which lasts and can work for concealer as well as all over foundation.

These are my favourites the past month, have you found something new you’ve loved or rediscovered an old favourite? I hope you enjoyed this post and that I manage to get my computer fixed for next week or I may have to take a break until it’s working again as I’m not sure this will work as a way to post regularly.

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