ME, Myself and I: Normal is Relative

A while ago, I think one of my first ME posts, was an OK is relative post and I said about doing this one then, so far I haven’t actually posted it yet, at least I don’t think I have so that is today’s post. If I have already done this then hopefully this will be slightly different, I couldn’t find it on the blog but it might be a bit of brain fog, either thinking I’ve done it and I haven’t or just missing it when I searched.

I think most people will go through phases in their lives when what they think of as normal will change, either suddenly or over time, and it sometimes takes a while to really notice how much the new normal is different to you before whatever it is happened. For me the thing that has changed my normal the most is definitely ME, I think it will probably have a similar impact on anyone who has a chronic illness. I didn’t even really notice how much my ‘normal’ was different to what it had been a few years previously until I had to fill in a form, I think it was the census, that asked about disabilities and how much affected what you were able to do as an everyday thing.

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