Book Review: Escape to Shakespeare’s World – A Colouring-book Adventure by Good Wives and Warriors

shakespearesworld5Title: Escape to Shakespeare’s World: A Colouring-book Adventure

Author: Good Wives and Warriors

Year written: 2016

Publisher and year: Puffin Books, 2016

ISBN Number: 978-0-141-37121-4

It’s been a while since I did aa book review as I’ve not been reading much but I recently bought this colouring book and I really like it. Colouring has never been my favourite bit of art so I stayed away from the adult colouring book craze when it started, but after actually getting one and trying it I find it surprisingly relaxing.

This adult colouring book is based around the plays of Shakespeare, or some of them, the fact it’s only a small number might mean there could be more in the future though I don’t know. The Good Wives and Warriors illustrators are actually Becky Bolton and Louise Chappell and there’s also Alice in Wonderland and Charles Dickens themed books in the series. I really like this idea of having colouring books based on books or series that are already known.

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ME, Myself and I: Writing with ME

I know a while ago I started to post about various hobbies that might be possible or things to look into if you have ME as something to do. One thing that I have found useful and a great stress reliever when I have the energy is writing. Whether it’s writing a diary, writing stories or writing blog posts it helps a lot at times.

One thing with ME that I found hard to deal with at first was how isolating it is, it was quite depressing at times and the whole situation was frustrating to me. I found that writing helped me to get away from it, to escape for a bit. I know it does take a fair amount of energy sometimes but there are smaller things you can write that might help you to feel better like finding and writing down inspirational quotes for on a wall or writing down what you’ve achieved today in a diary.

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Review: Sleek Makeup Whimsical Wonderland Limited Edition Lip VIP Lipsticks


Recently Sleek released their limited edition Whimsical Wonderland collection which included an eyeshadow palette, three Lip VIP semi-matte lipsticks and three gel blushes. I did a post on the All the Fun of the Fair eyeshadow palette if you want to see that and will be doing one on the gel blush I bought as well on Friday so I’ll add the link here then.

I bought all three of the Lip VIPs as I liked the formula of the permanent line colours and these just looked so bright and I do have a bit of a weakness for purple lipsticks even if I rarely wear them. The three shades are Big Shot (light purple), Fancy Pants (coral) and Hot Tottie (bright pink) and they’re all very different to any of the colours in the permanent range. These cost £5.49 each and can be found on the Superdrug and Sleek Makeup websites, though they’re in a two for £10 offer at the moment in Superdrug along with some other Sleek things so it’s worth getting them from there if the offer’s still on when you look.

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Nails of the Day: Go Wales!



I don’t know how many of you are watching the Euros this year but as it’s the first time in over 50 years Wales have been in an international football tournament and are through to the quarter finals I thought I’d do some Wales nails.

I used Models Own Snow White as a base, I actually ended up doing about six coats before I felt it was even and flat enough so not sure I’d recommend it as a good white nail varnish. I used my Rio Professional Nail Art Pens in the original set for the green, black, red, silver and yellow. I used Seche Vite on top but I have found it’s already peeling a bit so not sure if it’s the combination of the Rio bail pens and the top coat but it dies not seem to work.

One thing I have found doing this is that the Rio pens don’t work great if you do it too thick as it takes ages to dry and doesn’t let the top coat set properly I think.

Review: Sleek Makeup All the Fun of the Fair i-Divine Palette


Sleek recently released a collection for summer called the Whimsical Wonderland collection which is limited edition. I think it was released at the beginning of June some time here in the UK and includes an eyeshadow palette, three Lip VIP semi-matte lipsticks and three gel blushes. I got the three Lip VIPs (find my post here), the palette and one of the gel blushes (that post is here) and this post is a review of the palette, the others will be up next week if you want to check back and read them.

The palette itself is called All the Fun of the Fair and is a mix of matte and shimmers in pastel colours which gives a great range of light, summery shades to choose from. This twelve shade mineral eyeshadow palette is split fifty fifty with six mattes and six shimmers. It costs £8.99 and, at the moment, is in an offer of two for £10 on the Superdrug website. At the moment I can only find it on the Superdrug site or the Sleek Makeup website though I think it will probably be available in Boots as I can’t see anything calling it exclusive to those two.

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ME, Myself and I: Friends

One thing that I’ve heard a lot since joining various ME related groups is that it shows you who your true friends are, although this might be true for quite a bit of the time, it seems a bit harsh really. As I only have the experience of being the person with ME I can’t say about it from the other side with this illness but I know from having people I know go through other illnesses that it’s hard to watch someone you care about go through it. It doesn’t help when the person is ill with something that no one really know what it going on as I think a lot of people with ME take a while to get a diagnosis and any chronic illness, being chronic, has to be a longer term thing for it to actually be diagnosed anyway. I know when I was first ill it was at least a year but I think I’ve heard it said six months now for it to be ME/CFS rather than a Post Viral Fatigue thing.

I try not to have many regrets, there’s not much point dwelling on the past and things we can’t change, but probably the one I do have is that I lost contact with a lot of people who I probably would still be friends with now. I know that some of them it was because I couldn’t make it to things and the constantly changing plans or excuses probably got a bit much and I can get that but it’s probably a bit from both sides.

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Recent Purchases: All the Things


I did originally try to list the places I bought from in this post as I thought I’d put all my most recent purchases in one place but the title got ridiculously long. I did originally think of doing one or two of these separately but then I realised they were all arriving near each other and it would mean it was later for me to post any of the reviews and I’m really looking forward to some of these products. This post has a combination of orders from Amazon, ASOS and Superdrug but there’s also a couple of things I won on the village fete tombola that I thought I’d throw in here as well.

As you can see from the photo this post covers a lot of different things, most of them I’ll be posting about on here some time in the near future. Most of them are beauty products but there’s some DVDs and books thrown in there too.

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Review: Beautiful Me Prime and Create Mixing Medium


For ages I’ve wanted to try some kind of proper mixing medium for foundation as I like the idea of being able to change your coverage depending on how you feel for the day and being able to change a powder into a kind of liquid foundation seemed like a nice idea too. I have tried mixing with moisturisers but it never really worked so something made especially for it seemed like it might work better. Although it seemed like a good idea I’ve not really been tempted but I saw this Beautiful Me Prime and Create Mixing Medium on the Holland and Barrett site when I was making a recent order and decided to go for it.

The thing that made me consider this one and actually get it is the fact it’s a gel like texture and is supposed to give a matte finish. Also the fact that it’s a primer means that even if I didn’t get on with it as a mixing medium it had another use anyway and I’d recently started to use primers so trying another one of them seemed good as I’ve only used the Benefit one before. This product comes in a 25g jar and costs £20 but I got it in a buy one get one half price offer when I got something else with it. For some reason the site has it listed as Beautiful Movements rather than Beautiful Me as the jar says.

I have had this for a few weeks now and tried it with a range of products. I’ve used it as a primer as well as a mixing medium for foundation, blush and eyeshadows as it says on the website. It does also recommend trying this with lips, I didn’t do this as the silky, dry feeling isn’t what I want in a lip product. It a nice feel for a face product but for me not on my lips.

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ME, Myself and I: Just Becaus I’ve Accepted it Doesn’t Mean I’ve Given Up

I don’t know how often you guys get this but it seems to me that throughout the years of being ill one of the attitudes that seems to come up fairly often is that because I’ve accepted the fact that I’m ill that I’ve just given up. It took me a while to accept that I did have these limitations, I know early on not long after my diagnosis I did end up trying to plan to do too much, I ended up having to cancel plans like going to live bands which affected other people as well as myself and it was mainly because I just didn’t accept or understand how ME would affect me and stop me from doing these things. I just eventually realised that it’s better not to try and make these plans and stick with the smaller scale things.

Of course there are times that I break this rule such as family holidays or big events but I still know my limits and have learnt to recognise the warning signs telling me to stop or accept the way I’ll be feeling afterwards. The thing is that even these things that are big for me, going for a trip to see family who live hours away and sitting in the back of the car wears me out for example, wouldn’t be a big thing for most people. It’s surprising what takes up energy and you only realise these things when you don’t really have any of it to start with.

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Review: MUA Undress Me Too Palette


On Friday I did a review of the MUA Undressed palette, you can find that post here if you want to read it, as I’m going through my eyeshadow palettes and reviewing some of the ones that are still available. This time it’s the Undress Me Too, another palette from MUA, and I think this one is meant to be a pretty good dupe for the Naked 2 palette, I don’t have that to make a comparison but it’s worth googling if you want to see the colours side by side.

This palette is a few years old, and I think I’ve had it almost as long, and I remember seeing a lot of posts about it at the time but I haven’t really seen much on MUA palettes in general recently. I think maybe Makeup Revolution seems to have become the current favourite when it comes to budget beauty brands so I thought I’d go back and revisit this palette and see if it’s as good as I remember it being.

This palette is at the lower end of budget brands when it comes to price, it’s only £4 in Superdrug and on their site, and you get twelve eyeshadows in a mix of mattes and shimmers. They’re all neutral shades and you get three mattes with the rest being shimmers and a couple maybe being considered metallic.

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