Review: The Original Sleek i-Divine Palette


I realised that, when going through my palettes to review, I have done quite a few Sleek palette reviews but haven’t done one yet on the Original. I have had this one for years and I know that the packaging itself has changed but I checked and the formula is still the same (as far as I could find) so I thought I’d do a post on it today. I bought this not long after the Storm palette came out so it’s been a few years and it’s still the same quality as when I first got it. One of the reasons I bought this palette was that Sleek don’t test on animals, this particular palette is suitable for vegetarians but not vegans.

This palette has twelve 1.1g pans of eyeshadow with eleven of them being shimmers and one matte. There’s a wide range of colours, I don’t think there’s any particular colour theme, it’s mainly brights on the top row with blues, greens and purples and the bottom row being more neutrals with an olive green in there too. It costs £8.99 and can be found on the Boots website or the Sleek Makeup website. Most Sleek palettes are also available from Superdrug but I couldn’t find it on their site, it’s probably in stores if your local has a Sleek section as it seems to be in the ones I’ve been in most of the time, the same with Boots stores.




As I said before the packaging has changed a bit so I won’t post too much about it. Now I think it comes in a card box like the more recent ones with the twelve circles representing the colours on the front, mine’s in a clear plastic version which has kept it well and is a nice look but would make it hard to tell them apart when they started to come out with more. The look of the palette itself is very similar to the current ones, it has the matte black background but the logo is different.

Inside the palette is very similar to the new ones as well, it has the large mirror which has lasted well and not warped. The hinges on this are proof of how good they are as this has been used a fair amount and opened a lot more than any of my other palettes but it still holds the lid in place as a mirror. It is slightly looser when it comes to closing but it still clicks closed and stays like that. It does come with the standard double ended foam applicator and, as far as these things go, it’s a good one that picks up a nice amount of eyeshadow and the end can be quite good for some fairly precise placement but I just don’t like the style of applicator.


In the original version the colours didn’t have names and the clear plastic sheet that comes in the palette is plain, it still does the job of keeping the mirror cleaner but I have had to google the names of the colours and still couldn’t find any, if anyone has any ideas of where I could find them, if they are named, then I will update this post with the right ones. Also you might notice the waffle effect on the eyeshadows isn’t used any more, I’m not sure why they stopped but I do prefer the new flat eyeshadows.



This was one of the first good quality eyeshadow palettes I bought and I was impressed at the time so it was fun going back and seeing what I thought of it having tried more expensive brands since. I think it still holds up well and, as they’re almost all shimmers, the pigmentation is good. This was when Sleek seemed to put a matte black in all of their palettes and they were a bit hit and miss so it was interesting going back and trying the older ones to see which were the best in that way.


Comparing mine to the pictures online the ingredients are the same on the website as on my palette, there is an additional thing that my palette says it may contain (CI 77007) but I’m not sure if that was removed or the possible amount does not need to be declared any more. One thing I have noticed looking at the pictures in the online stores is that they seem to have swapped the peach and the copper on the bottom row around but as far as I can see it’s exactly the same colours just a different order.

All of the swatches are done in the best light to show them true to the colour in person and the top half is on primer, the bottom not. The colours are listed from left to right and I have done the top row and bottom row in separate pictures.


Matte Black – A really well pigmented matte black, even without the primer. It’s surprisingly dry feeling on the brush and does leave a bit of fallout if you’re not careful. Blends out really well and sticks well as an eyeliner if you have a base.

Shimmery Purple – Has some silver and possibly holographic shimmer I there. One of the more sheer colours, not that it’s a bad thing to me with these brighter colours as it builds up well. Does benefit from primer as it’s opaque with one layer then. Very creamy and blends out well though the shimmer itself spreads further than the colour.

Shimmery Navy – Very dark black/blue base with blue and silver shimmer in it. Very creamy and pigmented, works well without a primer but does need one if you want to blend the base colour out as without primer it just spreads the shimmer.

Shimmery Bright Blue – Probably the creamiest and most opaque in the palette, a stand out colour in the brights. It does seem to clump a bit if you’re not careful as the brush picks it up very well but if you go over it again when you’ve applied it those smaller clumps blend out without making it patchy. Blends out evenly and the shimmer effect is partly due to a base that looks metallic so it all blends out well even without a base.

Shimmery Turquoise – Similar formula to the shimmery bright blue in that it seems to clump a little on the brush but applies evenly. Very creamy and pigmented, blends out well and sticks with or without a base.

Shimmery Bright Green – Very creamy and applies evenly but a bit more sheer than the two previous blues. It does build up well and only needs two or three layers to become opaque. A great colour to blend out though you do need a base as without it just seems to spread the shimmer more than the base colour.


Shimmery Paley Yellow Cream – Creamy, applies evenly and blends out really well. It’s not the most opaque but does build up well, with a primer one layer is almost opaque. It works well as a highlight colour or to add some yellowy shimmer on top of another colour.

Shimmery Pale Pink – Pale pink with a bit of a yellow duochrome which makes it look a bit more peach. Very opaque and evenly applied, blends out well with the base and shimmer. Maybe the creamiest in the palette and works well as a bit of a yellow duochrome on top of others colours if you apply it sheer enough.

Shimmery Copper – The base is almost metallic and the copper shimmer in it does spread further than the base when you blend it out. Very creamy and opaque, applies very evenly and does blend out well but benefits from the primer. One of the ones that seems to be a bit clumpy on the brush but blends out well.

Shimmery Peach – Has a silver shimmer and small particles in it. Applies opaque in one layer and is really creamy. Blends out well and if applied sheer it gives a slight pinky silver shimmer that works well on the inner corner or might work as an under brow highlighter if you like a shimmery look.

Shimmery Brown – A fairly neutral mid brown, going towards warm with a slightly yellow hint to the shimmer. Opaque and creamy, applies evenly and blends out well with the base as well as the shimmer.

Shimmery Olive Green – Has a bit of a yellow duochrome. The eyeshadow is a lot harder than the others, aside from the matte black, but applies very creamy and evenly. Very opaque and lasts well even without a primer, it seems to stick better than some of the creamier eyeshadows.

I haven’t used this palette much recently and it may seem odd reviewing one I’ve had for so long but I do like it and wanted to do a post on all of the Sleek palettes I have that are still being sold as I do like their eyeshadows and they do last well. I remember all of the colours being pretty much the same consistency as they are now when I first got them and I definitely used the bottom row quite a bit at first. It has become one of those that got pushed to the back of the pile because I’ve had others more recently but I am definitely going to be using some of these colours as I don’t think I really have a dupe for the two shimmery greens on the top row, the turquoise and bright green, and the matte black is great.

As far as their eyeshadows go I think this is a good palette to get if you like shimmer and it does show off the things they do well in them. The formula is as good as the newer palettes but it doesn’t have as big a range of finishes or as many mattes as a lot of the more recent palettes do. I think it’s a good one if you like more coppery neutral looks with a bit of colour in there at times as you have the cream, copper, brown and possibly the black for a shimmery copper look but you can have a play around with colours too without needing another palette. I think it might make a good first palette, or early palette, for people just getting know makeup as for the price it is a great quality product. It’s also a good one as a first Sleek palette to check out.

Overall I would recommend this palette as the formula is nice, the colours are pretty opaque though some need a bit of building and they do all blend fairly well. If you want a palette with a good matte black then this is definitely worth checking out. I know over the years I’ve tried a lot of companies with matte blacks and Sleek seem to be one of the best, especially on the lower end of the pricing scale. They can be a bit hit or miss but this palette is definitely a hit for me when it comes to the black. The other colours may be ones that are more common now, I think I could find dupes of most of them fairly easily, but as an early palette for a collection or someone just getting into makeup or if you want all of these colours in one place then it’s definitely worth looking at.

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