ME, Myself and I: Graduation Tips

It’s graduation season, or it is here in the UK, and as the ceremony thing for my degree is coming up I thought I’d post about the things that have been suggested or are going to be in place to make the actual ceremony easier. If any of you are graduating congratulations! It’s a big achievement and, although it seems a big day and a lot to do on the day, it can be a great way to celebrate the fact that you’ve finished along with others who have done the course though it is a bit intimidating with everything that you have to do on the day.

Since finishing my degree I’ve been kind of nervous about the actual ceremony, whether I’ll be up to it, whether it’ll be too much and I’ll end up feeling ill part way through or become dizzy or something when I’m going up to get the certificate. Also the fact that I did this all at home, through the Open University, it’s a bit more detached than it would have been in a brick and mortar university. I have to say that the people in charge of the special circumstances for these events with the OU have been great and have suggested all these things I wouldn’t have even thought of.

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