ME Awareness Week 2016: Things I Wish I’d Known

I’m going to keep this post short, though I seem to always say that, as I know how hard it can be to read a wall of text if you’re not feeling good. I don’t think I’ve done a post like this before really but I thought that, as well as saying what ME is and sharing a bit of how it feels I’d share some of the main pieces of advice I wish I’d had when I was first ill. Over the years I’ve heard a lot of different things and these are the ones that I think would have helped me more when I was first diagnosed.

Some of these may seem slightly negative but I don’t think they really are, overall I think I’m pretty positive about life in general but at times you have to be realistic and I think in the beginning, when I was first diagnosed, I didn’t realise some of these things and was looking at the short term which did not help my health in the long term.

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