Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box: Just Keep Swimming


I don’t really subscribe to any other beauty boxes but I do get this Soap Box from Fortune Cookie Soap, they release a box four times a year which has smaller products and samples of the scents for the seasonal collections not long before they release them. Fortune Cookie Soap are a cruelty free company from America who sell bath and body products and perfumes. The Soap Box includes eight products, two of them are full sized, and cover all of the scents in the upcoming range.

This season’s theme is Just Keep Swimming which is inspired by Finding Nemo and I think this may be one of my favourites yet. I love the packaging for the products and the names really go with the theme and the more well-known quotes or characters. As these arrived on Friday I’ve had a bit of a play around with everything and used everything. This collection will be released on May 20th 6pm CST, which I think it around midnight in the UK.


The box itself is pretty plain, it’s a good quality cardboard with the Fortune Cookie Soap logo on the front and the web address printed on the sides. I’ve never had anything really damaged apart from the odd bath bomb which is understandable given the distance it’s travelled.justkeepswimming3 They often even tape things closed so you definitely won’t get any leaks from perfumes or moisturisers. Inside there is a card with the information on the products and the release date. There’s colourful shredded paper that keeps everything safe, I do normally use it again for presents so it doesn’t get thrown out. They always include a little extra, sometimes it’s sweets or an item to do with the theme like a leaf in autumn. This time we get an orange marble, I guess to represent Nemo’s egg, though I’m not sure if they’re always orange.

Going through all of the products I’ve had a go at trying to guess the scent before I read it, just to see how close they are, and I think this time most of them are very close to their descriptions which is always good when it comes to an online store.

Even brighter in real life, more like the top photo, it just doesn’t photograph well


The first product on the list is the Shark Bait Fortune Cookie Soap which is one of the two full sized products. The only real scent I can tell is an orange and ice cream kind of smell, I think they’ve done a few like this before and maybe it’s called orange creamsicle (I think I’ve heard American’s describe it as that scent though I’ve never seen or heard of it in the UK). The scent is described as ‘oranges, vanilla ice cream and sandalwood infused strawberries’ so I guess I got the two main ones. These last surprisingly long considering how thin the soap itself is and these creamier based ones aren’t drying for me. They also come with a fortune style print out inside, this time it’s a quote from the movie.


The second full sized product is the Lil’ Blue OCD Hand Sanitizer which is included in the smaller of the two sizes that they sell now, originally they only sold them in this handy handbag sized bottle. There’s definitely apple and some kind of floral in this one, for some reason it reminds me a bit of a tropical summer smell. The scent says it should smell like ‘anjou pear, apples, plum blossom, sandalwood and amber’ but I don’t get the amber or sandalwood. I think maybe they’d come out more in another product type, I find they show more in perfumes for me than in others. As far as hand sanitizers go I really like the FCS ones, they don’t dry out my hands and they don’t sit on your skin for ages if you rub your hands together. I have to say I do love the bottle for this one, the yellow and blue stands out a lot.


I’m not a huge fan of their whipped creams, my skin doesn’t get on with them and they tend to sit on the surface for a while for me, but I will be using this INTERVENTION! Whipped Cream as my skin hasn’t reacted to it yet. I’m not sure if they’ve changed the formula but this one seems to absorb a lot quicker than ones I’ve had in the past. The scent of this is coconut and pineapple and it really reminds me of something I’ve had before, I’m not sure what it is though. The scent is just ‘coconut and pineapple’ but the coconut is definitely the stronger of the two, it almost smells like a bakery scent to me as it’s pretty sweet and the pineapple reminds me more of pineapple kubes than fresh pineapple.


The Whale Talk Perfume Oil is a nice sized sample and great to pop in your bag, the scent lasts well and one spray is definitely enough for me. It starts off quite fresh and a kind of spa scent with a tangy smell and floral but very quickly the jasmine takes over for me. I’m not sure if this happens on everyone or if it’s just the way my skin turns jasmine but it’s definitely the main scent with the fruitiness disappearing in the background. Reading it the scent has a lot of layers; ‘strawberries, blackcurrant, jasmine, grapefruit and avocado’. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a perfume with avocado listed in the notes and I don’t smell it in there at all, though I’m not sure what an avocado scent would be like as I don’t normally get much from the food itself. I would say this is one that works best as a perfume, though I wouldn’t buy it maybe if you like jasmine it’d be one to try.


I think that the Jelly Man Don’t Be Jelly Soap was probably the thing I was most excited about when I saw it in the box, I am a big fan of shower jellies and they don’t seem to be included often, plus it just goes with the name perfectly. These shower jellies aren’t much like the Lush ones, which are probably the ones most people have seen or tried, they’re a lot more solid and don’t break up as easily so they last longer and it does help to have a knife to break some off for using in a shower puff or scrubby gloves. I love the way this one looks, the grey/yellowish base and the purple and blue duochrome is such a pretty combination to me. Scent wise it smells pretty close to Lush’s Happy Blooming shower jelly, it’s like a Bakewell tart to me, it’s definitely got that fake cherry scent that smells like cherry drops, I can’t get much else in there, though something does make it smell a bit like cherry cola. The scent is supposed to be ‘black cherry, watermelon, iced guava nectar, strawberries and key limes’. I don’t really get the rest of them, though in the shower maybe the strawberry and lime came through as it had a more berry scent and something sharp but I couldn’t have picked them out.


I think that the Spray Lotion may be a new product type, I haven’t noticed it before or I don’t remember it maybe. This one is in the scent Aqua Scum which is a pretty light and fruity scent, there’s definitely apple in there and I’d say maybe watermelon going by the way it smells on my skin. It does get sweeter later so something like grapes maybe in there too. The description says ‘lychee, apple and peach nectar’ which are probably three of my favourite scents, especially lychee, so it’s a bit disappointing I couldn’t smell them. Even knowing what they’re meant to be I don’t get peach or lychee, maybe it’s reacting differently on my skin though. As far as the moisturising spray element of this goes it’s pretty good, it does sink in very quickly and is easy to apply, though I did have a similar problem to the one I have with spray on sun lotion in that it tends to get sprayed everywhere around my skin too so I think you’d lose quite a bit of the product over time in a full sized bottle. This is a nice scent, I think it’d work for pretty much anything and I hope the lychee would come out more in other bases, I might get some to see.

A bit bluer in person, looks a bit more like the colour appears on the lid where you can see the purple behind


You don’t often get a lip gloss product in these boxes so it was a nice surprise to see the Ooooooooh…Barracuda Lip Gloss in there. It’s a bit messy when you open it as it’s a pretty thin product for in this type of twist top container. It’s a nice colour and consistency, it’s got a slight red tint on your lips with some shimmer but not overly glittery.justkeepswimming8 It spreads evenly and it does actually moisturise pretty well, especially for a lip gloss, and keeps it moisturised for a while rather than being sticky. The scent is a very sweet fake watermelon, it’s not one that I would want to use on my body but it works pretty well as a lip product as, although it tastes like a perfume, when you breathe in you get the watermelon flavour. The scent is described as: ‘cantaloupe, honeydew, red watermelon, lime and raw cane sugar’ so it’s various melons with sugar and lime. I wish the honeydew or cantaloupe were stronger, maybe they will be in other products as it’s quite hard to judge with a lip gloss as they aren’t strongly scented and it loses its scent when I try it on my hand.


I love the name for Fin. Noggin. Duuude. Pedi-bomb but unfortunately the turtle shaped product did not survive the trip, the bag did keep it all in one place though so no leaks on the other things. I’m not sure how different a pedi-bomb is to a bath bomb but it did feel nice when I used it in a foot soak. I just don’t know if it’s worth the cost when you can break up a bath bomb and use that for a few, maybe they won’t be too expensive when they’re sold though. The scent for this one is pure lime sherbet when it’s dry, when it’s wet it gets a bit sweeter and there’s something floral in there but it’s still mainly lime. The description says ‘lemon-lime, orchids and white chocolate’ so I guess I got it all in a way, it’s just not an obviously orchid or chocolate scent to me.

Overall I am very happy with all of these, there are a couple that I wouldn’t buy anything else in, Whale Talk and INTERVENTION! are my least favourites simply because the coconut is not my favourite scent and jasmine does not suit my skin. Other than that I would say I would buy products in all of the other scents if postage wasn’t so high. I also think I might try some of their lip glosses in the future, I’ve had their lip tints and balms before and the Doctor Who themed lip gloss but this seems a thinner and more moisturising formula.

I think if you like typical summer scents, a lot of fruit and a tropical theme, then this would be a collection you might like. The product quality is great and I think, even if this isn’t a collection that appeals to you, the company themselves are worth checking out. Unfortunately if you live outside the US the postage is high and half the time I get hit by customs charges which really pushes the price up again so it’s worth being aware of this before you make an order. I often end up adding and taking things out of my basket to get the best price for what I’m getting postage wise, it suddenly jumps up at certain points. Include the customs charge in your budget, I’ve found it’s often around £20, so you won’t be surprised.

Did any of you get this Soap Box and are you planning on getting anything from this collection? Have you bought from them before and tried these product types? I really like the company and wish I could order more, the postage makes them a bit expensive as a regular brand to use but I do tend to make orders when they have special collections out like the Doctor Who one or this one, and then add in some of their permanent products.

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