MEAW 2016: What is ME Awareness Week? Some Resources and Ideas

This week is ME Awareness Week, though to be honest it’s been a bit confusing this year with the dates as almost all of the sites I’ve found seem to say that it starts on Wednesday 11th, which seems a slightly odd day for an awareness week to actually start, so I hope I’m not late as some places are saying the 9th, it’s a bit of an odd one this year. Throughout the week I am planning on doing an ME Awareness type post each day alongside my normal posts, these will probably mainly be short ones about various parts of ME that people might not know or resources that would be good to blog about, tweet or post anywhere to raise awareness.

The idea behind ME Awareness Week is to do things that helps to bring awareness to people with ME; what it is, what it feels like to have it or a week to emphasise fundraising. Different charities have different themes, though the general idea of wearing blue seems a popular one this year. It’s not very well publicised, at least in the past it hasn’t been, and this year it seems rather confusing with different dates on different charities but I think the fact that it’s days focussed on bringing awareness to something that a lot of people don’t know exists is a good thing, whether I have this on the right days or not. These posts will continue until Tuesday as that’s means I’ll have done five posts (I don’t post on weekends, though I might make an exception here) like I do in a normal week.

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