ME, Myself and I: Exercise

I feel like I may have written a post on this before but I can’t find it, maybe it’s one of those I wrote and then didn’t post at the time and it’s lost on the computer somewhere. One thing that I have found since getting ME is that I couldn’t do the sports that I used to love, even the lower energy sports I played drain me way too much for me to do for more than 15 minutes or half an hour and then there being effects the next day. A lot of the time if you’re not up to doing much, at least I find, I seem to spend a lot of time sitting or lying down and my muscles get less and less used to activity meaning that if I ever wanted to do something more, even something like shopping for longer or wandering around a park, my stamina gets less and less.

I am still working on this, even after nearly twelve years of being ill I’ve not got this bit down properly but I have found some exercises that work well when it comes to keeping my muscles used to doing things. I try to do some of them every day but, unlike if you’re healthy, sometimes doing the exercises even when it hurts is not a good thing so I miss a day or two. This happens a lot when I’m recovering from a bug or something and it’s harder to get back into the swing and routine of doing them.

Before I carry on I will say that I am not a doctor, I have no professional experience in any of this it’s just what I have found over the years has helped me. If you have any questions about exercises you can do safely then I’d suggest asking your GP or, if you have one, an ME specialist.

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