Review: Tofu Cute Amuse Lucky Bag


For the past year or so I have been looking on the Tofu Cute website and filling and then emptying my basket on there because I couldn’t decide what to get. Recently, I think in the past couple of months, they released two different lucky bags, one full of Amuse products and one full of Japanese snacks and they’re each available in four sizes. I bought one of each, a Chibi bag for the snacks, which is the smallest size, and the Senpai size in the Amuse lucky bag which is the second largest. This Senpai sized Amuse Lucky Bag is the one I’ll review today, or rather run down what I got as they’ll all be different. It costs £34.99 but you get products worth more than this and everything that I got, apart from the poster, is available on their website at the moment.

If you haven’t heard of Tofu Cute they’re an online store, they also have two physical stores in the south of the UK, which sells a range of Japanese snacks and other goodies. They have a large range of Amuse plushies as well as Re-ments, snacks, Ramune soda and goodies for the kitchen, stationery and collectables from various popular characters.

The reason I chose the second largest of the Amuse lucky bags is because I have loved the look of their products for the past couple of years. I really wanted the zombie alpaca but I couldn’t find it before it sold out, if they ever do Halloween ones in the future I will get one before they sell out. I think the Alpacasso range of alpacas is probably their most famous, at least the one I’ve seen most about online, but they have quite a range of different characters and I think I got a pretty good range in my bag. tofucuteluckyamuse2The largest two of the bags also come with a large poster with some Amuse characters on it, not something I’ll be putting up but it’s a nice extra.

Another extra thing in these is the bag itself. It’s the kind of bag that we used to have when I was little for swimming, the drawstring one that uses the strings as the straps for the backpack. It has the same feel as well, it’s the kind you could carry anything in, it’s pretty strong and feels like it should be safe to just throw in a washing machine or wipe down with a flannel to get off any marks. It is slightly see through which would probably limit the amount I’d use it but it might get used when travelling as a way to keep things together in the car or something. The Amuse lucky bag is always pink and the snack one is blue so I now have one of each.


The biggest of the plushies I got is the Baby Red Panda 15cm plush (15cm x 11cm x 7cm), not one of the range I had seen before I got the lucky bag. This costs £9.99 on their website so it’s already almost a third of the price of the bag. This one is so cute, there’s a range of four available and mine is the Raccoon one. This is probably the softest stuffed toy I have ever owned, and I have had a few in my life. I can see why their products are more expensive than your average stuffed toy for their size. It feels really well made and I’ve had it sat next my laptop and ended up picking it up and stroking it.

R-L: Hamster Sweets Plush keychain and Baby Wooly Keychain


The Baby Wooly Sheep Plush Keychain (9 x 8.5 x 8cm) is from one of the ranges I have actually wanted to get. I really like the Wooly range, they’re all little sheep and come in a range of designs. This one is from a range of five different colours and I think probably the plainest of the ones available in this character. I’m not normally a fan of pink but I really like it in this one, it just sort of fits with the pastel colours. This is, somehow, even softer than the others with the more hair like fur. It’s like the softest, fluffiest fleece blanket or hoodie but even softer. This is the keychain that has a ball chain, I don’t think I’ve seen brightly coloured ball chains anywhere on things I own, and it costs £5.99. It’s bigger than keychains I use but it’s a good size for sitting on a shelf as it does balance pretty well on its own.tofucuteluckyamuse5 This one is also different as it is partly full of beans rather than just the normal plushie stuffing, I think that helps to keep it standing upright as it makes the ‘base’ heavier.

The Hamster Sweets Plush keychain (9 x 8 x 7.5cm) is pretty much the same size as the wooly and another keychain, though this one does need to lean against something as it just falls over. The ball chain is bright orange and I’m hoping that the colours last well on these. This normally costs £5.99 like the other key chains which does make it expensive for that but if you remove the ball chain on it then it’s a nice little plushie and probably in a similar price range for a really nice stuffed toy. I do love rodents and this hamster is so cute, it’s soft like the panda and is full of normal plushie stuffing.

L-R: Tuchineko Mofu Mofu Plush keychain and Alpacasso Tsumiko Tsum Tsum charm


I’ve been seeing tsum tsum things around on YouTube for a while now and I’m still not sure what they really are, besides being a certain shape and you can stack them, but I got an Alpacasso Tsum Tsum in Lavender (4cm x 5cm x 7.5cm) and I can definitely see why the idea is popular. This has shorter fur than the other plushies and it doesn’t feel quite as soft because of this but it’s still nice to sroke and I love this colour, it goes well in my purple and white room. I can also see why the Alpacasso range is so popular, I love its face and think these would make great gifts for people who like stuffed animals or alpacas as they’re small enough that they can sit almost anywhere and there is a label at the back that could be used as a loop so you could put a ball chain through it and use it as a keyring, though he’d hang upside down. This costs £3.99 which does seem pricey for what it is but it is very cute.tofucuteluckyamuse7

I think that, of the ones that I got, this Tuchineko Mofu Mofu Plush keychain (8 x 8 x 13cm) is probably my least favourite, though it is still a nice looking keychain I’m not the biggest fan of cat things (I feel like I should hide behind the sofa when saying this). I do like how it’s an unusual shape as if the cat is lying down and all of the cats in the range have nice little accessories lie the tartan collar or a mouse. This is another with the standard plushie filling and very soft, would be nice for cat lovers I think as it has a range of styles that look like real cats so could be matched with a pet if you wanted. Another one that costs £5.99.

L-R: Alpacasso Ribbon Collection Keychain, Kotsume Otter Home Party Keychain


One of the last ones I found in the bag was the Alpacasso Ribbon Collection keychain (10cm x 7cm x 9cm) in white which has a yellow bow. He is definitely tied with the wooly for my favourite as I have liked this design since I first saw them and the alpacas were what drew me to the brand in the first place. He stands up really well and you can remove the ball chain, this time bright pink again, so he stands up on his own like a small plushie which I think works better for me. I like the blush on his cheeks and the fact that there is such a large range of alpacas available, though they do seem to be around for a limited time and sell out fairly quickly in certain ranges. There is a card inside the bag that says that all alpacas are slightly different so even in the exact same product they might be slightly plumper or have a slightly different facial expression. This one also cost £5.99 originally, though it is in a sale on offer at £4.79, I would say this one is definitely worth the price to me, more than some of the others.tofucuteluckyamuse9

The last plushie in the bag is an otter, one of my favourite animals when I was little so very happy to get this, and is from the Otter Home Party Plush keychain range (9 x 6.5 x 6cm). This is one of those that doesn’t have anything in English on the tag so I had to go by the listing on the invoice where it says exactly what’s in each bag. It’s very round and cute and I just realised it actually has harder teeth in its moth. I love the way they do a lot of these rodents and smaller keychains with the arms held in place so they always look like they’re sat on their hind legs looking around like animals do. This one is another keychain and has a turquoise ball chain, which I do really like, but he’s too big for me to use as a keychain so is joining the others on my shelves or the chair in the corner of my room. These cost £5.99 and there are four available in different colours with different accessories, I really like the one with the fish.


The final thing in the bag is a poster, mine is for a range of bunny plushies. It’s got some cute pictures on it but not one I’d put up. It’s a banner style poster so it’s long and thin and would fit in spaces that the more conventionally shaped posters might not. I’m keeping it rolled up in case I want to use it for anything though I don’t think I will.

Adding up the total of the plushies I got, I’m not sure how much the bag or poster would cost so I’m not including them, it came to £43.93 if they were all full priced, with the Alpacasso keychain being on sale it comes to £42.73 which is still more than I paid for the lucky bag and you get the poster and bag extra as well.

I think that this is a good way to see what the Amuse plushies are like if you don’t mind a surprise and don’t have a specific one in mind. I really like the idea of lucky bags from any brand so I’d recommend these to anyone who also likes the surprise and likes this brand. I think it’d also be really good value if you know people who like this style and either buy it as a present with the whole bag or buy one and separate them into smaller presents when you get it. As I said at the beginning there are four sizes for this lucky bag, Chibi (£16.99), Sugoi (£24.99), Senpai (£34.99) and Sumo (£59.99).

I don’t know how they split these, though on the website it does say that sometimes you’ll get more smaller items and others you’d get fewer items but they’d be larger. I think mine turned out to be somewhere in the middle as there are some Amuse plushies that are smaller than the ones I got, the pomp oms and charms are both cheaper so you could get a few more items if you got some of them. On the other hand you could get one of the larger plushies like my panda in place of two of the keychains I got so it’s a real surprise, all you know is that you’ll get more than you pay for, though I don’t know how much that ranges by.

Overall I am very happy with what I got, I was surprised when I first got it how small the cardboard box the whole order arrived in was but I think these are a pretty good size with the amount that I got as I think if they were all bigger I’d be struggling to find places for them and end up with a chair piled high with plushies. I do like the range I got and think I’ll be getting at lest one of the larger ones in the future, probably an alpaca and a wooly, but I might be having a look around to see the best price I can find them for, I’ve seen at least one store that has them in offers though they don’t stock as many.


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