Review: Tofu Cute Amuse Lucky Bag


For the past year or so I have been looking on the Tofu Cute website and filling and then emptying my basket on there because I couldn’t decide what to get. Recently, I think in the past couple of months, they released two different lucky bags, one full of Amuse products and one full of Japanese snacks and they’re each available in four sizes. I bought one of each, a Chibi bag for the snacks, which is the smallest size, and the Senpai size in the Amuse lucky bag which is the second largest. This Senpai sized Amuse Lucky Bag is the one I’ll review today, or rather run down what I got as they’ll all be different. It costs £34.99 but you get products worth more than this and everything that I got, apart from the poster, is available on their website at the moment.

If you haven’t heard of Tofu Cute they’re an online store, they also have two physical stores in the south of the UK, which sells a range of Japanese snacks and other goodies. They have a large range of Amuse plushies as well as Re-ments, snacks, Ramune soda and goodies for the kitchen, stationery and collectables from various popular characters.

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