Review: Sleek Makeup Enchanted Forest i-Divine Palette


Fairly recently I bought a few Sleek eyeshadow palettes, this Enchanted Forest palette was one of them. At the time it was labelled as limited edition but it seems like it may be a permanent product as that isn’t in the title any more but in case it’s going to disappear I thought it would be the first of my eyeshadow palettes to review. I am going through my collection and reviewing ones still on sale, I did start it last year but got sidetracked by other things so I’m starting it up again and they’ll probably be on Friday nights for a while.

The Enchanted Forest palette has a combination of matte and shimmer shades; four mattes, seven shimmers and one that seems to be a shimmer in the pan but turns out more matte so it’s somewhere in between. There are twelve shadows altogether and they are mainly in dark blues, purples and greens with some more neutral colours mixed in there with browns, some coppery tones and a cream. It costs £7.99 and is available from the Sleek website itself, the Boots website and Superdrug. I have seen them in Boots stores but I haven’t seen it in a physical Superdrug store near me.


The outer card packaging for this is like the rest of them in the newest version with twelve circles that show the different colours with a sort of glittery look for the shimmers. I think that, of the ones I have with this style box, this one probably has the most accurate version on the front compared to the look of the product in the pan so it’s a good way of seeing the colours you’re getting if you can’t see a tester. There’s a similar, smaller version, of this on the back as well but those colours aren’t really close to the actual ones in the palette. It also has the ingredients and a few sentences that are a bit of a description and maybe an idea with combining mattes and shimmers.



Inside it has the standard matte black plastic palette of all Sleek i-Divine palettes with the Sleek MakeUP logo in a shiny finish on the front centre of the lid. Inside is a large mirror that takes up pretty much the whole lid and I have found that it’s a pretty good quality mirror compared to others and doesn’t warp or come loose. The hinge on this palette is good, it is stiff enough that you can lean it at any angle and it stays put even over time. I have some from years ago that still work really well like this so they’re great for travel as they hold closed well too and don’t come loose over the years.


On top of the eyeshadows is a clear plastic sheet with the names of the different colours on. It does help with identifying them and they are good names that go with the Enchanted Forest and fairy-tale themes. It does also protect the mirror and stop some of the powder that gets loose if you drop it from spreading to other eyeshadows. There is also the standard foam applicator that seems to come with every eyeshadow palette. I never use them but as far as they go the Sleek ones do seem to be good quality, they’re a more rubbery gripping foam that does get a lot of product on it and you get a very bright pigmented application when you use it so if you like these applicators you will probably like this one.


The eyeshadows themselves in this palette are good quality, there are two that seem to be duplicates, or very close, and a couple of less pigmented shades but overall they’re pretty good. I have done swatches both with and without the eyeshadow primer, a lot of these surprisingly seem to last pretty well without a primer on my eyes which is unusual.


Glass Slipper – Very pale matte pink. This is one of the less pigmented shades, it does not show up well on my skin even with primer and lots of layers. Very dry and powdery compared to the others but might stand our more on darker skin, it’s close to my skin tone so works well as a colour to blend out.

Beatrice – Matte mid reddy plum. Pretty pigmented, especially with a primer though it doesn’t blend well when on a primer base. It’s fairly silky feeling but pretty dry and powdery when you pick it up out of the pan. Lasts really well, takes a bit of rubbing to remove the colour if you don’t use a primer so I think it benefits from it.

Perla – Shimmery pale periwinkle, on the blue side. It has a slightly lighter duochrome that goes towards silver. Very creamy and pigmented, easy to apply and blends out really well with no fallout. Very little difference with or without primer with pigmentation or lasting time but it does need the primer to stop it from blending to nothing if you want to blend it. If you don’t use a primer then it’s one to apply and not move too much.

Fairy Godmother – Pale pink shimmer with a yellow duochrome. Very creamy and pigmented, a pale colour that would work well on a darker colour to give a pale pink tint and a lot of the yellow duochrome. Applies evenly and blends out well but needs a primer to remain pigmented as it blends to nothing but an obvious yellow duochrome without one.

Grand Duke – Shimmery royal purple. For some reason this shows a lot bluer in photos than it is. A very creamy, pigmented and easy to apply colour that does benefit from a primer base for staying power but blends ok without and is pigmented either way. When blended out it loses more of the blue and becomes a brighter purple.

Drizella – Bronzey olive green shimmer with a warm orange duochrome. The duochrome changes colour at times, it seems bronze or gold at times. Creamy, pigmented and easy to apply and blend out but it loses some of the base pigment when blended. Benefits from the primer but if you don’t use one it’s definitely one to apply and leave rather than blend out as it become just the duochrome.


Pumpkin – Copper shimmer. Not as orange as I’d expect from a shade called pumpkin but it’s very pigmented and creamy. It applies well and blends out with or without a primer. It lasts well either way and is even and opaque with one layer.

Prince Charming – Very dark matte turquoise. It’s not quite a true green, it’s a bit blue for that but it’s very dark. Pigmented and creamy but looks dry in the pan. Definitely needs the primer for the full pigmentation but doesn’t blend out well when it’s used on one, you can see the line where it was originally applied. Does need a bit of rubbing to remove it if you don’t use a primer so I’d suggest using one even if you don’t really need it to prevent this.

Happily Ever After – Shimmery pale blue, looks slivery in some lights but not really a duochrome. Very creamy, pigmented and opaque in one layer. Blends out well with or without a base and stays put both ways.

Anastasia – Matte dark plum. Very pigmented and feels powdery yet creamy when you apply it which is a weird combination that a lot of Sleek mattes seem to have. Very pigmented and opaque even without primer if you use two layers and you need to not use a primer if you want to blend it at all as putting it on a base means you can always see the line of the original application. Does benefit from a base when it comes to staying power at full pigmentation but it does stay well in a slightly lighter version even without it.

Daphne – Shimmery dark turquoise, has a silver look in some angles. Very similar to Prince charming but a shimmery, less blue version. Very pigmented, doesn’t need a base to look opaque with one layer and blends out well either way. Creamy, applies evenly and lasts very well with or without a primer.

Lady Tremaine – Murky brown with slight maroon duochrome. Looks a lot better in the pan, it’s a dark brown base with a plummy duochrome but in person it looks a bit muddy and the duocrhome kind of disappears. Not very pigmented, very powdery and doesn’t even really work on a primer as you have to build it up and you can’t blend it or it disappears to nothing while keeping an outline of the original area it was applied to.

enchantedforest2Overall I’m pretty happy with this palette, I think that a lot of the colours in here are different to ones I have in other palettes, especially the matte dark plummy colours, the dark greens and the pink with yellow duochrome. It’s a nice combination of colours and I can see using this for a look with a fairly neutral base and some of the brighter colours with blending out to create greens or purples in a smokey look. The colours are pretty consistent and I think that the mattes are probably some of their bests in the main part, the palest is a bit of a let-down and Lady Tremaine, the last colour, is a bit disappointing but other than those two it’s a strong palette with some unusual colours.

I was a bit surprised at the inclusion of the light blues, they don’t really go so well with the rest of the colours to me but they are a nice colour to include, they could work well with the purples and the greens so I see why it’s in there, it just doesn’t go that well in a dark forest kind of colour palette.

If you haven’t bought a Sleek palette before I think this is a good way of seeing some of their better mattes and the shimmers are all their good formula. If you like the dark colours then this is a good palette to try at around £8 but there are definitely safer colour palettes out there. I would definitely recommend Sleek as a brand but these may not be the colours you’d choose. If you want a more neutral palette then I think any of their three neutrals out at the moment; Au Natural, All Night Long and A New Day are all good ones to start and each has different combinations of finish and shades, you can see swatches on my reviews if you want to see the colours included in them. I think if you like the darker colours in this then the palette is worth getting just for them. The two matte plum colours, the dark green and the Fairy Godmother colour are all unique in my collection and for those four alone it’s worth it to me at around £8 so £2 for each eyeshadow is a good price even if it’s just those four given the quality.

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