ME, Myself and I: Benefits – The Good, the Bad and the Frustrating

I guess before I start I will say that this post is not going to be information on the benefits you can get, though I will mention the ones I have experience with, but more the experiences I’ve had while trying to claim benefits. I have encountered both ends of the spectrum, the very good and the bad kind where I had to appeal the decision with a lawyer to actually claim any.

As I was fifteen when I first became ill I think I was too young to claim any benefits, though I didn’t want to anyway. It’s a bit odd when you have M.E., it’s not one of those illnesses that a lot of people know about, though I think more doctors are aware of it now, but we didn’t know anything about being able to claim benefits. I also probably took a lot longer to actually try to claim any, even when I was old enough, because I really didn’t want to. I guess it’s part of the whole stigma of not being able to work, being on benefits, and all the jokes about M.E. not being a real illness or fake claims.

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