Review: Percy & Reed Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil


I got a mini bottle of the Percy and Reed Smoother, Sealed and Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil and I’ve tried it a few times to see how it works so today I’m going to post a review on it. The bottle I have is 30ml which seems to be a half sized bottle as the full size is 60ml from John Lewis and Marks and Spencer. The full sized bottle costs £14 in both stores and I think they seem to be the best price I could find online. I got this in my Marks and Spencer advent calendar so I’ve had it for nearly four months so I know if it works for me.

This No Oil Oil, I’ll call it that for the rest of the review as the name is too long to retype each time, claims to not only help volumise and make it sleeker and shinier but also it helps with strengthening and adding heat protection. There is a tip inside saying about trying to warm it up on a blusher brush and apply it with that so I have given that a go too, to give it a fair test and to try every angle for it.

On the bottle itself it says you can use it with thick hair, even if it says inside that it helps volumise fine and lacklustre hair, so I thought it’d be interesting to see if it worked for me.


I know that this is one of those products that is probably more designed for fine hair and my hair is thick so I wasn’t expecting it to tame my hair particularly but I would expect some kind of effect from it. I often find, oddly, that my hair works best with products for fine hair, shampoos and conditioners for thick hair are too heavy for mine as it seems like most of the time thick hair is thought of as dry and frizzy, which mine apparently isn’t. There is an equivalent product for thick hair, so if you have thick hair which could do with the extra moisture, as it’s described as helping dry and frizzy hair too, then it might be worth looking at instead.



The bottle itself for this is nice, I do like the fairly classic design of the white and black with the font and the long name seems to go with this style, sort of like the old products that had really long names in the Victorian times, and possibly older. nooiloil5The pump on the top does tend to get stuck fairly often, I kept thinking I had accidentally twisted it to close it, though I don’t think it does this, which means that I would definitely trust this one in travelling as it does not come out unless you want it to. The added plastic lid that covers it all makes it even safer so this would make a nice travel bottle if you can find this mini one somewhere.

The product itself is pretty thin, much like most hair oils, and it does get thinner as your body temperature warms it up.nooiloil6 It has a nice smell, it’s the kind of scent you would expect from a hair product and reminds me of hairdressers. Maybe there’s a hint of something floral in there like orange blossom to me but it’s mainly just the standard hair salon smell. This scent disappears within minutes of using it though so you don’t have to worry about it following you around all day even if you don’t like it. As it’s got no oil in it means there’s no mess on your hands after you’ve applied it, I do sometimes find with others that you end up having to wash your hands three times to get rid of any oiliness.

nooiloil2I have tried this as it says to in the instructions on the back and it didn’t impress me at all. I know it’s not for my hair type but I thought there would be some kind of effect on it, even if it made it even thicker and bushier. What I did find was that it did not add any heat protection when it came to hair drying so I didn’t risk it with a straightener. I didn’t find that it added any shine at all, it didn’t make my hair sleek and smoother either and was actually less sleek and soft than it is with no product at all, I did a comparison on the next wash to check. I ended up trying different amounts and even used ten pumps to cover my very short hair and it still did nothing.

I did try the other method, using a blush brush and using it as a top layer for smoothing out any flyaways. I found that a kabuki brush I have works best for this for my hair, it’s a short handled one that I got in a beauty box and it made the job faster and was easier for me to use on my hair than a long handled blush brush. It did add some shine to it, it seemed to work in taming loose hair to a point as it wore off after about an hour and they were back to going where they wanted. nooiloil4

Overall I wouldn’t say this one was a total failure, it is sold on websites as for fine hair so I wasn’t expecting miracles when mine’s thick but as the bottle has instructions for thick hair then I was hoping for some kind of effect on it. Using it the normal way I found it wasn’t very good at all, there was a hint of shine to my hair but it looked more of a greasy shine after a day than the nice looking shine. I wouldn’t suggest using this as a heat protection product, it seemed to dry my hair out and add frizz when using heat in the form of a hair dryer so I don’t trust it to protect with the higher temperature of a straightener.

However using this product as something to add shine after your hair is dried as something extra for a night out or something I could see working. It did add some shine, though I did feel like I should wash it a couple of days sooner than I normally would so I wouldn’t use it regularly but for an event or something where I wanted a bit of extra shine I would use it. Using it this way it will last me ages, I have used it four or five times using up to ten pumps each and then the method with the brush and it’s only been about a quarter of it so the full sized would last pretty well, especially if you only use 1 or 2 pumps like it says on fine hair.

It’s not something that I would recommend getting if you have thick hair, the one for thick hair specifically would be a better bet, but if you have it sat somewhere as you got it free then it is worth trying it in different ways. I know this is one of those products that appears in magazines and beauty boxes, we have another two in the house when mum got one in a magazine recently and another from a gift set, so I would definitely say keep an eye out for that if you ever want to give it a go. For £14 it seems a bit overpriced to me when there are a lot of other products that cost less and have more product in them but if you can get it in a £3 or £4 magazine then it’s worth it.

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