ME, Myself and I: ME blogs

This is just a short post as I decided that this year I am going to be better prepared for my posts in ME Awareness Week and thought it would be nice to include one of my daily posts with links to other people with blogs about life with ME. This year ME Awareness Week is 12th – 17th May so there’s a while to go and I will be linking to this post in any ME related posts that I do until then too. 

I know I only post once a week about ME so I’m not the most frequent blogger when it comes to this so the blogs don’t have to be exclusively ME related. I just think that,as well as bringing awareness to the actual illness of ME, it would be nice to bring awareness to bloggers with it as well. It also means I won’t be copying exactly the same posts this year as I did last year, though I will do a master post type post at the beginning with links to my old ME blog posts too.

If you want me to include your blog in the post then leave a comment, or if there’s someone you follow who you think should be linked leave a link to them too. If it isn’t your blog make sure they’d be ok with me posting a link but I will probably leave a comment on their blog checking they’re ok with it too. There are some people I follow who blog about ME and related illnesses alongside other things in their blogs so I’ll be trying to message or comment on posts by anyone I follow who I think would be interested in this blog post, but if you’re reading this then it’d make sure I don’t accidentally miss you if you could comment in this post. 

I’ll be posting about this on twitter too, probably nearer the time, so anyone with an ME related twitter account feel free to tweet me @thoughtfulpige1 or, if you have a blog on another platform and no wordpress or twitter account then you can always email me at

Thanks for reading this, it doesn’t matter if you follow me or not for this so don’t feel like you have to if you post with your blog link here. Hope you’re all as well as possible and having a good week. 

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