Review: Funko Pop Dumbledore Figure


There are two versions of Dumbledore available, at least that I have found on Amazon, but this is the one that was released in the original wave of Funko Pop figures. I wanted some of these since I first saw they were releasing them and then this year I decided to get two of them, I reviewed the Snape one earlier this year.

These Funko Pop figures are vinyl figures based on a large range of different franchises, most of them are the same size as this figure but there are some that are larger, for example Hagrid in the Harry Potter series, and some are smaller or there are rides and bobbleheads in some ranges. This Dumbledore figure does seem to vary in price but it’s normally between £8 – £12, when I got them they were around £9, at the moment it’s £8.68 on Amazon but that might change by tomorrow, the prices seem to go up and down a lot.

The boxes for these are pretty simple, they have windows on the front and the one side so you can see exactly what the figure looks like before you buy it. They also work pretty well as display boxes, especially if you have the whole set of one range as they have the numbers on the top right hand corner of the front so you could line them up. The back of the box has the whole range of figures in a simplified style which is useful if you want to collect them all from one wave as they often have more than one set for each franchise and there are special one offs that are meant to be exclusive to various shops but seem to make their way onto eBay and Amazon anyway so you could tell which are in the original range.

Of the two Dumbledore figures this one reminds me more of the Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter films as played by Richard Harris. The other one is closer to the later Michael Gambon Dumbledore. This figure is really detailed, I love the texture they used on the hat and the robes that show the pattern on the material rather than printing it on there and the colours are so bright and definitely reflect his outfit in the original movie. It also means there’s a big difference between this and the other figure.

I think that, of the three figures I have, this is the one with the best paint job. I know that I’ve probably been overly critical of the other two in my reviews of them and the tiny overlaps and spots aren’t anything you’d notice if you’re not actually looking at it very closely, but I can’t find anything like that on this one. This will probably vary from figure to figure but this one looks good to me.

The signature style of Funko Pop figures, if you haven’t seen them before, is this out of proportion, almost chibi style, with the large heads and small bodies. The face is basic, as with any Funko Pop figure, you have the solid black eyes and the small nose that seems standard no matter who the character is. They have added the half-moon glasses and I really like the texture they’ve given his beard and hair, it’s nice and wavy rather than just straight and adds depth to it.

funkodumbledore5Surprisingly, considering the small size of the base for this figure, he seems to be more stable than the other two Funko Pops I have (Snape and Robin Hood) who both have large feet for balance. I’ve leaned the surface he sits on at an angle and he seemed to stay upright for longer than the other two. I would say just keep him on a flat surface if possible but it doesn’t matter so much if your shelf or table is slightly wonky, unlike Robin Hood who ended up falling over on a flat shelf and his head started to come loose.

As with any Pop figure I’d say these are for display rather than as anything for a child to play with. The only articulation is at the neck and, due to his hair and beard, Dumbledore can’t do the slightly demonic 360 degrees that most of them can. He has very limited movement but you can have him looking to either side if you want, I’d say he can manage 45 degrees in either direction.


Overall I’m very happy with this figure. When I first saw the photos before they released them I didn’t think I’d get this and would go for one of the other figures alongside Snape but I’m glad I got him and I’m thinking about getting the other Dumbledore as well. I like how it is obvious who he is, though if you don’t know the franchise he could be any wizard really. He isn’t likely to be mistaken as an average person from any TV show, which I tend to find with some if you’re less familiar with a show, as the faces mean it’s the clothes and hair that show who they are most of the time.

If you like Harry Potter than I would say that the Funko Pop figures are a nice addition to a collection and they aren’t overly expensive so would make a nice gift for a Harry Potter fan if they like this style. Compared to some of the other Harry Potter products out there at the moment I’d say these are a good price, though they may seem expensive for a figure they do have a nice amount of detail and are very cute to have sitting on your desk or bookshelf.


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