Comparison: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water vs Soap and Glory Total Drama Clean


I’m pretty late with trying micellar water, I didn’t see what the big deal was until my parents bought me a small bottle of the Garnier one for sensitive skin as it was on offer. I really liked it but I saw a large Soap and Glory one on offer in Boots when my original was running low so I thought I’d try that one as I normally get on with their products. This post is a combination of a review of each of them as well as comparing them on the main points I would have for buying micellar water products from any company.

I haven’t actually seen much about the Soap and Glory Total Drama Clean 5-in-1 ‘Magnetizing’ Micellar Make Up Remover, though I have seen a lot about the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water in the various different kinds. I haven’t tried the other Garnier versions so this post is on the one with the pink lid, I don’t know the proper name for it but it says ‘even for sensitive skin’ so I’m going to call it the sensitive one.

Since finding micellar water I’ve used it almost every night as my cleanser. I think it’s a great low energy way of cleansing and it seems to be very mild on your skin. Neither of them have dried my skin out or made it greasier so it doesn’t impact the moisturiser or other skin care products I use which is always a good thing when it comes to cleansers. My skin seems to react to a lot of products and both of these have been fine.

Price wise the Garnier one cost £1 for the small bottle of 125ml when my parents got it, though at full price it’s £1.99 on the Boots website, a larger 400ml bottle costs £4.99. The Soap and Glory one is a bit more expensive at £6 for the 350ml bottle but it seems to be in offers pretty often by itself and Soap and Glory is often in offers at Boots so it’ll probably turn out a similar price per ml.

The two bottle are obviously different sizes but both are really good quality and a similar plastic. The Garnier one has some information on micellar water products in general on the back which is a good way of seeing if this product might be for you if you just saw it in store without knowing what it was. I do like the general look of the Garnier as it’s simple and it shows the clear product thought it. The lid is nice and easy to use with getting the product out but I have found that a few times the extra lip you have to flick up on the lid has got caught on things so if you want to travel with it I’d recommend some tape over it so it doesn’t accidentally leak.

The Soap and Glory bottle goes with their brand identity with the pink, black and white, though it’s more simple than a lot of their designs and doesn’t have the vintage style or black and white photos of models on it. It includes all the important information and I think of the two I prefer the look of this. One thing about this bottle is that it’s the bottle itself that’s got the pink tint to it. I originally thought it would be the product inside but that’s clear so there’s no additional colours compared to the other one either.

I won’t list all of the ingredients but I have included a photograph of the back of the bottle which shows them, click them to make them large enough to read. The Garnier micellar water list is a lot shorter but I think that a lot of the extra ingredients in the Soap and Glory one are either adding to the scent, like the peach extract (though this may also have skincare advantages I’m not sure) or are common in calming skin care like cucumber and aloe. One thing I have noticed is that the Soap and Glory one says it is paraben, soap and alcohol free, though I’m not sure how it’s ‘an alcohol free formula’ when an ingredient is Benzyl Alcohol. I think the Garnier one is also soap and alcohol free but I’m not sure about paraben free, I’m not familiar enough with the ingredients list to know.

One big difference between the two, when it comes to using them, is the scent. The Soap and Glory product has a nice clean cucumber scent with a hint of peach which is refreshing and pleasant but not too strong that it feels odd using it on your face. The Garnier micellar water has no scent at all, which can be seen as a positive or negative thing but it’s probably positive when it comes to any skin sensitivities. Although the ingredients that give the Soap and Glory one its scent do tend to be calming, the aloe and cucumber are the main scents, and I think they’re all positive things for skin care they can cause problems if you’re sensitive to them.

Makeup removal is one of the main reasons I love the idea of micellar water, being able to remove makeup and cleanse your face without needing to wash it off afterwards sounds good to me. I did find a bit of a difference when it came to using them for makeup removal. For face products like blush, BB cream and powder foundation both of them worked really well, the same for lip products though the Garnier one did take more rubbing with a lip tint than the Soap and Glory. When it came to eyeshadows, liners and mascara there was quite a difference. I tried to show it on the back of my hand with just eyeshadow to show how, on the right, the Soap and Glory one removed all eyeshadow with one swipe but the Garnier left some residue there and I had to go back and rub it again. Not a huge deal but it took two or three wipes with the Garnier when there was primer and eyeliner took quite a bit of rubbing when it took two swipes with the same products for the Soap and Glory one. Neither one tackled waterproof mascara that well and it took quite a bit of rubbing for both but I found that, again, the Soap and Glory removed all of it but I ended up finding some mascara on my lashes the next morning when I washed my face when I used the Garnier one. I’d had to stop the rubbing the night before as it was stinging my eyes.

I suppose that leads onto another point, the Garnier micellar water was not good for eye makeup removal also because it did sting my eyes. I was careful with it, more careful than I normally am with eye makeup remover, because I wasn’t sure how it would work with it not being specifically for the eye area, even then it made my eyes water. I found that the Soap and Glory one did not give me this problem even if I did saturate it more.

As far as the cleansing aspect of these products goes I would say they’re both good. I have used both as my evening cleanser and found that they’re good at removing any dirt or dust on your skin from during the day and also work well for removing any leftover bits of dried on facemask that I missed. My skin is often sensitive when it comes to face products and I didn’t have a problem in that way with either of these. My skin didn’t have a flare up with acne and it also didn’t dry out. I’d say these are probably safe for any skin type as far as dryness goes but if you have sensitive skin then check the ingredients on the Soap and Glory one as it’s not specifically for sensitive skin. I did find that it was slightly more calming if my skin did react to something else though so I think it’ll be nice and refreshing and calming in the summer with the aloe and cucumber in it.

At the end of the day I like both of these products. One thing that would put me off the Garnier one in the future is their past with animal testing, a reason I have avoided them before, as I believe they did test on animals at one point (only going by research online) but as far as I know anyone selling in the EU can’t test on animals any more. Soap and Glory don’t test on animals so I’ve always been pretty confident about buying from them.

Both products work as a cleanser and I guess it depends on what you want out of it. I know that it may not be the best comparison as far as the Garnier product goes as it’s designed for sensitive skin and the Soap and Glory one isn’t but as I have sensitive skin and this is the one I had I wanted to see how these two compared which would have included any skin problems I had with either of them. I think both are suitable for any skin type but check the ingredients and do a skin test on your hand first, I’ve had products designed especially for sensitive skin that have caused problems on my skin before.

I will say that in the future I would probably go for the Soap and Glory one as I do like the scent and the fact that it works so well as a makeup remover for eye makeup which is where the Garnier product falls behind for me. I do tend to use a lot of eyeshadow and eye makeup so if I’m going to use it as a cleanser and makeup remover in one then it needs to be able to deal with this. Having said that I’d happily recommend either of these as a cleanser when it comes to removing anything else.

Have any of you tried both or either of them? Would you say any of the other versions of the Garnier one are better and still good for sensitive skin? I might be tempted to try something else if you have any other micellar water recommendations too, I’ll be using the Soap and Glory one until it’s finished but any other makes you know of in the UK good for sensitive skin then I might give them a go and see if I find the best for me.

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