Review: Red Carpet Manicure Gel Nail Varnishes in Garnet, An Evening to Remember, Put a Slipper On It and A Matter of Prince-iple


On my recent visit to Sally’s I got four gel nail varnishes from Red Carpet Manicure. I’ve recently started to grow my gel varnishes collection as I’ve been using it more so I went for some that I didn’t think I had anything like or like ones I had in a normal nail varnish but wanted a gel version. Later in the post I have done a dupe for each of the three I have similar colours to but the one is definitely unique in my nail varnish collection.

Two of the gel varnishes are in the permanent range, as far as I know, being An Evening to Remember (516) and Garnet (276) from the more sparkly collection based on precious stones and these cost around £10 – £12 I think. The two from the Cinderella collection seem to be sold out pretty much everywhere but they were in the reductions area. They did have stickers saying they were £7.87 but when we got to the till it was ££2.86 so I doubt there are any left but if there are in one near you then they’re worth getting. The two I chose were A Matter of Prince-iple (293) and Put a Slipper On It (289) though I do wish I’d bought a few more.

I can’t link to any of them because I can’t seem to get the Sally’s website to work for me, maybe it’s my browser but it keeps saying there’s an error, this is the link for the website in general though so you can go and see what they have online if you search Red Carpet Manicure. Both Asos and Marks and Spencer also sell RCM things though so they might be a good place to look and compare prices for individual colours.

The reason I went for Red Carpet Manicure in particular over some other brands is because I tried others in the past with my previous LED light and they did not work. This may be because it was the RCM travel light so the timings were for their own brand but no matter how long I tried to set the others they didn’t, maybe they needed a stronger light. So far I have been impressed with the brand and the only reason I replaced some of my polishes when they went funny was because I made the mistake of trying to do it outside so they were exposed to a bit of UV from the sun and it just messed them up. The one, Put a Slipper On It, was bought for that reason.


The bottles for these nail varnishes are nice, the fact that most of them have the colour of the varnish as the colour of the bottle overall means it’s easy to pick out the right one, some of them don’t have this and it’s just the label which does mean a bit of time picking out the ones that are black from the top one by one but it’s not that annoying. I would say that from the ones I have most of them are pretty true to colour with the bottle though some of the more pastel colours are lighter than the bottle makes you think. The brushes in the bottle are nice, two strokes does a good job of covering it and the handles are a comfortable shape and easy to control.

The first two I’m reviewing are the Cinderella ones though I have already done a bigger review of Put a Slipper On It here if you want a bit more in detail. The boxes for these are so cute, they’re like little books and even have the names on the spine with the shoe outline filled in with a colour fairly similar to that of the nail varnish, at least on the two I have. They all have images and quotes from the movie on the inside as well as a smaller version of the image on the front cover. I am pretty tempted to keep these boxes but they mean the bottle take up more space and they don’t really hold the bottles in place inside all that well. They do prevent them from falling out but they slide around a bit at the bottom as there’s nothing holding the bottom of the bottle in place.


Put a Slipper On It is a nice glitter, it has irregularly shaped pieces in holographic and white and I’ve used it a lot on the tips of my fingers to add a bit of sparkle. It goes with most colours and the closest dupe I have is the OPI Snow Globetrotter from the Christmas collection a couple of years ago. The glitter is a different shape but it’s a similar effect. Put a Slipper On It has good coverage and, as the glitter is spread evenly, there’s no need to worry about having to do lots of layers for decent coverage. RCMmarch9

A Matter Of Prince-iple is a nice icy blue that has a gold and silvery duochrome to it. I love the colour but the coverage was a bit disappointing. I did three coats and you could still see where the tips of my nails started and after four it was fairly opaque but it did shows through when I got paint under my nails. This is definitely one I’ll be trying with a white nail varnish underneath, or my pearl one I got for Christmas which will have the same effect. It did last well and I took it off because I made the mistake of adding normal glitter on it and it didn’t set that well rather than any fault of the nail varnish itself. I think that, although it’s an icy colour it’ll be great for Spring and Summer as it has that shimmer to it.


I managed to lose the packaging for the Garnet nail varnish, though it was a fairly plain box it did have the name of the collection on it and an image of a gem stone effect at the top. This is a reddish purple rather than being more blue based and it has the same colour glitter particles in it that seem to have a bit of a gold duochrome in some lights. RCMmarch7It’s not the most opaque formula but is good at two coats, you can do three but I don’t think you really need it. The fact its slightly transparent means you get the depth of the glitter form the layer underneath showing through which I think is a nice touch. Unfortunately when I got home I realised it’s pretty close to 9 Inch Heels from RCM but I do like this colour and wear it enough for me to probably go through both of these so it’s not a waste. There is a different in the amount of shimmer and the fact 9 Inch Heels is more magenta and the Garnet is more plummy but I would say go for one or the other unless you already have a lot of colours and just want a different finish.

I think my favourite of the normal base colours from RCM that I have is An Evening to Remember which is exactly like one of my favourites from Models Own, Thunder and Lightning. This has a black base which, like Garnet, is slightly transparent and suspended in it is tiny piece of holographic glitter that shine the different colours of the rainbow in the light. RCMmarch6It doesn’t show that well in the photographs but it is so pretty in person. It isn’t a true holographic nail varnish when I compare it to some I have as the glitter particles are obviously separate and don’t give that effect of the whole thing being holographic but it’s a similar look and a nice twist for black nails.

I do like all of these colours, I wish I’d known I had a similar colour to Garnet at home when I bought it as I’d probably have chosen another from the gem based collection instead. It’s a nice colour but not worth having both. The Matter of Prince-iple was a little disappointing but at £2.86 it’s a great bargain and I will get use out of it so I’m not complaining. If I’d paid full price I’d be less impressed. I am definitely going to be looking there again in the bargain area to see if they have the Cinderella ones though I doubt there’d be any left now. I’m not sure how long they’ve been in there with the couple of price reductions but if they were marked up at £2.86 I bet they went quickly.

Have any of you guys used any Red Caret manicure nail varnishes and any of the Cinderella ones I should have checked out instead? Orr did you find that A Matter of Prince-iple worked for you and if so any tips on how to get it to look more opaque? I’m definitely going to be growing my gel nail varnish collection, I’ll keep an eye out for any glitter based ones as I do love having some glitter to add rather than in the nail varnishes and their limited editions do seem to be for a pretty short time on most sites.


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