Introducing Merry and Pippin the Gerbils

I did a post on furry therapy a while ago and said about how pets have helped me in some ways since having ME. I don’t think I posted about my gerbils when I had them before they died but I missed having some and have been planning on getting some for months, but I finally got a couple of male gerbils on the weekend. Although I did miss having them I forgot how much fun it is having a small animal and how entertaining they can be just to sit and watch when they’re awake. They’re still young and aren’t completely used to me but I finally got some photos that weren’t just their tail end running into a tunnel so I thought I’d post them.

We do have a family dog who I love and I have a bearded dragon but it’s very different having a pet that’s yours rather than just the family one and it’s very hard to hug a bearded dragon, or rather to hug them and not get poked by their spiky scales. He is friendly and likes to wander round outside of his home but there’s less interaction than with a small furry animal. Also we’ve had gerbils since I was little, there was a break in between the last group that were family pets and me getting my own but I’ve pretty much grown up having gerbils and I love how different their characters can be.

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