Review: Nanoblock Torre di Pisa Set


I’ve always loved Lego and then a few years ago I found out about Nanoblocks and wanted to give them a go. I really like miniature things so combining this with the Lego idea just really appealed to me. I did find that a lot of the ones that I liked are quite expensive to get in the UK so I have spent some time searching on eBay and losing a lot of auctions before I got the Pisa set. I may also have a few that are probably unofficial ones of Pokemon and other game characters that I want to get, probably there will be a big haul of just them at some point.

This Nanoblocks set is number NBH_030, I think anyway, and is the Torre di Pisa which I think is part of a world monuments style series as there are a few others in the same series that are of famous tourist destinations. I don’t know the number of pieces but it’s within the 200-550 pieces range which are meant to take 20-60 minutes.

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