Review: OPI Tickle My France-y and Chasing Rainbows


I realised that I made a post about a couple of the nail varnishes I bought from Sally’s recently and mentioned others but didn’t actually post about them. As one of them has become a favourite of mine I felt like I should finally make a post on the two OPI polishes I bought. I’m not sure how much these will cost in different stores, we got the discount because mum’s hairdresser told us to mention him. They cost £5 each, though I think they’re sold at full price in their stores at £9.95 which is still less than I’ve found them on other sites in the UK. I can’t get the website to work for me for some reason to check their pricing but I’ve seen these two at £12.95 on other sites or out of stock.

The two colours that I bought were Tickle My France-y, a really nice nude, and Chasing Rainbows which is a really pretty multi-coloured glitter wish different sizes and colours mixed in there. I’ve wanted a proper multi-coloured glitter for a while and have also been looking out for a good nude that suits my skin tone as a lot of the really light ‘nude’ colours look like they’d match but just make me look washed out.


The OPI bottle themselves are very distinctive and I find that they’re probably the best for getting the most of the nail varnish out at the end compared to a lot of others. The brush itself isn’t all that special but it does work well and the length and size of the handle makes it easy to control. I normally only need two strokes to cover most of my nails, I do need three to get proper coverage on my thumbs but that’s standard for most nail varnishes apart from those with the wider, flat brushes.

One layer of Chasing Rainbows on top of Tickle My France-y


I’ve used Chasing Rainbows a couple of times and it’s a pretty good glitter. I love the colours in it, there’s red, magenta (I think), a turquoise green and something more like a forest green as well as gold and silver glitter. The silver is in three sizes; a very large, one standard glitter size and one small, the other colours are only in the small and medium sizes and they’re all regular hexagons. The coverage is pretty good, there isn’t really that element of picking up and placing from what I’ve tried so far as there’s enough glitter in there for good coverage. Though you do need to do that a bit with the large silver pieces, they tend to get a bit stuck in the brush and take a few attempts to get out and position for me. It lasts well and doesn’t get caught on things though it does depend a bit on the position of the large pieces as they can stick out beyond the top coat. As far as removal goes it’s as bad as any glitter, it needs to be soaked for a few minutes before you try and you will end up with a mess of cotton wool but I think it’s worth it. It does work on pretty much any colour, I’ve taken a photo on Tickly My France-y because I forgot to do it on the black and the purple I tried it on before and it does stand out well on it, it’s just maybe not a colour combination I’d normally pick.

Three coats of Tickle My France-y


Tickle My France-y is now in the classics collection for OPI but I think it’s from something else originally. It’s a nice crème nude and has a warm pinkish undertone to me. It’s definitely in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to how dark it is and I think it’s a colour that would complement a lot of skin tones, somehow it seems to make my pale skin seem more tanned when I wear it. This is one of the thinner OPI varnishes but it does manage with three coats which surprised me to start with, I almost expected it to need four. After the second coat it’s still fairly transparent but the third one makes it pretty opaque, you may still want a fourth but I think three is enough for me. It does show through if you get anything really dark like paint under your nails. It dries fairly fast and does spread well on the nails if you accidentally get it a bit thick in one area. It lasts really well with a top coat, I had it on for nearly a week without any obvious chips which is great for me and nail varnishes. Although it does look really nice with a clear top coat I think it looks even better with a matte top coat, it makes it more subtle and it seems to add a slightly purple note and make it cooler. I’ve used the Rimmel Matte Finish I have from years ago so it may not be the same with other matte top coats.

L-R: Tickle My France-y with matte top coat, Tickle My France-y with Seche Vite top coat and Chasing Rainbows on top of Tickle My France-y


I am very happy with both of these nail varnishes. I know that OPI seems to work well with my nails but it can still be a bit hit and miss sometimes. I love how Tickle My France-y looks on my nails, I’ve only found a couple of nudes that really work for me as my skin is pale and they either end up too dark and make my skin look paler or they look like they should match but they just make my skin look washed out. Maybe the trick was going for a more warm toned nude, I don’t know, I just know that it works for me and I think this might be a good one to check out if you have a similar problem with nude nail colours. It is similar to a Models Own one I had but this one sticks better for me.

Chasing Rainbows is just so pretty and I think will go with pretty much anything, the combination with Tickle My France-y is actually growing on me now I’ve had it on for a bit. I am very impressed with how much coverage there is with just one coat and I’d say it’s the best of the OPI glitters I own, others in the past have been a bit harder to get the coverage and need a few layers sometimes which is just annoying and takes ages to dry.

I would recommend either of these two to people who are looking for these kinds of colours. They last well, are easy to apply and dry pretty quickly for a standard nail polish. They can be quite expensive but I think if you shop around and look on places like Amazon you’ll be able to find it at a low price. I would also recommend Sally’s if you can get the discount and even if you can’t they’re pretty reasonable and when I went in there was an offer of buy three get one free as well.

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