Review: OPI Tickle My France-y and Chasing Rainbows


I realised that I made a post about a couple of the nail varnishes I bought from Sally’s recently and mentioned others but didn’t actually post about them. As one of them has become a favourite of mine I felt like I should finally make a post on the two OPI polishes I bought. I’m not sure how much these will cost in different stores, we got the discount because mum’s hairdresser told us to mention him. They cost £5 each, though I think they’re sold at full price in their stores at £9.95 which is still less than I’ve found them on other sites in the UK. I can’t get the website to work for me for some reason to check their pricing but I’ve seen these two at £12.95 on other sites or out of stock.

The two colours that I bought were Tickle My France-y, a really nice nude, and Chasing Rainbows which is a really pretty multi-coloured glitter wish different sizes and colours mixed in there. I’ve wanted a proper multi-coloured glitter for a while and have also been looking out for a good nude that suits my skin tone as a lot of the really light ‘nude’ colours look like they’d match but just make me look washed out.

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