March Favourites: A Bit of Everything


I almost thought I’d skip the monthly favourites this month but when I actually thought back over what I’ve used this month I realised there are a few products that I really liked, there’s nothing actually makeup in here and I think I managed to avoid posting anything in a previous monthly favourites but quite a few of these have been things I’ve reviews in the past on this blog. If I have then I’m going to link to the full review post if you want to read more.

There were a couple of other favourites, things I’ve been watching or listening to this month that I normally include in this bit. There weren’t many things I could think of that’s new and I did want to include a Cadbury crème Egg but I may have ended up eating all twelve in the box that I bought last month, they did last longer than I thought they would though. I know I put them in my monthly favourites this time last year but they’re just so good I had to put them again. If you haven’t had them they’re basically a small Cadbury chocolate egg with a very sweet white goo in the middle and a yellow bit that looks like a yolk, they’re sweet and sticky and it’s very hard to just eat one of them.

As far as watching things I have been watching a lot of Shetland and Primeval, both have Douglas Henshaw in and they’re very different. If you like dinosaurs and the kind of things that are shown on a Saturday evening around tea time, a bit like the level of Doctor Who, then Primeval might be worth looking up online. I prefer the earlier series but the later ones are good too, I didn’t get into the American version. Shetland is a detective show set on the island, or islands, north of Scotland with the same name, it’s a pretty dark series that seems to fit in with the fashion for detective series at the moment.


The first thing in these monthly favourites is the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Illustrated Edition by JK Rowling and illustrated by Jim Kay which is gorgeous. I love the art style and how close some of the pictures are to how I originally imagined the world and people before the movies came out. I think it’s a great version for collectors or fans of art, it might be a nice version for older children but it’s expensive compared to the normal versions of the book. I did a review if you want to see some of the illustrations inside, click here to read it. I read it this month but I think it’s one of those books I won’t be reading regularly, I’ll stick with my original copy for that, rather it’s one that I’ll open and look at the pictures. This is normally £30 but I bought it on offer on for £14.99.


I recently rediscovered the Warm Apple Pie Hugs shower gel from Treaclemoon which is a really nice smelling shower gel. It’s pretty thick and does smell like stewed apples, maybe not overly sweet. I don’t get any pastry base in this scent but I think that’s why I love it so much. I found this bottle when I was sorting out some of my bath and body products and started using this as both a shower gel and shampoo and it’s great for both. It’s thick enough to not get everywhere but it is easy to use and not too gooey, it doesn’t dry out my skin and the scent is so good, I almost wanted to eat it. The price seems to vary, I think I got it for £2 but I have seen it somewhere for £3 so I’m not sure if the price has gone up or it’s different in different stores. My original review on this is from last year and I bought this along with the Those Lemonade Days shower gel, you can find the post here. It says it’s not available on the Tesco website but I definitely saw this exact product in a Waitrose near me recently, maybe worth looking in there if this isn’t available as it was Limited Edition. This has made me want to save this a little bit more than I have been!

I’ve almost finished the Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Mask, another that I reviewed here, and it does work so well for my skin as well as smelling exactly like Turkish delight, it’s always nice if face masks smell good. It’s a clay based face mask and does dry hard when you use it, though it washes off easily. It claims to be restoring, anti-aging and deep cleansing and I’m not sure about any of those but I know it makes my skin feel nice and is gentle enough for my sensitive skin without either drying it out or being too moisturising and causing a breakout. This costs £7.59 from Holland and Barrett.

I think in last month or the month before I posted about the Laboratoire Garnier Micellar water and that was running low so I went to find another. I hadn’t seen this before but I got the Soap and Glory Total Drama Clean 5-in-1 ‘Magnetizing’ Micellar Make Up Remover which has, possibly, the longest name of any product I’ve posted about. I love this one, I think I may even prefer it to the other one I had, but I haven’t seen much about it on blogs so I think I might do a comparison in the future. It smells really nice, like cucumber, and does work at removing makeup and cleansing while not being too strong for my skin. This was on offer at £4 in Boots but it normally costs £6 for 350 ml.


Another recent purchase were these two Morgan Taylor Nail Varnishes in Po-Riwinkle and Warriors Don’t Wine which are two very pretty purple shades. I did a review, here, and had these on for over a week before they became unacceptable and I should have redone them. I still have that same coat on as I wanted to see how they would last but I really should redo them. They have a thin consistency and dry quickly, I found a few minutes for each of the layers was enough before adding the next and they are so creamy and easy to apply. They have definitely converted me to this brand, I think it may even beat OPI and Ciate for me now. I bought them from Sally’s in an offer there, I can’t see them on the website now but they seem to be online still in some places and cost around £10 each.


I seem to be including shoes in these monthly favourites more and more but I just love these Scalloped Edge Ballet Shoes from Matalan, they’re £12 and so comfortable. I have high arches that mean a lot of ballet style shoes do not fit my feet well at all but the scalloped edges on the front mean these are so comfortable to wear. I’ve been looking for years for a nice pair of black slip on shoes, I have an old pair of brogue style ones that end lower down the front of my foot than normal from Primark four years ago that are looking a bit worse for wear and these are a great, fairly plain, black shoe. They do have the front part made of a suede feel material and the back part is patent leather effect and in a different colour, in this case a nude colour, which adds a bit of a twist but keeps them a classic look that could go with anything to me. I’m considering buying the coral version too which has coral and I think gold on the back half.


The last thing feels a bit strange to include in this but it’s a phone case that I bought recently. It’s the Marauders Map phone case from Case88 on Amazon and it fits my phone really well. It feels well made and the print is good, especially as it cost £6.99. I have an old Moto G, first gen, which is hard to find phone cases for that have a pattern on and aren’t the kind that flips closed with spaces for cards so when I saw they had a Harry Potter one I got it. I did also get an Evee one but I haven’t put it on my phone yet, this seems more subtle than a bright orange abstract Evee case. There’s not much to say about it but I do love it, I’m not sure how good they are for other phones but these fit my phone well and look nice so that’s all I ask of a phone case. It did take a while to get here I think it was 2 weeks, but if you’re not in a hurry for it I think they seem a good company.

I was surprised at how many things I thought of when I actually took the time to think about what I’ve loved this month. I’m sure there are a couple of things I forgot, I’ll put them in next month’s. I also did love the flowers my sister got me for my birthday, here’s the photo I took when they first arrived. They’re still going just over two weeks later which is great for bought flowers. I’m definitely going to be re-using the vase for flowers in my room.

Beautiful flowers from my sister for my birthday. I love them 🙂 #flowers #orchid

A photo posted by Rhiannon (@thoughtfulpigeon) on Mar 23, 2016 at 11:04am PDT


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