Review: Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Fig



Recently mum wanted to try the lip serum from Fresh and I kind of got talked into buying the Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment as I’d seen reviews of it but it seemed a bit expensive. It’s one of those things that I’d put in and out of my basket on the Sephora website, though I still haven’t bought anything from there, but didn’t realise that they sold it in the UK. It’s available in a range of colours, I was surprised at how many there are, though they are all lip tints so it’s not very opaque.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment, I’m not sure how long it’s been since I started to see these reviews pop up but it seems like pretty much everyone who tried it liked it at one point. My lips are pretty chapped a lot of the time, they seem to eat lip balms, and although this is more than I spend on lip products I thought if it works then it’s worth it especially with that added SPF 15 for the summer. I chose the Fig colour as it’s a sort of muted purple, to me it’s a plum colour, though I wasn’t expecting it to be as glittery as it is. It costs £19 on their website and you can choose a number of samples, we got three but this might be because of the amount we spent I’m not sure.


This isn’t really part of the review but I had to comment on the packaging that the whole order arrived in. Mum had opened it before I saw it so I’m not sure how the ribbon was tied but there was a dark navy ribbon around this blue box and the box itself is pretty sturdy, it’s a pretty colour and a good size for storing jewellery which is what I’m planning on keeping it for. Inside there’s tissue paper and the samples with the products and it’s just so nice to see a company do this was a normal order. It reminds me a lot with the way it’s packaged of some of the subscription boxes with the tissue paper and the sticker holding it closed.


On to the packaging for the product itself and I love the colour of the outer box, I think this will depend on the colour you order but this is a gorgeous plum colour with a silver pattern on it. It’s a little larger than it needs to be for the product but there is a square tube inside that holds the lip tint in place so it won’t rattle around. The box also has the ingredients on the back and a bit of information on the product, though this is in French. I’m not sure if the photo will show this very well, the camera does not like to focus on this box as it’s so reflective but if you click the image it should make it larger.

The tube for the product is plastic with a metal outer shell, it’s also something that reflects the colour inside the tube so if you have a lot of them you can tell without having to open them which is which. The packaging itself is slightly brighter and pinker than the box but it works well with the colour inside, even if it’s not that close when you actually swatch it. The lid is a screw top which is great for travel and I would definitely trust this in my bag not to open and to survive if it drops.


The lip treatment itself is a twist up like a lot of lip balms and doesn’t come up unless you want it to so no smashing it on the inside of the lid by mistake as it won’t turn when the lid is on, it just tightens the lid instead. There is 4.3g (0.15 oz) in the tube and it seems like it’ll last a long time as a little goes a long way. As I said before my lips seem to eat up lip balms but I only had to apply this one three times each day and it kept them nice and soft so it’ll last longer because of this if nothing else.


The formula is really nice, it’s the kind that seems to almost melt when you apply it to your lips, there’s no dragging and it feels really moisturising. You do end up with that feeling you get just after you apply a lip balm and it lasts a lot longer than with others so I was aware that there was product on my lips if I rubbed them together or I had a drink though it didn’t come off on anything after the first once or twice I drank something after each application. Although there is glitter in this colour it’s not gritty at all and, to me, it doesn’t seem to show up that much on my lips themselves. On the swatch on my hand it’s pretty obvious, and I have glitter still on there now, but on my lips it seems to just make them look shiny and moist rather than a glitter overload.


The colour of this looks a bit dark in the tube, it is definitely a dark purple but as it’s so sheer it just adds a hint of colour to your lips. I went for this colour as I like purples and this seems like it would be a colour I could wear a lot even if it was more opaque. It leaves a wash of colour that means you can tell there’s colour on there compared to my lips normally but it’s not really obvious.

I am really impressed with this product. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel as it’s a lot more than I normally spend on lip products but maybe that’s where I’ve gone wrong in the past and stuck with the cheap lip balms and they didn’t work for me. I think the most expensive one I’ve bought before was maybe around £10 and this is almost double that. I like the way it lasts on my lips and keeps them moisturised, it’s actually helped to get rid of the chapped parts of my lips and seems to have added moisture to the parts that seem to be permanently so dry they peel off sometimes, sorry if that sounds a bit gross. I do love the colour too, even with the glitter, and the SPF is great as I don’t need to wear an SPF sun cream as well in the summer on the cloudier days, I probably still would on sunny ones but they don’t happen that often in the UK.

I would definitely recommend this product and think it’s worth the £19. It’s one of these products I’ll be keeping in my bag whenever I go out and will be using a lot at home anyway because of the moisturising benefits. I think I might even be tempted to get it in other colours, maybe a clear one and something more red, which has surprised me as I thought going into this that I’d either like it but not enough to spend the same amount again or just not get on with it and mum would have it.

If you have dry lips and like the idea of a lip tint as well as a moisturiser then I think this is a product worth checking out if £19 is within your price range. I know it’s a lot of money for a lip product, at least for me, but I do think it’s worth it for this. This colour may not be the one you’d choose but I think the Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment range in general is worth looking at, they seem to have a huge range of colours and as they’re tints even some of those that look really dark or really bright will probably be a wash of colour. I tend to stick with lower priced things unless I’m treating myself but I’ll definitely consider Fresh products in the future if I do feel like spending a bit extra on something.

Mum got the samples as nothing in there really appealed to me but I might try a tiny bit of one on the back of my hand and see what their skin care products are like, they do seem to have a good range and some of the face masks and cleansers sound interesting. Have any of you tried their skin care or any of their other products? I’d be interested to see what you thought of them and if there are any of their things that you’d recommend if you did like them.


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