Review: Sleek Makeup Enchanted Forest i-Divine Palette


Fairly recently I bought a few Sleek eyeshadow palettes, this Enchanted Forest palette was one of them. At the time it was labelled as limited edition but it seems like it may be a permanent product as that isn’t in the title any more but in case it’s going to disappear I thought it would be the first of my eyeshadow palettes to review. I am going through my collection and reviewing ones still on sale, I did start it last year but got sidetracked by other things so I’m starting it up again and they’ll probably be on Friday nights for a while.

The Enchanted Forest palette has a combination of matte and shimmer shades; four mattes, seven shimmers and one that seems to be a shimmer in the pan but turns out more matte so it’s somewhere in between. There are twelve shadows altogether and they are mainly in dark blues, purples and greens with some more neutral colours mixed in there with browns, some coppery tones and a cream. It costs £7.99 and is available from the Sleek website itself, the Boots website and Superdrug. I have seen them in Boots stores but I haven’t seen it in a physical Superdrug store near me.

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Book Review: Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues By Erik Burnham

galaxyquest1Title: Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues

Author: Erik Burnham

Year written: 2015

Publisher and year: IDW Publishing, 2015

ISBN Number: 978-1631403569

I recently decided to finally buy the DVD versions of some of the movies I had on video, I’ve had a list for ages and this included Galaxy Quest. It was on the Amazon search that I discovered there are two graphic novels about the movie written as sequels so I thought I’d give them a go. This is the first one I got, it’s the most recent but I didn’t get it in physical form as it’s three times the cost of the Kindle version which is £2.99. The link in the UK on is here, though it’s probably available in other formats on other sites too.

This book is written as a sequel to the movie, so it does help if you’ve seen the movie itself but there is a bit of a recap at the beginning as an introduction that gives the important information that ties in with this story. The idea is that there is a war going on in a distant galaxy that is won by one side, the Omega 13 is activated as in the movie and time goes back 13 seconds but this time the other side wins. Years later the side that loses goes in search of the reason for this change and they find the crew of actors who were in the original movie.

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ME, Myself and I: Benefits – The Good, the Bad and the Frustrating

I guess before I start I will say that this post is not going to be information on the benefits you can get, though I will mention the ones I have experience with, but more the experiences I’ve had while trying to claim benefits. I have encountered both ends of the spectrum, the very good and the bad kind where I had to appeal the decision with a lawyer to actually claim any.

As I was fifteen when I first became ill I think I was too young to claim any benefits, though I didn’t want to anyway. It’s a bit odd when you have M.E., it’s not one of those illnesses that a lot of people know about, though I think more doctors are aware of it now, but we didn’t know anything about being able to claim benefits. I also probably took a lot longer to actually try to claim any, even when I was old enough, because I really didn’t want to. I guess it’s part of the whole stigma of not being able to work, being on benefits, and all the jokes about M.E. not being a real illness or fake claims.

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Review: Percy & Reed Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil


I got a mini bottle of the Percy and Reed Smoother, Sealed and Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil and I’ve tried it a few times to see how it works so today I’m going to post a review on it. The bottle I have is 30ml which seems to be a half sized bottle as the full size is 60ml from John Lewis and Marks and Spencer. The full sized bottle costs £14 in both stores and I think they seem to be the best price I could find online. I got this in my Marks and Spencer advent calendar so I’ve had it for nearly four months so I know if it works for me.

This No Oil Oil, I’ll call it that for the rest of the review as the name is too long to retype each time, claims to not only help volumise and make it sleeker and shinier but also it helps with strengthening and adding heat protection. There is a tip inside saying about trying to warm it up on a blusher brush and apply it with that so I have given that a go too, to give it a fair test and to try every angle for it.

On the bottle itself it says you can use it with thick hair, even if it says inside that it helps volumise fine and lacklustre hair, so I thought it’d be interesting to see if it worked for me.

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Review: No7 Intense Volume Mascara in Black


I’ve done a few mascara reviews on the blog before yet I still have more that I either haven’t tried or haven’t reviewed. I am steadily going through my samples to see which I might get a full sized one as my full sized mascara is almost at the point I need to get a new one so seeing if there’s another I might get instead. This post is about the No7 Intense Volume mascara, which I got in a gift set at Christmas. I can’t remember if it was one of those spend X amount and get a free gift or the set I got in the sales but it’s a mini mascara because of this. This mascara claims to improve volume while also giving great definition for your lashes so I’m giving it a go with both one and two layers and seeing how well it lasts.

This is the original black version of the mascara though it’s also available in brown and navy and costs £9.95 for the full sized version, which in past experience is probably around twice the size of this one. It’s also available in brown and black in a waterproof version that also costs £9.95, the main difference in the packaging is a blue ring near the lid but I haven’t seen the waterproof one in stores anywhere.

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Book Review: Doctor Who and the Daleks by David Whitaker

doctorwhoanddaleks1Title: Doctor Who and the Daleks

Author: David Whitaker

Year written: 1964

Publisher and year: BBC Books, 2011

ISBN Number: 978-1-849-90195-6

This is the first Doctor Who book and, although it’s renamed, is a reprint of the book Dr Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks. I’m not sure when it got renamed but I also have a copy of the 1965 version published by Armada Paperback. This book is one that I grew up loving but I haven’t read it in over ten years so I wanted to see if it would live up to how I remembered it. It was also probably the main thing that got me in Doctor Who originally as I grew up in the 90s and I don’t remember many reruns being on TV, though I did see the 8th Doctor movie.

The story this book is based on is the classic Doctor Who story Arc aired between 21 December 1963 and 1 February 1964, which is apparently the second story ever but I’m not sure I know that the first was as this introduces the Doctor and the original companions of Susan, Ian and Barbara. This copy includes a foreword, a section called The Changing Face of Doctor Who and some background on the author and notes on the original story and any changes made or things worth mentioning at the back of the book. I do like these little extras as they’re very short and help people who aren’t familiar with the characters or where this story fits within the timeline of the show to know who is involved and where the companions came from to understand their reactions to events. I am also including a bit of a comparison, or the differences, between this copy and the original that I have.

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ME, Myself and I: ME blogs

This is just a short post as I decided that this year I am going to be better prepared for my posts in ME Awareness Week and thought it would be nice to include one of my daily posts with links to other people with blogs about life with ME. This year ME Awareness Week is 12th – 17th May so there’s a while to go and I will be linking to this post in any ME related posts that I do until then too. 

I know I only post once a week about ME so I’m not the most frequent blogger when it comes to this so the blogs don’t have to be exclusively ME related. I just think that,as well as bringing awareness to the actual illness of ME, it would be nice to bring awareness to bloggers with it as well. It also means I won’t be copying exactly the same posts this year as I did last year, though I will do a master post type post at the beginning with links to my old ME blog posts too.

If you want me to include your blog in the post then leave a comment, or if there’s someone you follow who you think should be linked leave a link to them too. If it isn’t your blog make sure they’d be ok with me posting a link but I will probably leave a comment on their blog checking they’re ok with it too. There are some people I follow who blog about ME and related illnesses alongside other things in their blogs so I’ll be trying to message or comment on posts by anyone I follow who I think would be interested in this blog post, but if you’re reading this then it’d make sure I don’t accidentally miss you if you could comment in this post. 

I’ll be posting about this on twitter too, probably nearer the time, so anyone with an ME related twitter account feel free to tweet me @thoughtfulpige1 or, if you have a blog on another platform and no wordpress or twitter account then you can always email me at

Thanks for reading this, it doesn’t matter if you follow me or not for this so don’t feel like you have to if you post with your blog link here. Hope you’re all as well as possible and having a good week. 

Review: Funko Pop Dumbledore Figure


There are two versions of Dumbledore available, at least that I have found on Amazon, but this is the one that was released in the original wave of Funko Pop figures. I wanted some of these since I first saw they were releasing them and then this year I decided to get two of them, I reviewed the Snape one earlier this year.

These Funko Pop figures are vinyl figures based on a large range of different franchises, most of them are the same size as this figure but there are some that are larger, for example Hagrid in the Harry Potter series, and some are smaller or there are rides and bobbleheads in some ranges. This Dumbledore figure does seem to vary in price but it’s normally between £8 – £12, when I got them they were around £9, at the moment it’s £8.68 on Amazon but that might change by tomorrow, the prices seem to go up and down a lot.

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Comparison: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water vs Soap and Glory Total Drama Clean


I’m pretty late with trying micellar water, I didn’t see what the big deal was until my parents bought me a small bottle of the Garnier one for sensitive skin as it was on offer. I really liked it but I saw a large Soap and Glory one on offer in Boots when my original was running low so I thought I’d try that one as I normally get on with their products. This post is a combination of a review of each of them as well as comparing them on the main points I would have for buying micellar water products from any company.

I haven’t actually seen much about the Soap and Glory Total Drama Clean 5-in-1 ‘Magnetizing’ Micellar Make Up Remover, though I have seen a lot about the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water in the various different kinds. I haven’t tried the other Garnier versions so this post is on the one with the pink lid, I don’t know the proper name for it but it says ‘even for sensitive skin’ so I’m going to call it the sensitive one.

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Review: Red Carpet Manicure Gel Nail Varnishes in Garnet, An Evening to Remember, Put a Slipper On It and A Matter of Prince-iple


On my recent visit to Sally’s I got four gel nail varnishes from Red Carpet Manicure. I’ve recently started to grow my gel varnishes collection as I’ve been using it more so I went for some that I didn’t think I had anything like or like ones I had in a normal nail varnish but wanted a gel version. Later in the post I have done a dupe for each of the three I have similar colours to but the one is definitely unique in my nail varnish collection.

Two of the gel varnishes are in the permanent range, as far as I know, being An Evening to Remember (516) and Garnet (276) from the more sparkly collection based on precious stones and these cost around £10 – £12 I think. The two from the Cinderella collection seem to be sold out pretty much everywhere but they were in the reductions area. They did have stickers saying they were £7.87 but when we got to the till it was ££2.86 so I doubt there are any left but if there are in one near you then they’re worth getting. The two I chose were A Matter of Prince-iple (293) and Put a Slipper On It (289) though I do wish I’d bought a few more.

I can’t link to any of them because I can’t seem to get the Sally’s website to work for me, maybe it’s my browser but it keeps saying there’s an error, this is the link for the website in general though so you can go and see what they have online if you search Red Carpet Manicure. Both Asos and Marks and Spencer also sell RCM things though so they might be a good place to look and compare prices for individual colours.

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