Jewellery By Rhiannon: FaceBook Page

turquoise set 1

I know I said I’d post the link to my Facebook page before but I hadn’t yet, I wanted there to be better pictures and more on there for people to see, but I thought I’d do that today as I’m hopefully going to have some things up for sale on the weekend. So you can go and find it by clicking here, I’ve not got the logo sorted yet but it will be up in the next couple of days. I hope you guys like it but any ways I can improve it would be appreciated too 🙂

I am considering a new name, though I don’t think that Thoughtful Pigeon Designs would really work I was tempted. I didn’t realise until I tried to find my own page with someone else’s FaceBook that there are so many Rhiannons out there making jewellery. At the moment it will stay as Jewellery By Rhiannon, though FaceBook are reviewing the change from Rhiannon’s Jewellery so sorry if it’s still showing up as that for you.

Anyone who has found this page through a search with the tag or just stumbled across it somehow then hello. I’m Rhiannon, or Thoughtfulpigeon as this blog is called, and I am starting to sell my jewellery through Etsy soon and hopefully a local store when I get the stock up. I have set up the FaceBook page to show some of my designs before the store opens for feedback and just to show people what I will be making.

All of the jewellery I make is with good quality components from companies that I have used for making jewellery for myself in the past so I trust that they will last well and it’s all either silver plated or sterling silver. I might branch out into other metals as well but as I know the quality for these I felt the most confident in using them. I will be doing some of the designs already posted in other colours if asked for but it will depend on the design and any that are in a different colour might have a longer time before arrival as I may need to get new stock in for the components.

My main reason for starting this business if because of a long term illness, I have ME which doe affect how much I can work so I’m starting this business from home. I hope people like the jewellery I make and it keeps growing, I love making things for other people and I’m looking forward to increasing what I can do with different skills in the future.

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