Jewellery By Rhiannon: FaceBook Page

turquoise set 1

I know I said I’d post the link to my Facebook page before but I hadn’t yet, I wanted there to be better pictures and more on there for people to see, but I thought I’d do that today as I’m hopefully going to have some things up for sale on the weekend. So you can go and find it by clicking here, I’ve not got the logo sorted yet but it will be up in the next couple of days. I hope you guys like it but any ways I can improve it would be appreciated too 🙂

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ME, Myself and I: Working to a Deadline

I may have finished all of my exams, got my degree and pretty much left education (for the foreseeable future unless I change my mind) but starting the business has set this whole cycle off again. I have been making things and updating my Facebook page a lot but it feels like a lot of the paperwork things and getting the actual descriptions for the jewellery, checking the pricing, doing all of the stuff that I need to do to get them on the website, that’s all ended up being more last minute again. I guess last minute may be the wrong phrase. I’m not rushing what I do for this as it means a lot to me, it’s more that I find that my best work and my favourite designs in the past have happened when it’s close to whatever deadline I have.

For as long as I remember I have always worked better under pressure, this hasn’t changed since having ME and it almost seems to have got worse. In general I’m good at pacing, I set days for rest before and after big events but when it comes to things like assignments or working to a deadline I always seem to work best in the last few days or weeks before the deadline, depending on how long I’ve had or how big it is. There are some exceptions like learning things for exams as it just seems to push everything out of my brain when I try to cram so I end up doing all my note taking when I learn the things and then have a week or two of nothing before. Other than that though I do the really bad thing of the boom and bust cycle, I work slowly through the learning part and then the assignment or the big project or whatever I end up working until late into the night.

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