Review: Dr Organic Snail Gel Facial Serum


A couple of weeks ago I did a review of the Dr Organic Snail Gel and, as I got three of the products in the set in the Boxing Day sales I thought I’d review the other two as well. This week it’s the serum’s turn and you might be able to see from the bottle that I’ve used about three quarters of the bottle already so I’ve given it a proper try. I have been using it alongside the Snail Gel itself for most of the time I’ve been using it, but did use it by itself for a couple of weeks at the beginning.

This Organic Snail Gel Facial Serum is by Dr Organic and is available exclusively at Holland and Barrett in the UK, I’m not sure about stockists outside of the UK though. It costs £18.99 and comes in a 30ml bottle with a pump lid. At the moment the Dr Organic Snail Gel range is in a three for two offer. Their products are cruelty free, as is this product, and I’m not sure whether this product is suitable for vegetarians, the others in the range are but not suitable for vegans, it’s best if you check the ingredients on the website for this as I don’t recognise which are vegetarian friendly.

I’ve always been intrigued about Snail Gel and wanted to try it but been worried about the gel harvesting methods as I couldn’t really find anywhere that said how they did it. This brand has an explanation on how it’s harvested in an animal friendly way where the snails glide over glass plates and this trail is then collected and refined to be used in the product. I know that their other products are cruelty free so I trust this brand for that.

The packaging for this product is really nice. As I got it in a gift set I didn’t get the outer card packaging that comes with this product normally but it seems to fit with the rest of the range and they label everything pretty well with past products I’ve bought from them so you should be able to see ingredients on there if you can find it in store.


The bottle itself is glass, it feels pretty thick and heavy, and has a matte finish which does look nice but can get greasy fingerprints on it when you’ve used the product. It’s got a high end product feel to it and the pump on the top is consistently good and hasn’t got blocked yet. I like the fact that there’s a clear lid that fits just around the top of the pump but has a slit in it for the end of the pump that the product comes out of. It means that the lid isn’t big or bulky and there’s no gunk getting on the inside of the lid where the product comes out but it still stops it from accidentally being pressed if you had it in a bag or for travel. The design on the bottle fits in with the brand and the rest of the range and the fairly minimalist look on the front means it’s one I think would look ok out on the side in a bathroom. It’s not very pretty and does have a functional look to it but it’s still attractive enough that you wouldn’t want to hide it.


The serum claims to be anti-aging, which isn’t why I bought it but it’s always good to start with those things early anyway. I often find the anti-aging products seem to moisturise more deeply than others, though that may be because of the specific products I’ve tried or just psychological. The natural and organic ingredients are listed as snail secretion filtrate (doesn’t sound that nice put like that), aloe vera leaf juice, safflower seed oil, olive fruit oil, rose fruit oil, moringa seed oil, avocado oil, Vitamin E, lemongrass oil, olive leaf extract and jujube seed extract which are mainly ones I’ve heard of and used products that include them. A lot seem to be in products for sensitive skin, especially the ones like the olive oils, rose and aloe, so it seems like it might be good for sensitive skin in general. I know that’s a problem I often have but this range seems to help, at least it doesn’t make it worse and no flare ups yet after nearly three months.


One thing I was worried about with a Snail Gel product is the smell, I wasn’t really sure what to expect with these and for some reason thought it might be a bit of an earthy scent. As this has the lemongrass in it there’s definitely that lemony citrus hint but it’s not too strong. There is a hint of something ‘green’ in there too but it’s still a fresh scent. And don’t worry about using something perfumey on your face, I found the scent goes within five minutes, pretty much as soon as it dries completely the scent isn’t noticeable.


The product itself isn’t like a lot of serums I’ve tried or tested before. I tend to find that they seem to have a bit of an oily feel, both the solid and the liquid ones, they leave my skin feeling a bit like when you’ve used sun cream on it. There is one exception with the gel like one I had from a Meme box but other than that I can’t remember another that’s like this. It’s a bit like a very thin cream, it comes out of the bottle easily and one pump is enough to do my neck and face. It takes a few minutes to sink in and when it has it feels slightly tacky for a minute or two and then my skin just feels smooth. It doesn’t leave any residue and the moisturisers I’ve used afterward (Tony Moly Appletox and the Snail Gel itself) have sunk in easily like there was no serum on there which is good.

My skin is acne prone, I have been on medication for this for years, despite being dry, and I tend to find that a lot of moisturisers and serums work for one of my three problems. This serum as a base helps to keep my skin calm and moisturised on the dry patches but I haven’t had any breakouts because of this. A couple of people who have known me for years have actually commented on how good my skin looks at the moment, which has never happened for me in the past no matter what I tried, so that’s definitely made me feel like this product is working well.

It says to apply this serum before your moisturiser in the morning and after your moisturiser at night, which seemed a bit odd when I first started but it does work so I’m sticking with it. In the morning I cleanse my face, leave it to dry and do something else and then apply my serum, leave it for ten minutes and do something else and then apply the gel. In the evenings I use my face wipes or makeup remover, the Tony Moly Appletox Red Apple moisturiser, leave that to sink in and then apply the serum and so far no problems. I do have some other things in my skincare routine but that’s how I’ve been using these products. It’s actually helped me to keep some sort of proper routine as I know it works.

Overall I am very happy with this product. I will say that it seems to work better alongside the gel itself for me on my face but that will probably vary for different people. I tried it as the base for some others and it was too much for my skin, the gel is light enough to take a serum beneath it for me and I don’t think I’d use this product if I was using a proper cream based moisturiser just because of how my skin is. It is more expensive than I often spend on moisturisers and skin care products, though the £18.99 has lasted me for nearly three months and I can see it lasting a few more weeks being applied morning and night. They are often in offers though so getting the gel and this serum together will be cheaper, especially if there’s the buy one get one for 1p promotion they have pretty often. I would say if you want to try this product then it’s probably best to get it then or in a set if they have them as the price of the set I got was a lot less than the products inside.

The price is a bit high if you’re just going to be trying it but there might be sachets of this product available, I haven’t seen any like there are with the gel itself, but they might be available online somewhere. I think this is the product that was in the Latest in Beauty box when they were doing awards, or it could be chosen, so it might be in their boxes again and they’re often under £20 so if you’re not desperate to try it it might be worth looking at those one off type beauty boxes and see if it pops up in one of them.

I think if you’re intrigued by Snail Gel products and live in the UK this is one variety that’s pretty easy to find, there may even be testers in a store though they don’t do them in the Holland and Barrett’s near me. It’s also a good product if you have sensitive skin, whether you use it alongside the other snail gel products or not I think it’s a great serum if that’s a problem. It also seems, at least from my experience, that it’s a pretty good one to try if you have a problem with acne as that has been one of my major reasons for giving up on past serums, they just make my skin breakout and seem to make it worse.

Have any of you tried this or any of the other Dr Organic Snail gel products? I’m thinking about getting one of the face masks next that they do in sachets. Are there any other good Snail Gel products from other brands you’d recommend too? I’ve seen to many around and just don’t know what’s best, a lot seem to be from Korea and the shipping can be expensive, even if the products aren’t, when I’m not sure if I’ll get on with it or not. 

3 thoughts on “Review: Dr Organic Snail Gel Facial Serum

  1. Great! all thing about this product is good. i love the ingredient of it, so natural. i can say for sure that it’ll suit for my skin but i really want to try it. i hope it’ll work well on my skin 😀


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