ME, Myself and I: Birthdays, or Always Have a Plan B


Today is my birthday and, as with most of them the past eleven years, I ended up having a meal at home rather than the original plan of going out somewhere to eat. We were originally going to go to a local restaurant, one we’ve been to quite a few times before so I know it well, but I wasn’t feeling great and then the unexpected dentist trip on Friday that ended up with having a tooth out has knocked me back so we decided that we’d have a backup plan ready in case I wasn’t well enough to go out.

I can’t remember how many meals out we’ve ended up cancelling or I’ve just not gone to so having this backup plan ready and we had to make a final decision yesterday took off quite a bit of the pressure, at least for me. I think it’s a good idea for any big event to have a Plan B, though this is harder if it’s something that’s got more people involved and things like a big family get together my plan B has been stay at home, the home of whoever we’re staying at or the hotel while the others go out for the meal or whatever they’re doing.

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