Book Review: Harry Potter Colouring Book

HPcolour1Title: Harry Potter Colouring Book

Author: Warner Brothers (I guess, there’s no author or illustrator given)

Year written: 2015

Publisher and year: Studio Press, 2015

ISBN Number: 978-1-78370-548-1

I’ve been wanting to increase my colouring book collection for a while. I saw the Harry Potter colouring books and as these combine two things I like; Harry Potter and colouring in, I decided to get them when they were on offer on Amazon. At the moment they’re £4.49 rather than the RRP of £9.99 and I think that’s the cheapest I have seen them anywhere in the UK though they’re also in offers on The Works website sometimes as well.

This is the first Harry potter colouring book and incudes pictures that are line drawings of scenes from the movies, some that are pictures of creatures and artefacts from the world and some are just repeating patterns of magical things. There’s also sixteen pages at the end that are printed in colour and includes the original screen shots, concept art or just colour versions of the designs in the book to give you some ideas or inspiration if you want to keep them true to the original colour schemes. The rest of the book is 102 pages including the introduction and front page inside that do include colouring elements but I’d say there are 100 pages, some of them double page images, to colour in. It seems like quite a large colouring book page wise compared to some of the others out there.

One thing to note about this is that it isn’t sold as an adult colouring book, something that I didn’t realise until I had it at home. This does mean that they have a lot of images in there that aren’t the typical adult colouring designs where you have an image that is made up of smaller patterns. Quite a few of these pages, I’d say probably most of them, are made up of large areas to colour and a lots are pretty detailed with the lines showing detail within these larger colour blocks.

HPcolour2The front cover is really nice, there are pictures of some of the animals and artefacts inside on the cover and it covers quite a range of the recognisable things within the Harry Potter world. It has the white background with gold stars but there are some fainter stars all over the background which adds a bit more detail. Most of the front and back are done in black and white but there are gold accents and the letters of the title are in gold. I like these colour combinations as it keeps with the whole colouring in theme using the line art that’s also inside and blocking in some of the areas in gold as if it’s been coloured. The black, white and an accent colour is something that they’ve done with the other book but it’s a different colour rather than gold so I think it’s something they’ll be doing as a series look if they do even more of these.

The book is fairly large, like a lot of the colouring books. Compared to the other two colouring books I have, which I think are fairly standard sizes for them with the Enchanted Forest and Animal Kingdom books from two different series, these Harry Potter books are less square, they’re slightly smaller width wise and taller so closer to A4 proportions. They also seem thinner but have more pages so the paper inside is thinner. I think the quality of the paper is probably better for colouring in, at least to me, as it’s smoother than the Enchanted Garden, probably closer to those in the Millie Marotta’s series. It’s thinner paper than either so you can see the lines through of the print on the other side of the paper if you look carefully. The paper is also a proper white colour, rather than the slightly off white cream that some colouring books use, so the colours will be very bright and truer to their original colour. I haven’t had a problem with the fine liners pen going through but I have been more careful as it is thinner so I haven’t gone over the same area multiple times. HPcolour4I have seen on reviews that felt tip pens do bleed through to the next page so worth trying that on a less important part first to try the make you’re using. It doesn’t bleed through the lines though which is a bonus and the bright colours work well on the repeating patterns. Colouring pencils, I think, are probably best for a lot of these designs as they are images from the movies or characters and you can add more shading which adds something different to do in the larger areas.

The images themselves, as I said before, are mainly images from the movies though there are some that are repeating patterns and others that are a bit of a combination of both, like the one with swirls behind Dobby or patterns behind some of the main characters’ wands. One thing that seems slightly odd with this book is how many different style of art there are. I know that they’re different kinds of images but in other books I’ve found there’s a consistency when it comes to line thickness, art style and the whole book just ties together through this. The Harry Potter book has some with thick lines, some with very fine, some are a lot more detailed and others look like blown up copies of simple images like the crests of the houses and Hogwarts, the Beauxbatons one however is really nice and pretty detailed. I think the finer detailed ones look better as the thicker ones do remind me more of children’s colouring books.

I love this art style and how these are used in the line art for colouring in on other pages. Images copyright Warner Brothers and used for review purposes


I really like the addition of the extra pages of the back in colour with the different style of the actual screen shots from the movies, the concept art for the different aspects like props or characters or just colour versions of the art itself. I like the fact that the less well known, or possibly original, art like the poster for the Quidditch World Cup and the Quibbler front page are included in this as it does give you some ideas though they could be done in any colours you want really. There are some of the images, like the line art version of the movie stills, which you probably would have colours in mind and are likely to do the original colour scheme but for the less obvious pictures it’s nice to have some inspiration and a look at the art that led to movie props or details.

HPcolour6I think I’m going to enjoy this colouring book but it’s because of the Harry Potter theme rather than the relaxing nature of the normal adult colouring books. I think this reminds me a lot more of normal colouring in, I’ll have to see if I get bored of it with the larger areas as I find the smaller areas and the detail is what makes the adult colouring book more relaxing. I think that this book is one that Harry Potter fans will enjoy and it’s good for any age, though not very young fans as there is quite a bit of detail in some of the pictures. I don’t think I’d recommend it for people who are fans of the normal adult colouring book style who don’t have a huge interest in the Harry Potter franchise as the majority of the pictures are less like the normal adult colouring book style than they are similar to traditional colouring books.

Overall I’m happy I got this, and the other Harry Potter colouring book, I will enjoy colouring it in but I’m slightly disappointed by the lack of repeating patterns. This is probably my fault as it’s not marketed as an adult colouring book and I did see that two of the five images I saw online before buying it were these movie still line art type designs. I think this would make a nice gift for a Harry Potter fan as something aa bit different or a treat for yourself if you like colouring in and the Harry Potter franchise. It’s something that will probably also appeal to slightly younger audiences than the normal adult colouring books with the more traditional colouring book art style.HPcolour5

Definitely worth the £5 if you’re a fan of Harry Potter and want something else from the franchise and it’s always fun to colour things in wild colours, I’m tempted to do a bright purple haired Snape. If it’s the full £10 I’m not sure I’d find it worth it so I’d say get it when it’s in an offer rather than at full price if it’s for yourself.

All images are copyright Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc and the ideas are copyright JK Rowling. In this post they’re used for review purposes.

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