ME, Myself and I: Photography

I think a lot of my recent ME related posts seem to have been different hobbies and things like that and I was planning on doing just a big generalise hobby post but these individual ones end up being long enough for posts themselves so I thought it’s best to have a few shorter ones rather than one big one with a wall of text as I know they can be energy draining and harder to read.

I think I’ve always like photography and, even when I was younger, I’ve normally taken photos of places and things rather than people so my holiday snaps end up being the landscapes and buildings. I never really thought of it as a hobby though until I got ill as it became one of those things that I can do even when I’m really tired. It also doesn’t need a fancy camera or equipment, most people have a camera or, recently, a phone with a camera in it and you can take a photo of almost anything.

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