Review: Funko Pop Severus Snape Vinyl Figure


I have been wanting the Harry Potter Funko Pops since I heard they were releasing them and, nearly a year later, I have finally got one, or more specifically two but I’m only reviewing the one today. It’s going to be a pretty short review but I’ve included photos of some of the details so you can see exactly what the figure is like if you’re thinking about getting it.

The price for these seems to range quite a bit but I bought these when they were on for around £9.20, they seem to go out of stock in suppliers on there pretty quickly but each time they were replaced by another that is dispatched by Amazon themselves so I stuck with them, even though some of the prices may have been less elsewhere I chose free postage so it kept the price lower in the end. I have seen it stocked in quite a few places online, I know they were on Forbidden Planet and there are some places that stock only Funk Pop figures so it might be worth looking around if you want one to see the best deal.

The Harry Potter range of Funko Pops has grown since the original sets, I know of a few that have been limited edition or specific to certain places which are now online, like the Harry Potter Quidditch figure seemed to be exclusive somewhere but is now on Amazon. There are others that I think are just new, like a newer version of Dumbeldore. This Snape was one of the original release, he’s number 5 of the Original 7 that included Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Dumbledore, Voldemort and a larger figure of Hagrid. I think they cover most of the characters but some are more detailed and, to me anyway, represent the characters better or are more distinctive. I tend to go for ones that don’t look like they could be a normal person over the more generic looking characters.

The boxes for the Funko Pops are fairly standard for all of them with the same size. It has the window which takes up about three quarters of the front and two thirds of one of the sides so you can see the figure from the two angles and get a pretty good idea of what it looks like up close without having to open the box. This does mean that if you want to keep them in mint condition you can still display them which is nice, though I do prefer to have my figures out on the shelf. It has a more simplified, cartoon version of the character on the different sides of the box and on the back there is the same simplified style image of each of them in this wave of the Harry Potter figures.


The figure itself is a vinyl figure and not suitable for children under the age of three. There aren’t any parts that come separate, the head is a separate piece but attached and it’s pretty hard to remove so you’d have to really try. It does have the wand which could hurt a child though if they poked someone in the eye with it and it might break off if it’s played with roughly.

As a figure it seems to have a pretty good balance, it stands up well if it’s on a flat surface and the feet are large enough that it can be moved without you having to be really careful about balancing it when you leave it. It can’t stand at much of an angle due to the large head but I haven’t had any problems with this one falling over yet. I did find that my Robin Hood one seemed to almost settle and then lose balance after a while so I’ll be looking out for that.

You can see the pose that this figure comes in and there is no articulation in the figure aside form the head, which does do a 360 degree turn so you can get some exorcist style poses if you really wanted. The head is attached well and hard to remove so you have to really try but I have found that with my Robin Hood one, the only other Pop figure I have, if they overbalance and fall off the shelf then the connection between the head and body can start to come out which then affects the balance. Robin Hood is now leaning against any books to keep him upright. The pose is good for Snape, it’s a pretty standard pose but the way he holds his wand reminds me of the duelling scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I really like the way the hands are modelled, which probably sounds strange but they’re in a nice pose for holding the wand and holding his cloak.

His clothes are definitely true to the character, he has the cloak like you see lecturers or professors at some universities wear and that you see in the movies and the books. His outfit underneath is also like the movies with the jacket with a lot of buttons at the sleeves and front though his jacket and trousers do seem slightly navy to me. I guess it’s just another shade of black so it differentiates from the cloak and adds some depth to the figure. The hair is also good for Snape, though as it’s on such a chibi proportioned figure it reminds me more of anime and manga characters than Snape as it’s looking fairly well styled for him. I do like it though, he does end up looking more cute than at all intimidating with the big eyes and small nose though, I kind of wish they’d been able to make the nose bigger as that’s a defining feature of the character in the books but I understand that they want to have all of the faces with the same sort of look.

The painting is normally good though I have found that around the hair on this one there is a sort of feathering effect if you look really close, it’s not that precise, and a bit of white from the sleeve is going onto his left hand but that’s only because I’m being super critical, it’s nothing that would annoy me but I know some people who buy figures want them to be absolutely perfect.

They are sold as action figures, though I’ve never seen them described as this other than on the box, but as they aren’t that posable, the only articulation is the neck, I wouldn’t think they’re actually designed for play and only children who already know the franchise would be interested in it as the character rather than as something that has a lot of playability.

If you like Harry Potter and this out of proportion chibi style figure then I would definitely recommend one of these Pop vinyl figures. They’re well-made and have quite a bit of detail for the style of the design. I think they’re the kind of figure that some younger fans might like as well due to the style but they don’t have a huge amount of playability so they’re likely to be ones that are played with a bit and then sat on a shelf as more of an ornament. Especially when you consider the Harry potter figures that have been sold in the past with better articulation and probably more playability than these have so I’d go for one of them if you can find them if the child wants to re-enact the scenes from the movies and books. These are great figures to have sat on a shelf or to collect the series as price wise they’re lower than a lot of Harry Potter things around and there’s a fair amount of different characters and variations of some of these characters.

Overall I love this figure. It does help that it’s Snape, who is one of my favourite Harry Potter characters, but in general I just love the look of it. I think it’s a figure that I might choose even if I didn’t know the franchise because I like the sort of Victorian style to the clothes and the hair. Does anyone else do that? Buy figures because you like the look of them even if you don’t know anything about the series? I don’t know much about the Nendoroid character I have but I love him anyway.

I hope you liked this post, I’m going to be reviewing the Dumbledore figure sometime soon as well. Anything you want to know about them then just ask, I’m not sure what to include in these figure reviews so go by what I’d want to know. Any other details you want me to add next time or any photos of details you’d like to see I can add them too.


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