Review: Dr Organic Snail Gel


In the Boxing Day sale I bought the Snail Gel set in the buy one get one for 1p offer and it had the original Snail Gel, Snail Gel Hand and Nail Elixir and the Snail Gel Facial serum in it. Today I am just reviewing the Snail Gel, I will review the others in other posts. I did start to do them all in one post but then realised that this product alone had enough words for a post and it was getting too long with the others in as well. The bit about how it worked on my face is sort of including the Facial Serum as I haven’t used this on its own, I will do a separate review of that another day but I thought it best to include how it worked for me as I think the two do work well together.

The products in the set are all full sized and are available individually at the moment on the Holland and Barrett website. They claim to sell exclusively through Holland and Barrett and I’ve never seen Dr Organic anywhere else, they may be available on other sites if you’re outside the UK but in the UK there’s also Holland and Barrett stores and I think these products are in some of them, it all depends on the size of the store and what they stock. The Original Snail Gel is a 50ml jar and costs £20.99 on the website here. I like how it’s cruelty free and the company is against animal testing, which surprised me for a snail gel product, though I didn’t actually know how they got the gel itself before.

I have always been intrigued about snail gel products since I first heard about them, mainly in Korean beauty hauls, but I was always a bit concerned about how the gel was actually extracted. I have no problem with the weirdness factor of using the snail gel as I’ve always seen snails in the garden and I used to hold them when I was little. The possible animal cruelty, however, did put me off as a lot of the brands that did it to start with I couldn’t find anywhere that said how they got the gel in the first place. Dr Organic is a cruelty free company and a lot of their products are suitable for vegetarians, including the snail gel according to the website, so I was interested to see how they got the snail gel. In an earlier version of the description on the Holland and Barrett website it explained that the snails travel over glass panes and the gel is collected off these before it is filtered and used in the product.

Having found out about the cruelty free Snail Gel one thing that I wasn’t sure of was how this would smell and I was very pleasantly surprised. I don’t know why I expected it to be one of those unpleasant smelling products, maybe something earthy and not something I’d want to put on my face. In fact these smell of lemon grass, it’s a fairly subtle scent but very refreshing and it doesn’t linger long in the face products so it’s not one of those overly perfumed products that you get with some skincare as that always puts me off. It reminds me of the scent you get when you cut lemon rind, like fresh proper lemons rather than the fake strong or overly sweet lemon you get.


Of the three products in the set this original Snail Gel is the closest to what I thought a snail gel product would be like, it’s a clear jelly that’s very cool when you dip your fingers in it and does look lumpy when you get it out of the jar but it really isn’t. It’s like a normal gel product, it goes on smoothly and dries within minutes as long as you don’t put too much on. It doesn’t leave that extra skin or sticky feeling I’ve found with some gels. The jar itself for this is nice, it’s a heavy glass jar which does feel expensive and it’s got the gold parts in the graphics that make it look more expensive. I’m not sure it’s one I’d have out on my side but it’s a fairly standard looking package for skincare. The lid does twist on and off and I’ve not had any problems with leaks, I left it on its side to check, but it’s easy enough to undo if you have used another skincare product which I always find a bonus with these kinds of products.


It says it’s meant to be soothing, moisture restoring and anti-aging. I can’t say about the third but I would definitely agree with the soothing and, as far as I can tell so far, the moisture restoring seems to be true too. One thing I have noticed when I tried it on the back of my hand is that the area where I have applied it the really fine lines you have on your skin seemed to be less on the area. I’m not sure what did this, maybe it’s plumped the skin and removed some of the finer ones, but if it’s got the same effect on your face then I think it’d probably help with the anti-aging effect. A little goes a very long way with this, I only need a fairly thin layer on one finger and then rub it between my hands for my whole face to be covered on top of the serum.

As this is sold as both face and body I thought I’d give it a go on my body too. I have dry skin, especially on the tops of my arms, so I thought I’d give it a try there. It’s a bit expensive to use on my legs too but I didn’t need much on my arms at all for it to be fully coated. It feels a bit like applying after sun, the aloe vera gel kind, and it left my skin feeling really fresh and moisturised.

As I have said before I have mainly used the two skincare products together, though I did use the serum by itself for two weeks as I didn’t need a moisturiser with it but my skin has recently changed so the past two months I’ve been using the two together. I like how they make my skin feel, the serum is thin enough that it’s easy to spread and dries quickly, it’s so light and non-greasy that I can use the gel, also very light, on top without it making my skin break out. I have very temperamental skin and severe acne (as in on medication for years and still got spots) so have to be careful with what I use, especially after having one thing replaced with a topical solution so I was prepared for anything remotely moisturising making me break out like in the past but this did not. My skin is also often sensitive to skincare products, especially those with anything perfumey in them, and no redness or itching from day one.


If the thought of the snail gel is too gross for you I understand, there are certain things I don’t think I’d want to try, but if you get past that or aren’t bothered by it then this is a great product. Overall I would say that this product is one I would definitely recommend you try. They do have sachets available sometimes so it’d probably be best if you can get one of them first or wait until this is in a sale or the set is as it’s pretty expensive if you find you don’t like it.

The only down side to this is the price for me, though I have been using it twice a day for over two months on my face and a few times I’ve used it on my arms and I’m probably two thirds of the way through it so it does last well for the amount you get as a little does go a long way. I’m going to be repurchasing it though I will be waiting until a sale unless I get really close to running out. They do have a buy one get one half price offer at the moment so I might get it soon and get two. I’m not sure on their shelf life as they’re mainly bioactive, natural and organic ingredients so I guess fresh and there’s no use by date on here.

I think this would probably work for all skin types as I have dry skin and it’s moisturised my skin well on both my body and face without being too heavy. It does feel like it’d be light enough for oily skin types too though I’d see if you can find a review of it for your skin type as I don’t know anyone who has tried it with oily skin. My skin does tend to get oily at times but I’d say it’s closer to combination as I still have the dry patches and this seems to work on the various problems I have with it. It’s the kind of product I think will be especially nice on a hot summer’s day, I might try and keep it in the fridge then and use it as a way to cool off in the evening.

Have any of you tried this? I know they’ve had sachets of this product in beauty boxes recently so maybe you’ve got it there. Did you like it and how does it compare to other snail gel products you’ve used if you have any? I’ve been wondering about some of the Korean ones there are, I’m just not sure on their animal testing and how they collect the snail gel or how well they work on different skin types so it’d be disappointing to pay a lot for shipping or pay the extra cost from buying it from a store over here, as they seem to be more expensive from UK online stores, and then find they’re not that good.


12 thoughts on “Review: Dr Organic Snail Gel

  1. love reading this. There are many Snail Gel out there. It’s really difficult to find out a good product which suit for the skin. Maybe i’ll try this product. i hope it suits for my sensitive skin 😀

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  2. Lorna Lunar says:

    This product burnt my skin – please do a quick internet search before using it and you will see that I am not the only one to have had this problem…There are masses of people out there who have had reactions to the snail face mask serum. Do not try especially if you are going on a night out, as your face will be burning/stinging red for a couple of hours at least, and I put the product on and removed it within 3 mins of applying. I wrote to Holland and Barrett, who said they would get back to me as they were busy…and they didn’t bother emailing me back. I contacted them again a month later by telephone and they have said again that they will respond to me. Basically, they say that they say they dont respond to customer reviews online as the product is the responsibility of the manufacturer and not them as the retailer.

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    1. Hi, thanks for reading. This review is on the snail gel itself which I can’t really find any burning posts on, all of the ones I could find were on the face mask which is a different formula. If you have any links to the snail gel itself being a problem I would be interested to read them though. I did try the face mask and had the similar burning sensation but this gel I have been using daily for over a year and no burning. I put the face mask down to my skin being sensitive as I have a similar problem with a lot of face products but it is good to see that others have had a similar experience in that, though not that people get red faces if that makes sense? It’s always worth googling all products and I do a skin test on my hand before using, I think it’s probably from years of ending up with a red face when trying something new, like they say to do with hair dye. Again thanks for reading and I hope Dr Organic sort out whatever it is in the face mask formula causing people problems.


  3. Monika Kamenova says:

    Hello, there. I’m also suffering from acne and am very interested in getting this product to try and get rid of the scars if not completely, then at least to some extent. Would you say it helps with that?

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    1. Hi, thanks for reading. I can’t say I’ve seen a long term difference when it comes to scarring. Most of my acne scars are on my shoulders so I don’t have many typical acne scars with uneven skin, more like paler skin, but with uneven skin texture wise it makes a short term difference in that it does plump the skin and keep it moisturised but it doesn’t last beyond when you’re using it. I hope that made sense! I think it’s a good moisturise if you keep using it, I’ve been using it on my arms and it works well all over your body, but when I stop using it the benefits disappear within a few days. Sorry this is a bit of a long reply, I hope it’s helpful ☺️


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